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Mythria, roopashri image
Mythria, roopashri

Actresses Mythri Gowda and Roopasri who were best of friends once upon a time have turned bitter foes and are now fighting against each other for various reasons. Not only that the duo are misusing social media for their personal fight.

Though the exact reason for their fight is not known, there are rumours that Roopasri declined to help Mythri in the Kartik Gowda case. So, the enraged Mythri has been writing against Roopasri in the social media. Not only that, she has been misusing the social media for her personal fight with Roopasri.

Here are the excerpts from her message against Roopasri in Facebook:


I never thought f***in b***h Roopashree so called cheap character I shame to call her she s an actress unfortunately as I have being in industry I respect each nd every female artist... But this b***h always make some point to spread negative nd bitching around abt the actress nd other opposite actors... Just to be good to them nd get a chance most opportunist I have ever seen... I ashamed to say u were my friend whom I have fed food many times nd lifted up many times when fell down by over drunk in the parties... I treated the wrong women as my own sister... Nd today becoz of u I have suffered a lot in my life mentally... I never used to believe in the word called tell me abt ur friend I'll tell u what character u r... Becoz I used to think nd treat everyone same nd equal... But u showed me the reality of a human tendency... God only should punish a people like u... When that day comes I'll be waiting... U not deserved to be called friend..