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Yograj Bhat has started work on his new film. But as reported earlier, it is not a film with Sudeep. However, the producers of the film remain the same. Karisubbu and N Kumar, the producers of his first two films are the producers of this film. They were supposed to produce the film with Sudeep and Bhat but the story could not be finalised.

The new film is still in the very initial stage and the two producers have agreed to a knot of story that Bhat has proposed. The director is now working on developing this idea. Talking to Chitraloka he says that the cast, crew and none of the other things are not yet in the stage of decision making. For the next few months, he is only going to work on the story and screenplay and only then think of casting and crew members.

This film however will take till the end of 2013 to actually go on sets. So, there will be no film directed by Bhat that will hit the screen this year. However, he will be seen in an important role in the film directed by his assistant Gadda Viji. And of course, there are quite a few films with songs written by him, including Kaddipudi.

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