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suhasini, anant nag in Eradane Madhuve movie

The 'limited market' of Sandalwood is the constant grouse of film makers. But only a few take the initiative to actually expand it. Understandably our film makers envy the popularity of Tamil and Telugu films in foreign markets. Some producers and directors have taken the initiative to expand the foreign market.

But unfortunately there are a few who think the public are gullible and try to con audience. A recent example is that of Eradane Maduve produced by KV Suresh and K Rajeev. The advertisements of the film lists out the names of cities in the USA (California, Texas, Raleigh, Washington DC, Charlotte, Newyork, New Jersey, Arland, Chicago – Upcoming at London, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Singapore) saying the film has been released there. But scratch the surface and you find that it is false. Can the intellegent Eradane madhuve producers say how many prints they have sent to USA? or Are they screening the movie digitally?

The producers of the film even say that they are releasing the film in Germany. In fact no Kannada film has ever been released in that country. Anyone would be happy if the advertisement is true, but to take people for a ride with false claims is not just about fooling people. Think of the negative impact it will create in the minds of other industries about us. Just because of the foolishness of a few, the whole industry will have to face ridicule.

It will be great if Kannada films release in Germany and even in Timbuktu and Antarctica for that matter. But will people in Karnataka watch the film if you just bluff that the film is releasing all over the world? On the face of it, such a false claim for publicity is not just unethical and cheap but also false representation to cheat local audience.


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