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The Board of Directors of Association of Kannada Kootas of America (AKKA) / America Kannada Kootagala Agara (AKKA) do hereby CONDEMN the action to ‘stop payment’ of a check by H.S. Jayaswamy, the Care Taker Executive of AKKA, to Sri C. Aswath.
The stoppage of check was surprising and devastating for the AKKA Board, its members and well wishers. We could not believe the demoralizing and hasty press statements by Sri C. Aswath, from whom we expected a mature and responsible conduct in contacting AKKA first before going public. By his hasty actions he has not only hurt AKKA but has tarnished the image of Kannadigas in North America.
AKKA’s approval of the ‘Manujamatha’s Program’ was conditional upon H. S. Jayaswamy taking full financial responsibility for all commitments he may have made to Sri. C. Aswath. Prior to collecting these funds, the President, Secretary and Treasurer of AKKA issued a check for $4500 to Sri. C.Aswath without the required approvals of the Board [SAMMELANA MUNNUDI: page 17. Article V; Finance Section 1. C) The executive of AKKA is empowered to spend a maximum of $ 500 without prior approval of the board of directors.] At an emergency Board meeting of AKKA on October 6, 2000 the board did not authorize these funds as a ‘retrospective approval’. Approving transactions made by executives ‘after the fact’ would be setting a bad precedence in a non-profit public organization.
At this meeting H. S. Jayaswamy assured the board to collect more than the required amount of $ 4,500 issued to Sri. C.Aswath within three months to reimburse AKKA. At the same meeting, an unanimous resolution was made informing the executives of AKKA that they will be acting in a caretaker capacity and they should not make any decisions without the permission of the Board until the new elections. However, H. S. Jayaswamy did not inform the Board, and unilaterally ‘stopped payment’ of check already made to Sri. C. Aswath. AKKA Board did not ask for the stop payment of the check.
AKKA appreciates the efforts of Sri C.Aswath in preparing the "Manuja Matha Vishwa Patha" program for the WMKC-2000 conference. AKKA did arrange the tour of Sri. C.Ashwath to various cities to train participants in the Manujamatha Chorus. Many of the places Aswath visited provided hospitality and have paid him honorarium (data on file). Neither Sri. C.Aswath nor H. S. Jayaswamy have acknowledged these contributions.
AKKA board intends to honor the check already made out to Sri C. Aswath. However, the board does not understand or appreciate all the hasty press statements made by Sri. C. Aswath. Mr. C. Aswath has to pursue the matter with Jayaswamy for any mutual obligations that they may have committed on a personal basis.
On behalf of the Board of Directors
V. M. Kumaraswamy,
AKKA Trustee & Director
AKKA Publicity & Promotion


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