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darshan (pic - km veeresh)

Challenging Star Darshan's arrest and  the serious charges levelled by his wife Ms. Vijayalakshmi Darshan  had shell shocked the Kannada film industry personalities some of  whom immediately went into action of bringing out a settlement to the escalating dispute.  Artists like  Vijay, Prem, Bullet Prakash were in the Hospital trying to mediate with Ms. Vijayalakshmi to withdraw the complaint she has made and save the actor from runining his career and image, backroom managers in the film industry had made their efforts to some how bring a solution to the problem. Rebel Star Ambareesh who had negotiated   to bring in some compromise between Darshan and his warring wife  swung into action and  visited the Gayathri Hospital to convince Ms. Viji to withdraw her complaint.   Actor and Director Prem who has been a good friend to the family of Darshans also tried his level best to convince Ms. Viji and  also speak to Darshan to agree for the conditions that his wife had set in.

The industry's  anxiety is understandable as  around Rs. 40 crores are now at stake as  Darshan has been acting in a number of films and has also taken huge advances from some producers.   His forthcoming film  Sarathi is a Rs. 9 crore film,  while his film Chingaari for which a song sequence had to be shot in Sakleshpur from  Friday  is being made with an expenditure of  around  Rs.  8 crores.  Another prestigious film of  Darshan is  mythological  Sangolli Raayanna for which more than 80 percent shooting has been concluded and already Rs. 12 crores has been spent on the film.   His film Viraat directed by H.Vasu and produced by Kumar Brothers had started a few days ago has completed a ten day shooting earlier.  Darshan has also taken advance from producer-director  Mahesh Sukhadhare,   producers of  Bul Bul which includes his brother Dinakar Toogudeepa and technicians group headed by director M.D.Sridhar.  According to film industry a few other producers have also given advances to  Darshan.