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It is a rude shock for veteran singer and composer, the father of Sugama Sangeetha C.Ashwath. The American Kannada Koota Association – AKKA has given an unbelievable shock treatment for the pleasures Ashwath had rendered in his three months US trip.
The Cheque he received for 4500 dollars from AKKA has bounced resulting in severe damage to C.Ashwath’s reputation.c ashwath cheque bounced, akka, america kannada kootagala agara, kannada kootas of america, akka president hs jayaswamy, america cheque bounced, singer ashwath cheque dishonored, akka secreatary, Manuja Matha Vishwa Patha, wmkc 2000, akka 2000 conference
He has now packed all his precious belongings except his powerful and inimitable voice to raise Rs.2.10 lakhs – equivalent to 4500 US dollars. This is to repay the cheque amount he had got it discounted. This amount Ashwath had received is not remuneration but purely the expenses he met from his pocket.
Let us come straight to the topic. The American Kannada Koota Association (AKKA) has cheated C.Ashwath in an unbelievable way. As per the understandings the gem of a man C.Ashwath went on an invitation from AKKA to US and traveled nine places for three months from June to September this year and enthralled everyone. Initially he was assured that his expenses will be met and looking at the fantastic approach of the singer composer the AKKA has also assured the expenses of Ashwath’s spouse to be met. Ashwath felt really happy on the magnanimity shown by AKKA.
On his return he was handed over the cheque for 4500 US dollars the expenses met by him–strictly according to the terms and conditions. The cheque details are – Ch.No.053000196 dated 23rd September 2000 drawn on Bank of America in favor of C.Ashwath.
Back in Bangalore C. Ashwath deposited the cheque to his account on September 29 and requested the bank authorities to discount the same and made use of the amount by returning the loans he had raised from his kiths and kins for his US jaunt.
On November 2, 2000 the Savings Bank Manager of C.Ashwath has sent a shocking message to him. The Cheque deposited by C.Ashwath (as mentioned above) has bounced back from Bank of America stating that ‘PAYMENT STOPPED BY THE DRAWEE’.
For sixty plus gentleman C.Ashwath besides the damage of his reputation it is a boulder shock of his life. As Ashwath repaid the loans and is now left to a situation of penniless the Bank in which he holds an account has asked him to immediately deposit the amount he had taken. Except the sacred ‘Mangalasutra’ around the neck of his wife C.Ashwath pulled up his resources and making arrangements to repay the amount he had withdrawn.
Sensitive, simple, dignified C.Ashwath heads down in shame now and it is cruel to the chore he calls it. He has decided to file a defamation case on the organizers American Kannada Koota Association in a day or two.

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