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Kannada Movie producer Atlanta Nagendra staying in USA is promoting Kannada Movies by taking the distribution rights writes on the Kannada movie screening in in USA and the support given by Chitraloka.com.

All these days, Kannada movies were being screened in USA by Kasturi Media. Very few movies are being screened here when compared to other languages.  The audiences turning out for the Kannada movies numbers are not good. In order to create a very bigger market for Kannada movies, Kasturi Media has gone one step ahead to have premier show in USA with Rocking Star Yash. Rocking Star Yash, Jayanna and Bogendra (Producers of Gajakesari) have always taken special interest in promoting their movies abroad. With support from all these people, we are ready to have first in the history of Kannada cinema to have premier show with its star in USA.

There are lots and lots of planning and man-efforts were needed to make all these possible. I would like to mention few challenges and efforts that are put behind this big effort.

Serra theatres has come forward to allocate two shows on 13th June Friday (8: 00 PM and 8:30 PM), 3 shows Saturday (2:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 8:30 PM) and 1 show on Sunday (5:30 PM). This is for the first time, 6 shows are being planned in the weekend. This is normal for Telugu or Tamil movies.  Online booking will also be opened from Monday June 9th.

We have approached the KKNC (Kannada Koota of Northern California) to send multiple e-mail blast about the Gajakesari movie. KKNC has come forward to help us in all possible ways. 

There are about 50-75 (Indian stores/Indian Restaurants), we are planning to put flyers in almost all of the stores in bay area. The main reason behind putting all these flyers in the Indian store is to cater the floating population who are temporary visiting Kannada folks.  10 -12 volunteers have come forward to cover each area (San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont, San Ramon, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Berkeley). 

In addition to all these efforts, many people have come forward to make cold calls to all their friends to invite them to show. All these people contacted me through the face book. Few people are also pushing this very much on their face book pages also.

The moment a premier show happens for any language (The tradition is to hike the ticket prices that ranges from 15$ to 25$). Our intention is very different from others. We are charging the same price of $10 per ticket.

All these efforts are being carried out with the only intention of creating a bigger audience for Kannada cinema. This will help the industry grow and bring an awareness that there is an “ABROAD Market for Kannada movies too”.

With all these efforts, I request each and every Kannadiga to come and watch the show to make it a big success. Success always carries itself forward to create more and more efforts like this in future. My only request is to make this a grand success.

In the past, Chitraloka has acted as bridge between the producers and distributors here in USA ( Introducing the producers, make them understand the importance of abroad market in long term). Chitraloka.com website is the only one portal that publishes the information about all the overseas kannada releases. Chitraloka is always one call away for the overseas distributors. You just call them, convey the content, content is up within few hours.Their support always made an impact in creating a kannada market abroad. Special thanks to Chitraloka, Producers and Rocking Star for making it all happen. 

For more Information, Please call
Atlanta Nagendra – 678-481-3226, Gopi – 650-868-9186

Serra Theatres, Milpitas, California
June 13th: 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM  
June 14th: 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM
June 15th: 5:30 PM

June 15th: 3:00 PM

June 19th: 7:00 PM

June 22nd: 6:00 PM
June 28th:  4:00 PM

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