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The alleged rivalry between Dr Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan has been the stuff of gossip for nearly 40 years. The blame of shooting at Rajkumar with a real gun during the shooting of Gandhada Gudi in 1972, has generated numerous conspiracy theories. This despite the fact that everyone in the film set saying that it was just an accident and a real gun was placed unknowingly instead of a dummy.
Unfortunately Vishnuvardhan had to suffer the blame for this all his career. "During the few times we met when he was alive he said he was sad at what others have made out of the incident. He told me that since the two of us know the truth we should not mind what others talk about it," Vishnuvardhan had said about the issue.
Vishnuvardhan who had taken to spiritualism in recent years had also claimed that he was able to speak to the spirit of Dr Rajkumar. "When he was alive I could hardly meet him. But now I am able to speak to his spirit. He guides me and answers my doubts," Vishnuvardhan had said recently.

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