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Actress and Politician Shruthi has now approached the family court seeking divorce from her
husband and film director S.Mahendar. Alternatively she has also announced that she will be
marrying journalist turned film director Chakravarthy after getting a divorce from S.Mahendar. Director S. Mahendar who is shocked from these developments is slowly coming out of the shell and coming to terms with the reality facing him. He is more concerned about the safety and future of his young girl child who is still eight years.
Legal experts contacted by Chitraloka contend that getting a divorce is not an easy thing for
Shruthi as she has also made statements that she will be remarrying Chakravarthy and has
adduced many reasons in the interviews. “The divorce is a possibility only if there is a mutual
consent. Both Shruthi and Mahendar should move a divorce petition under section 13(b) before the court. Both of them should personally appear in court and tell that their marriage has run into incompatibility’ says a well known advocate pleading anonymity.
“Both Shruthi and Mahendar should seek a divorce on the basis of mutual consent under the
Hindu Marriage Act. And they have to prove that they have been separated mentally and
physically from a reasonable length of time. And both Shruthi and Mahendar would clearly
establish that there has been irreconcilable differences which have not been resolved for a
long time’ says another legal luminary.
After admitting their respective petitions of mutual consent, the court will again ask the couple to
reappear in the court with the second Motion Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce after another
six months. “This time is given to both of them to reconsider and rethink on their decisions as
provided under the Hindu Marriage act that provides. ADJ Mittra recorded the statement of the
two. In their statements, the couple contended that they separated a while ago and wanted a
divorce under Section 13B (divorce by mutual consent) under the Hindu Marriage Act. Their
petition cited irreconcilable differences between the two.
The court then asked the couple to reappear with "The Second Motion Petition for Mutual
Consent Divorce'' after six months, giving them time to rethink their decision as provided under
the Hindu Marriage Act that provides a chance to the couple to withdraw his/her petition within
the six month term.
’Getting a divorce under the Hindu Marriage act is not so easy. The court will always try to see
that the differences in the couple are resolved and they get united. And it is not easy for the
couple to say in an open court that they are not interested in continuing in the marriage’ says
another advocate.

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