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Challenging star Darshan displayed his sense of humour while reacting to the rumours linking him to actress Nikitha who has been part of the gossips for the past few days. He just showed a sense of contemptuous neglect to these news items and said that he was enjoying reading some of these items along with his wife and was just laughing it off.

"I don’t know what to say about these rumours. I think somebody has some scores to settle with me and have written such items. But I can only say that I am not a person of the kind who can do such controversial things. I am just an actor who is focused on work. I have never been linked with my co-stars all these years and this particular linkage has surprised me. I think my family members fully trust me and I am happy about it' said Darshan who is presently shooting in Mysore for the film Prince.

Chitraloka met Darshan when he was just going to Gymnasium for a session in the early morning. It was also embarrassing to raise this question, but Darshan was cool and composed while giving his reaction. Obviously he has denied what all have appeared in the press about his marriage with Nikitha or being closer to her.

"I am here with all my family members to perform the Pitru Paksh of my late father. My wife is also regularly attending the shooting of my films. I think everything is alright and you can also see what is going on during the shooting of my film Prince' said Darshan.

Darshan also said that the entire talkie portions of the film directed by Om Prakash Rao will be finishing on October 10, except some patch work of a few fights and also five songs. He said that his work for the film has been finished except for the shooting of the five songs of the film.

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