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  • KANFIDA's Silent Protest Against Dubbing

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    The Karnataka Film Directors Association has decided to hold a silent protest against dubbing on Sunday. In a recently held meeting, the KANFIDA has decided to hold a silent protest against dubbing culture in Kannada. The members of the KANFIDA has decided to hold the protest in front of Dr Rajakumar Memorial in Kanteerava Studio and Dr Vishnuvardhan Samadhi at the Abhiman Studio at 10 AM and 11.30 AM respectively.

    The members of the KANFIDA will be wearing black cloth and will be protesting against the dubbing culture.

  • More Trouble for Vishnuvardhan Memorial

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    The problem with the memorial for late actor Vishnuvardhan continues. On Wednesday the high court granted a stay on the construction of the memorial in Abhiman Studio. The case was filed by the children of late actor Balakrishna.

    Ten acres of land was granted by the government to set up a studio in 1965. Out of this the government allotted 2 acres for Vishnuvardhan memorial. Balakrishna's sons Ganesh and Srinivas claim all ten acres belongs to them and government cannot take away two acres for the memorial.

  • No Activities In Abhiman Studio This Time

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    Dr Vishnuvardhan's family which has got land from the Government for Dr Vishnuvardhan Memorial near Mysore has decided to not to hold any activities on Vishnuvardhan's birthday (September 18th) in the existing site in Abhiman Studio in Bangalore.

    Every year, on Vishnuvardhan's birthday his family used to hold various activities including health check up camps and others. The family was however frustrated by the legal problems involving the land and had applied for new space in Mysore. The Government has already allotted five acres of land to the Vishnuvardhan's family in Mysore. So, the family has decided not to hold any activities nor celebrations at Abhiman Studio.

    With Vishnuvardhan's family abstaining from holding any activities nor celebrations, will Vishnuvardhan's fans come forward to hold any activities is yet to be seen

  • Sudeep Demands Both Memorial and Samadhi for Vishnuvardhan

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    Sudeep has come out in the open to sort out the long pending issue over the  Vishnuvardhan memorial. Why did Sudeep meet the chief minister yesterday? What is his stand on the issue? Why did he take a stand now? What are his demands? These are some of the questions bugging fans. Here is the real story of why Sudeep has come out in the open. 

    Firstly the Vishnuvardhan memorial has become embroiled in controversy. Vishnuvardhan was cremated at the Abhiman Studio which was founded by late actor Balakrishna. It may be recalled that it was Sudeep who got built a memorial for Balakrishna in the same place some years ago. Balakrishna's samadhi was an open grave which was given a decent place by the efforts of Sudeep.


    When Vishnuvardhan was cremated at the studio premises after his death a memorial was promised at the same place. But over the years many controversies have cropped up mainly because of the dispute over the land. The land was granted by the government but some of it has been sold to private parties. The surrounding land is forest land and cannot be used for other purposes. After much delay and controversy a memorial work has started in Mysuru. Vishnuvardhan was cremated in Abhiman Studio in Bengaluru but the memorial is coming up in Mysuru. This has upset many fans. The family of Vishnuvardhan have consented to the memorial in Mysuru because the government has said that it is impossible to build the memorial at the studio. 

    This is why Sudeep had to intervene. There was tremendous pressure on him from the fans of Vishnuvardhan to intervene in the matter and force the government to let the samadhi remain in Abhiman Studio.

    Sources said that in the meeting with Siddaramaiah, Sudeep has categorically said that he supported the wish of Bharati Vishnuvardhan for a memorial in Mysuru. But at the same time the samadhi in Abhiman Studio must not be shifted as it is a Punya Bhoomi. A proper samadhi should be built at Abhiman Studio. The government should solve the legal dispute and fans are not asking for any money. They are ready to fund the samadhi at Abhiman Studio themselves. 

    Sudeep supports both the Samadhi at the Studio and the memorial at Mysuru. He requested the CM to speed up the work on both of them.

  • Vishnuvardhan Memorial in Bengaluru Itself - Exclusive

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    Producers K Manju, B Vijay Kumar and Vishnuvardhan fans association president Prasanna have decided to fund the late actor's memorial that will be built at Abhiman Studio. Five years after the actor's death his memorial is still pending due to problem with the land marked for it. Vishnuvardhan was cremated at Abhiman Studio but due to legal problem with the land there the government allotted two acres nearby. But even this land faced legal problem due to it being forest land. Last week it was decided to shift the memorial to Mysuru. But all the fans opposed it.

    Now producers and fans of Vishnuvardhan have decided to build the memorial at Abhiman Studio itself.

    Vishnuvardhan Dhyana Mandira will come up soon. After the decision of Dr Vishnuvardhan samadhi shifting to Mysore  was opposed by fans Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhan has decided to have the samadhi at Abhiman studio itself.

    Speaking to Chitraloka producer K Manju said on Tuesday that, "Bhabi (Bharathi Vishnuvardhan) had called me and VSS president Prasanna and told let's have the samadhi and Dhyana Mandhira at Abhiman studio itself. We don't know how much time it will take to clear legal proceedings in the issue. It has been discussed to have to FTI (film training institute) at Mysore. Myself, Prasanna and KFCC ex-president B Vijayakumar will bear the cost for the construction of samadhi and Dhyanna Mandira at Abhiman Studio. We are calling the pressmeet at Abhiman Studio very soon to announce told K Manju"


  • Vishnuvardhana Memorial issue Likely to be Resolved

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    The Dr Vishnuvardhana Memorial issue at the Abhiman Studio is likely to be resolved soon with actor Balakrishna's daughter Geetha Bali agreeing to let go two acres of land for the memorial.

    The Dr Vishnuvardhan memorial at the Abhiman Studio in Bangalore was in problem as there was a legal tussle between Balakrishna's daughter Geeta Bali and son Ganesh. The row between the two was for 10 acre land at the studio. Because of the row between the two, there was problem for building the memorial.

    The fans of Vishnuvardhan on Monday met Geetha Bali and requested to let go off only two acres of land for the memorial, for which Geetha Bali has readily agreed and is likely to appeal to the court said sources close to Geetha Bali.