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aravind, soori

Actor Aravind has decided to filed a defamation case against writer-director Soori for wrongly portraying him in a visual for a teaser. Recently, Soori had presented a teaser in the trailer launch of his new film 'Kendasampige'. The teaser showcased how newcomers pester him for a chance in his films. In that teaser, Soori had showed examples of many such aspiring actors and technicians, out of which Aravind was also one.

So, Aravind who is very much outraged by Soori's behaviour of wrongly portraying him has decided to move to court and file a defamation case against the director. 'I was very much surprised when Soori took my example in that video. I am an aspiring artiste and I have been meeting many directors for a chance. Like wise, I also met Soori for a chance. If he didn't want to give me chance, he could have told me clearly about that. What was the need of using my photos for the teaser. I am very much upset about this and I am planning to file a defamation case against him' said Aravind.