agni sridharEdhegaarike is one of the two unput down able books written by Journalist Agni Sridhar, the other being Dadagiriya Dinagalu which was serialized in his tabloic Agni. Dadagiriya Dinagalu formed the major base of the script written by him for "Aa Dinagalu' directed by Chaithanya which is still regarded by critics as one of the best films written by him.
You may agree or disagree with Agni Sridhar's views on many issues, but certainly he can not be ignored. There is always a sense of commitment seen in the way he puts forward his views. And despite disagreeing with his views, Agni Sridhar comes as a person who has strong likes and dislikes on the existing social, political and cultural issues that we see in our daily life.
Edhegaarike is about a daring person whom Agni Sridhar had personally seen. HE has documented his heroics like a biographer without any pre conceived notions and hyperbole. His narration is absorbing but at the same time you would feel for the character he narrates. Hopefully the film Edhegaarike would also be a trendsetter like "Aa Dinagalu".



A Mumbai contract killer faces his nemesis from the Bangalore underworld. Both of them are together on an assignment. But Bangalore underworld man Sreedhar has no respect for the Mumbai hit man. And as the Mumbai hitman starts narrating the cold blooded killings he carried out in Mumbai, Sreedhar becomes more agitated
Edegarike is about the conflicts inside the hearts of killers, about the moral issues they confront, about treachery and friendship, about bravery and cowardice, about the burning rage and the pain and lastly about the human impulses which create gigantic guilt in the hearts of killers by the unseeable destiny.

Edegarike is a moving tragedy about friendship and treachery, about bravery and cowardice, about crime and punishment, about conflicting desires and lastly about the human impulses even in the face of impending doom.



Athul kulkarni
Sharath lohithasva
Acchuth kumar
Srujan lokesh
Yamuna murthi
Anantha velu
And others


Banner- Megha Movies
Producer - Syed Amaan Bacchan, M. S. Ravindra
Story, Dialogue - Agni Sreedhar
Screenplay- D. Suman Kittur, Agni Sreedhar
Direction- D Suman Kittur
Music- Sadhu Kokila
Cinematogrpher - Rakesh
Art - Shashidhar Adapa
Sound - Rajan
Stunt- Danny
Maneger - Madhugiri Prakash
Pro- Venkatesh
Publicity Designs - Mani





Sumana Kiththoor (Director):
sumana kittur
Journalist turned film director worked as an associate in the film Aa Dinagalu which was impressive enough for Agni Sridhar and Raveendra to make her a director. Her two films Slum Bala and Kallara Santhe stand for different genre of films, but yet bear the stamp of creativity in many ways. Slum Bala is still spoken about for its realistic approach.
Edhegaarike is her third attempt and her many well wishers are hoping that this time she would achieve a degree of commercial success which takes her to lime light.

Adithya is one of the finest actors of the Kannada film industry who has more often been accused of bad choice of roles. After being selective, Adithya has certainly shown sparks of his brilliance as an actor. His "Deadly Soma' and "Deadly 2" have shown many traits of his acting ability. Edhegaarike is one novel that had clearly impressed this young actor and it is hoped that he would give his best shot for the film.
Adithya fans are hoping that the film would get a big commercial success and also a big recognition for his acting capabilities.



Comming soon...


Comming soon...

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