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Will there be a third season of the celebrity reality show Bigg Boss this year? If so on which channel. Though a very popular show in the first two years the third season is not even on the radar. Here is why.

Season one of Kannada Bigg Boss was done by ETV Kannada. It stated on 24 March 2013 and the finale was on 30th June 2013. Vijaya Raghavendra was the winner of the first edition.  Season 2 shifted to Suvarna TV. It started on 29th June 2014 and ended on 5th October 2014. Akul Balaji was the winner. Sudeep was the host for both the seasons on two different channels.

In Kannada television now only four channels can afford to do a big show like Bigg Boss. Till now Udaya TV and Zee TV have never ventured into the Bigg Boss business. ETV has done Bigg Boss and Suvarna has done done both Kannadada Kotyadipathi and Bigg Boss.

According to the sources till now no channel has made the move for hosting Bigg Boss 3. Since ETV and Suvarna lost heavy money with this programme they are unlikely to venture again. Viewership for the programme was very good both the seasons but financially it is not viable fire the Kannada market insiders say.

For any channel which wants to telecast the show a minimum pre shooting time of three months is required for preparations. In that case if some channel decides to do the show next week then the Season 3 can be started only in August said the sources.

Moreover both the seasons got popular because of the host Kiccha Sudeepa. But will Sudeep be free even if some channel decides? Sudeep has completed his commitment to Ranna. He will start shooting for KS Ravikumar's Kannada-Tamil film in June. There are three more films to follow after that including those with Prakash (Leader) and Krishna (Hebbuli).

It will be a Herculean task to replace Sudeep. So season three of Bigg Boss may never happen.

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