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Actress Nikitha Thukral who has been quite busy in her modelling and film career has been in the focus ever since the D controversy surfaced.  Her alleged affair with Darshan has been hitting the head lines after Ms. Vijayalakshmi Darshan named her  in the police complaint filed by her against her husband.

Surprisingly Viji  who was seen to be in a good relationship with Nikitha had named her along with another unknown neighbour and reiterated that her husband had affiars with both these ladies.

Though she has retracted her statement with the Magistrate in present of  Darshan on Friday evening, the damage had been doneas for as Nikitha Thukral is concerned.   Nikitha was in focus in many special programmes shows in the television channels and also some items written in the media.

But Nikitha who has been on a modelling assignment in New Delhi says that she is deeply hurt by the developments and the fact that she has been made the villain in the entire controversy though she has been absolutely unconnected to the marital discord between  Darshan and his wife.   Except for the fact that she had been paired with  Darshan in three Kannada films,  Nikitha says that she has nothing to connect with the star.  What surprises her was the fact that Ms. Viji who had been so friendly with her has taken the opportunity to malign her. Nikitha says that  the media coverage about her alleged affiar with Darshan has spoiled her image.

"I have  been targeted badly by the media  without any proof.  I know some Kannada channels have made special  programmes on this controversy and dragged my name'  says Niktiha.  She has also asked why Vijayalakshmi had included her name in the first place in a complaint and withdrew it later claiming that she had enjoyed a good relationship with her husband who is innocent and had not attacked her.

Nikitha spoke to Chitraloka Mega Portal about the whole controversy and said that she wanted to clear my name as urgently as possible as it is spoiling her image.

"I have been unfairly targeted.  People  who are writing against me and projecting me badly in the television programmes should realise that I also have my own life and has to answer many people  for being unfairly fixed in a marital discord between Darshan and his wife. They should know that I am not married yet and had underwent  several tragedies in my personal life in recent days.  Only a few days ago I lost my father and still recouping from that devastating tragedy.  And now comes this  utterly humiliating link with a co-star  which has spoiled my image as a highly disciplined professional actor.  I have acted in Hindi films and  South Indian films of all the four languages.   And in my six  year film career, I have never been linked with any co-star.  Even the media in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh feel I am the most respectable artist who sticks to principles.  I have loved the Kannada film industry for giving me such good breaks  and the Kannada film fans for  their love and affection shown to me.  But what I have got in return.  The media has been projecting me very badly.  Can anyone show me one single proof of my affair with Darshan.   I know I have been named in the Police Comlaint given by Ms. Vijayalakshmi which is really surprising.   That is because only three weeks ago I spoke to  Viji who inquired about my new films which I had signed.  She said that  I should make it good in the Kannada film industry  as I am a talented actress.  But  I am surprised as to how my name was included in her complaint' says Nikitha.

 Nikitha says it is just a domestic marital discard and nothing else.  "The issue could have been settled by the couple, but somehow  I have been dragged into the picture.  I know very well people who know me like Darshan sir,  film director Naganna and other technicians working for Sangolli Raayanna and other Kannada films that I have been working know very well about me and my professional conduct.  Why my name has been dragged into the entire controversy baffles me.  I really want to approach courts to get a stay on wrong publication of any news or telecasting motivated news items about me.  I am now in consultation with my friends to get a good legal advise on this matter' says Nikitha.

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