film industry sports rs 1000 rs 500 box office,

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rs 500, rs 1000 at multiplex

There are reports emerging about the hardships common people are facing as businesses hotels and petrol bunks are refusing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in some places. 

But the worst hit is going to be the film industry. Even for a single person, going to a film with Rs 100 is impossible. Parking charges, ticket price and a pop corn can hardly be covered with Rs 100. And if you are going to a multiplex, Rs 500 is the minimum note you have to carry as no ticket is priced less than Rs 500. The notes are being accepted now but from Friday, people will have to use new noted or lower denomination notes. 

With Lakhs of people watching movies every single day, expecting all of them to bring new notes from Friday is not a realistic possibility. 

Industry sources are saying that box office collections will be severely hit this week. If the currency notes exchange goes off smoothly, things may settle down along with all other businesses. But film industry no doubt will be the worst affected.