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Chitraloka.com was the first to break the news of C. Ashwath cheque incident. Here is the e-mail message of H.S. Jayaswamy, president of AKKA, who has sent the e-mail. We are publishing the letter as it is.
E-mail from H.S. Jayaswamy
Dear Shri Aswath, namaskara
Yesterday you called me and told about the stopage of payment. I have earnestly send the check for the amount with out questions to reach you on time before you leave for Bangalore. Afterwards akka trustees had tele conference. In that meeting your friends took me to task how can I issue check to you without taking their approval. Under the cercumstance of your leaving the country, there was no time to consult any body.So I paid you.Thereafter the committee did not approve my action in paying you. I have not yet collected sufficient money on Manujamatha project,and nobody else is helping me in the collection.In this given time there was no option to request to stop the payment. There is no need to panic.
Please call me. We will solve the problem
Thank you. I am Sorry very much for the agony you gone through.

Chitraloka.com is publishing the text matter what is written in SAMMELANADA MUNNUDI
In the SAMMELANADA  MUNNUDI, a booklet brought out on the occasion of the World Millennium Kannada Conference – 2000 at Houston,Texas, USA, in page 5, under the heading “Akka spomsored activities, item 3 mentions ‘Manuja Matha Vishwa Patha, a chorus or group singing of four songs written by Kuvempu, which convey the message of Universatily of Mankind and suggest a path to attain it.  Our famous and talented singer and composer Sri C Aswath has undertaken the immense task of training interested members of various local North American Kannada Kootas and traveled length and breadth of this continent spreading the universal message of our great poet.  AKKA is very proud to say it has supported Sri C Aswath  in this endeavour and funded this event.
In page 7, under the heading “What are AKKA’s achievements” item 6 mentions “AKKA has sponsored and financed the tour of    C Aswath in the USA, training Kannadigas of various Kannada Kootas for spreading the universal message of  ‘Manujamatha Vishwapatha’ of our great poet Kuvempu, by group songs sung by over 100 people at the WMKC-2000 Sammelana.”
These clearly show that AKKA is committed to bear the expenses of C Aswath for the tour of USA in this regard.  AKKA is going back on its words and has caused severe damage to the reputation of C Aswath, who is one of the recipients of the Karnataka’s highest Award viz., ‘The Santha Shishunaala Sheriff Award’ for Sugam Sangeet and needless to mention, is one of the VVIP’s of the state, by issuing a cheque for US$4,500 on Bank of America dated 23rd September 2000, and instructing the bank to ‘stop payment.’  The humiliation caused to him by AKKA is highly deplorable, and reflects on the attitude of the entire Kannadigas of the USA.  It is an insult to the entire Kannadigas of the State of Karnataka.
It pains to note that such an organization called AKKA, which is formed to bring together the Kannadigas of the USA to have oneness, away from Karnataka in an alien land, is contributing knowingly or unknowingly, for the fragmentation of Kannadigas.  It is highly unbecoming of the aims and objectives of AKKA.
We hope AKKA will act immediately for the redressal of  the above at the earliest and boost their image as we all presume it to be.   We wish Sri C Aswath will be compensated suitably in this regard.

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