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The success story will always have many fathers, but inevitably the success and appreciation will also lead to confrontation and mistrust in the on stage actors of any project. Now, the case of Rajadhani producer SS Sathyan coming down heavily on the film's hero Yash's non co-operative attitude and blackmailing tactics has become public. It will be interesting to hear Yash's version on this spat by Sathyan who has given a big break to Yash's oscillating career.

S Sathyan was reacting to the article in Chitraloka portal in which he had said that he is prepared to do promotion for both his films Kirathaka and Rajadhani. Yash had also spoken to Chitraloka indicating that he was fully co-operating with the producer of Rajadhani. However Sathyan in a chat with Chitraloka reacted strongly to Yash's claims and gave evidences about several instances where the actor has abstained himself from many programmes.

S Sathyan is particularly angry that the actor absented himself from attending a specially designed promotional programme organised by the Samaya Channel despite being many times requested by the film's production manager and his assistants.

"I was locked up in many activities after the release of the film and was unable to talk to Yash.

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