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The steel 'Kada' Vishnuvardhan sported on his right hand had become his style statement. His trademark symbolism was to draw back the kada on him right arm using his left hand. The kada was a present made to him by a fan during the shooting of 'Sahasa Simha .' Vishnuvardhan cherished the gift so much that he never removed it. Many of his fans followed this style statement and even today many wear a steel kada.
Spiritualism played an important role in Vishnuvardhan's life. The navarathna chain he used to wear symbolised this more than anything else. While he was not shooting for a film, the navarathna chain would always adorn his neck. Vishnuvardhan would also wear a chain made of rudraksha sometimes. He would say that he wore them on the advise of his 'Guruji.'

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