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ramya sexy image
ramya image

An unprecedented but totally uncalled for development has taken place on Wednesday. Actress Ramya has filed a complaint against two film photo-journalists; KNN and Manu. The police have registered it under an IPC section which defines "outraging the modesty of a woman."

Now, the photographs which Ramya says was taken against her permission and used on websites were taken on the sets of the film Neer Dose. On Monday, when the film team was attacked by honeybees, the media rushed there, including KNN and TV channel crew. It was the film makers who gave them directions to the location. Journalists who could not go to the spot called up crew members including the director. The director, Vijay Prakash himself told a journalist who could not go to the spot to collect photographs from KNN who was the only photographer on the spot. Movie team still photographer Srinath told he had not clicked the photographs.


Now Ramya has complained against the photographers who were doing their duty. As soon as she called the photographers, KNN removed the photos from the website and both of them requested newspapers not to use the photographs. But the film director who asked other journalists to take photographs from KNN is now nowhere in the scene! Ramya may be right that she did not want the pictures to be published either because it was taken without her permission or because she wanted to use it for publicity later. But in neither case, were the photographers trying to outrage her modesty. If that was the intention of the photographers, they could have just kept quiet after sending the photographs to newspapers and television where probably more people would have seen them. Anyway, when the scene in which the actress acted is seen on screen after the film is released, the same case can be filed against the producer, director, actors and cameraman of the film. They will be not only outraging the modesty of a woman but also promoting obscenity. If just the photographs outrages the modesty of a woman, imagine what the scenes will be like. In fact anyone who has seen the photograph can complain against the film makers for making an obscene film and get a stay on the making of the film.

It was the film makers who wanted publicity and so they invited the media. If they cannot convince the actors to cooperate, it is their mistake. The media persons are now facing charges by the actress because of the film makers. If the film makers did not want publicity from the honey bee attack, why did they ask the media to cover it?

This is not a case of invasion of privacy. The photo was taken in a public place where the film team was shooting. The photographer did not enter the private house or car of anyone to take the photos. A celebrity on the road, or a park or any place outside their house will certainly attract onlookers and passersby. It is not just media people who will take photographs in such places. In this case, the journalists from TV channels and the photographers were doing their duty. If not, why did the director ask the other journalist to take the photos from KNN?

Many times in the Cricket match tournaments honey bees have attacked the players and the photographs of the incident have been reported in the Media. Photographers / Television cameras during the major incidents/award do their jobs and take these types of photos. Till now there is no case of filing a complaint against the photographers. Probably this incident may go to the history books!

Now the film industry personalities are also supporting the media. KFCC secretary and producer A Ganesh said he is against victimizing the media when in fact they were only doing their duty. KFCC Vice President Umesh Banakar told there is no wrong on the photographer to click the pictures when they are invited or given permission to shoot in the movie shooting location. This controversy was unwanted.

Still a bit of advise to cine photographers - Time have changed. Be Careful before u focus.