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amulya kissing image
rathnaja kissing amulya (fake)

The day of marriage is certainly an important date in any person's life. It is normal to see any person to be pious, peaceful and practical on the day or his marriage . But Kannada film director Rathnaja is a person who wants to prove that he is different. In press conferences and promotional programmes he behaves as though he is superior to others and has a great intellect. He turns up late to his own press conferences and does not have courtesy and manners to apologies for his abrasive behaviour in press conferences. Therefore such a person would be slightly different even on the day of his own marriage.

On Thursday afternoon which was the day of his marriage to his sister's daughter, Rathnaja threw caution to winds and showed his boorish behaviour. He acted in such brazen manner that has brought discredit to him not only as a film director but even as a normal human being. Rathnaja has attacked the Suvarna news channel cameraman who had gone to shoot his marriage and even forcibly took out the camera and has damaged the equipment. This is the most serious misconduct that has been seen in recent times by any Kannada film director.

Rathnaja and his so called friends have all doubled up as rowdies have created such a ruckus in the Temple where the marriage was being held. It is really shameful and shocking to see such an incident where the bridegroom turns a criminal and attacks the media person who was on his job. Chitraloka Mega Portal calls for the Kannada film directors association and the film industry bodies to take this issue seriously and warn Rathnaja.

Every now and then when media has reported the news of marriage of the film industry celebrities, the persons involved in this relationship make such a hullabaloo that they want to project media persons as villains. See the way Shruthi cried when media reported that she is closer to director S. Mahendar and they are likely to tie the knots. Shruthi created such a big drama that she accused the media of tarnishing her image and career. But see what happened just within a year. Shruthi and S.Mahendar invited the press for their marriage reception.

But there are a number of people who behave differently and show that they are true gentleman. Superstar Upendra flew to Kolkotta on December 12 six years ago and immediately I traced the news that he is getting married to Priyanka in Kolkotta on December 14. When Veteran Journalist R.G. Vijayasarathy scooped this news in a news paper, some of the personalitis said that Upendra had flown to Kolkotta for personal work. Some of Upendra's close friends who were unaware of his marriage even said that the news had no basis as Upendra's brother and parents were still in Bengaluru. But Uppi was married on December 14. He came back and organised a big reception in a Hotel later. Upendra was very decent with people who had written about his marriage even prior and did not carry any ill feelings towards them.

See how Sudharani or Dinesh Baboo behaved when the media scooped the news about the second marriage. Dinesh Baboo just said the marriage was his personal matter and he did not like to reveal or share any information about his marriage. But he still respected the professionalism of the media to unearth the details of his secret marriage. Sudharani had a secret second marriage in her Malleshwaram residence with Mr. Goverdhan. When chitraloka contacted her over her landline number ( at that time mobiles were not in vogue) Sudharani first expressed as to how the news had reached him when she had intimated to only a few friends. She confirmed the news of her second marriage and did not object publication of the news.

Director Om Prakash Rao was contacted by me on the day of his third marriage in Tirupathi. Om Prakash was also surprised to know that I had known about this marriage, but said that he will send the photographs of his third marriage and I can upload these photos in Chitraloka. Om Prakash did kept up his word and sent the marriage photograph to Chitraloka.

Compare these incidents with what Rathnaja has done now. He was marrying in a very popular Temple in Gundlupet. He was marrying his own relative and not an actress with whom he had an alleged affair. His marriage news was discussed in surrounding areas and the whole Temple staff knew about it. Tuesday afternoon, the Biligiri Ranganatha Temple premises is flooded by many devotees. Suvarna Channel crew had gone to the Temple and not to any private marriage Pandal. It is natural for any private channel to shoot the wedding of a celebrity. If Rathnaja found such a shoot objectionable, he had ways to convince the media personnel not to shoot his marriage celebration as it was his private affair. But he did not resort to such an attempt, but showed his muscle power to silence the media. The media knows how to deal with such a situation and the Channel authorities have exposed Rathnaja for what he is. A rowdy element in the garb of a decent film director.

Rathnaja should realise that it was Chitraloka Mega Portal and other media platforms that exposed the fake photograph which showed him kissing actress Amoolya.

Chitraloka contacted many computer experts to get their opinions on the photos and published it. Their opinions clearly suggested that the photo was fake. Rathnaja had no courtesy to acknowledge or thank the efforts taken by the media to find out truth. But he had even refused to give his opinion on this controversial photograph, while Amoolya openly came out to strongly denounce the attempts of some vested interests to spoil her image.

Rathnaja, you have shamed the entire film industry with your disgusting action. Better for you to learn some behavioral science and know about anger management.

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