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narayan hosmane, sunil kumar desai

After Chitraloka carried news about Sunil Kumar Desai's new film, NRI cancer specialist and film producer Narayan Hosmane is upset with the director. His open letter to Desai is self-explanatory. Prof. Narayan Hosmane has sent all the documents and cheques to chitraloka.com.

Dear Sunil Kumar Desai
I must admire your guts in thinking of making new Kannada movie "Thandana Thandanana", while you still owe us a loan of 15 lakh rupees and a lot more to many people!  Do you have any shame by being one of the most dishonest persons I have ever met in my life?  Did you ever hear that money does not grow on trees, it has to be earned with hard work, dedication, determination and honesty? This last word "honesty" has no meaning to you and others among some movie makers, especially in the Kannada Film Industry! 

narayan hosmane checks to sunil kumar desai

If you were an honest person who really took our permission before selling the TV rights to someone else and if you are really "Broke and Penniless", I would have forgiven you and, perhaps, considered the entire amount of 15 lakh rupees as a charity given to you, but that was not the case here  (see enclosed documents again for your recollection).  My brother, Subray Hosmane, in India insisted that I should send you to prison for your criminal act for bouncing the undated checks you issued to us for guarantee, but I thought of forgiving you after seeing the innocent faces of your little children. 

Now that you are making a new movie by cheating few more people, it is my duty to expose you to the world by any means I can so that no one should come forward to help you until you clear your enormous debt to many people in Karnataka and elsewhere.
I sincerely hope that God will forgive you for all the crimes you have committed in the name of movie making!

Your former friend in need,
Narayan Hosmane

July 30, 2013

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