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The controversy of the crashed Kannada film ‘Deepavali’ is still not yet over. Now here is one more to series of controversies the film underwent.
Actress Chandini of  `A’ and `AK 47’ Kannada films was given a paltry role in ‘Deepavali’ by director Dinesh Baboo. With the film  crashing the highly qualified actress has expressed her deep anguish at the director and charged him for poor footage given to her in that film.
Now Director Dinesh Baboo also a Malayali has termed Chandini’s statement as too immature and she does not have the experience and qualification to pass a comment on my judgement is what Dinesh Baboo has to say in his mind. Continuing his argument on the subject Baboo says why did Chandini accepted the offer. She was told about her role in the film and now the film fails she has no business to blame it on me.

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