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Challenging Star Darshan has a huge following and a popular star. Many people including so many of us in the media like him. Look at the way he has transformed himself from being a struggling actor to become a top star in the Kannada film industry. He has really worked hard and has efficiently managed his career to attract a huge following.

Unfortunately his phenomenal rise in the film industry has led to an abrasive and arrogant behaviour with many people in the industry. Though his producers and directors may not protest against these type of arrogant acts because they are afraid that the star may create difficulties for them.

Now, Darshan has turned his anger against the media persons. He wants reviewers to right positively about the film always, though they carry many negative points. He has advised young and talented journalists about how to write reviews, though he is not qualified to advise and is certainly not competent in that job. He has also shown scant disrespect to the journalist

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