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  • Rachita Ram Walks Out Of 'Kasthuri Mahal'

    Rachita Ram Walks Out Of 'Kasthuri Mahal'

    It's not even one month since Rachita Ram starrer ''Kasthuri Mahal' was launched at the Conrad Hotel in Bangalore. Now the lead actress Rachita Ram has walked out of the film citing date problems.

    'Kasthuri Mahal' is a supernatural thriller written and directed by Dinesh Baboo. The film was his 50th film as a director. Just after the title was announced, fans of Dr Rajakumar were upset because it was derived from the actor's popular film of the same name. Recently, the producers changed the title to 'Kasthuri Mahal'. Just when the team was getting ready for the shooting, there is a news that Rachita has walked out of the film.

    With Rachita stepping out, Dinesh Baboo is busy searching for another heroine for the film and is confident of finding a replacement before the shooting starts. The film also stars Skanda, Shruthi Prakash and others in prominent roles.


  • Rachita Ram's Coconut Problem

    rachitha ram

    The new film starring Real Star Upendra and Dimple Queen Rachita Ram had its muharat at the Sri Kanteerava Studios. A funny incident had everyone take notice. As is the tradition the start of the film during the muharat, a coconut is borken.

    The priest who was conducting the rituals asked Rachita Ram to break the coconut. Upendra had broken a coconut before her. However Rachita Ram had never broken a coconut in her life and was wondering how to do it. She turned the coconut on all sides thinking where to break it.

    When asked, she said she did not know how to break a coconut. The film's producer Vijayalakshmi Urs who is the ex-chairperson of Kanteerava Studio, showed her to break it on the stone placed for the purpose.On the second attempt itself Rachita Ram managed to break the coconut to everybody's applause. T

    he film has not been named yet and is directed by Mahadev.

  • Rachita Ram's Film Titled 'Pankaja Kasturi'

    Rachita Ram's Film Titled 'Pankaja Kasturi'

    Remember reading the news about Rachita Ram acting in the Kannada remake of Tamil hit 'Kolamavu Kokila'? The pre-production of the film has already started and the film has been titled as 'Pankaja Kasturi'.

    Yes, the Kannada version of 'Kolamavu Kokila' has been titled as 'Pankaja Kasturi' and Rachitra Ram will be reprising the role of Nayanatara in the original. The rest of the cast and crew of the film is yet to be finalised and the film is likely to be launched in December.

    'Pankaja Kasturi' is being directed by RJ turned director Mayura Raghavendra. Mayura had earlier directed 'Kannad Gottilla' with Haripriya in the lead role. Now Mayura is all set to direct Rachita Ram in this film. 

    More details to follow shortly.

  • Rachita Ram's next Film is 'April'

    rachitha ram's next film is april

    Actress Rachita Ram is currently on a signing spree these days. After signing 'Natasarvabhowma', 'I Love You' and 'Rustom', the actress has signed a new film called 'April'.

    'April' is an women-oriented film and Rachita Ram plays the role of April D'souza. The film is a thriller with lots of thrilling elements.

    'April' is being written and directed by Satya Rayala and is produced by Narayana Babu. Udit Haridas is the music director, while Arjun Shetty is the cameraman. The photo shoot of the film is done and the film is all set to go on floors in the month of September.


  • Rachita Ram's special dance in 'Bharaate'

    rachita ram's special dance in bharaate

    The shooting for Murali's latest film 'Bharaate' is almost complete and the team is planning to shoot a special song and Rachita Ram will be dancing with Murali in the song.

    This is not the first time that Murali and Rachita Ram are sharing screen space together. Earlier, the two acted together in Chandrashekhar Bandiappa's 'Rathavara'. After, that the duo will be seen in 'Bharaate'.

    'Bharjari' fame Chethan Kumar is directing the film apart from scripting it.. Supreeth is the producer. Srileela, Saikumar, Ayyappa, Ravishankar and others play prominent roles in the film.

  • Rachita To Star Opposite Rishi In 'Seere'

    rachita to star opposite rishi in seere

    Well known directors Yogaraj Bhatt and Shashank coming forward together to produce a film is not a new news. The film which has been titled as 'Seere' has Rishi playing the hero and now Rachita Ram has been roped in as the heroine of the film.

    The film was launched earlier this year and after that the team was busy with the pre-production work. Now the team is ready to go on floors soon and the casting is being finalised. Among the star cast, Rachita has been finalized as the heroine and the other artistes are yet to be finalised.

    'Seere' is being jointly produced by Yogaraj Movies and Shashank Cinemas. The film is being directed by small screen director Mohan Singh, who has assisted Yogaraj Bhatt in his previous films. Mohan Singh is directing the film based on a story by Yogaraj Bhatt. Jnanamurthy is the cinematographer.


  • Ramesh Aravind Ganesh for Ganesha Festival

    ramesh aravind image

    Ramesh Aravind's 100th film 'Pushpaka Vimana' has become so famous that an idol of Ganesha resembling Ramesh Aravind's famous posture from the film has been made as an idol for the Ganesha festival.

    Yes, 21 Ganeshas which are in the posture of Ramesh Aravind saluting has been made and many associations across Karnataka will be displaying the idols during the celebration in the coming days.

    'Pushpaka Vimana' stars Ramesh Aravind, Rachita Ram, Yuvina, Juhi Chawla, Ravi Kale and others play prominent roles in the film.The film is directed by debutante Ravindranath.

  • Ramesh Reddy's New Movie With Ramesh Aravind - Exclusive 

    ramesh reddy's new film with ramesh aravind

    Producer Ramesh Reddy new untitled movie will be directed by Ramesh Aravind and it will be launched on 19th June.

    Apart from directing the movie Ramesh Aravind will also act in the lead role along with Rachita Ram. Ravi Basur is the music director. Ramesh Reddy has earlier produced Uppu Huli Khara, Nathicharami and Paddehulli movie.


  • Ranna Movie Review

    ranna movie image

    Ranna is finally in theatres and here is our take on it. Technically it is one of the best executed films in Kannada. It is lavishly mounted and has a big star cast which makes it look richer. On the narrative front it is Sudeep all the way. He holds the fort and in the climax gives it an uplifting performance. Overall the film is a treat for fans though the second half is lengthy and would have been better trimmed.

    Ranna is the remake of the Telugu film Attarintiki Daryedi and  more or less follows the same script. Only a few minor changes have been made. A super rich man is pining for his daughter who left him 25 years ago. He wants her back in the family. The impossible task can be done only by his grandson Bhargava. How Bhargava manages to unite the family members is the simple story. Rather than fight villains this task requires a good heart and values. In the first half Bhargava enters his aunt's house as a car driver. But his aunt finds out his identity. Bhargava has to find a new way. The story takes many twists from there before a happy ending.

    It is Sudeep's superlative performance especially in the climax that is the real highlight of Ranna. Devaraj gives an uncharacteristic subdued performance. Madhoo in her comeback is a glamorous mother in law! Prakash Rai adds value. The visuals in the film are worth a second look. Cinematography and editing is outstanding. Harikrishna has given only two hits. Both Haripriya and Rachita Ram get prominence. This is a film to watch with the family.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

  • Rathavara Promo Released, Film on December 04th

    rathavara image

    The promo of Murali starrer 'Rathavara' was released at the PVR Multiplex in Oreon Mall in Rajajinagar on Monday morning. 'Rathavara' is getting released after nearly two years of Murali's 'Ugram'. The film is being scripted and directed by Chandrashekhar Bandiappa. Rachita Ram plays the heroine while Chikkanna, Ravishankar, Loki, Sadhu Kokila and others are seen in prominent roles.

    'Rathavara' which is being produced by Manjunath is likely to be released on the 04th of December.

  • Satish Neenasam and Rachita Ram join hands for 'Matinee'

    Satish Neenasam and Rachita Ram join hands for 'Matinee'

    The hit pair of 'Ayogya', Satish Neenasam and Rachita Ram have joined hands for a new film called 'Matinee', which is all said to be launched by this month's end.

    Earlier, Satish Neenasam had announced that he will be acting in a new film to be directed by debutante Manohar Kampalli. Though Rachita was roped in earlier, the team only announced the entry of the actress only on Saturday.

    Manohar Kampalli, apart from directing, has scripted the film also. The film is currently in pre-production stage and the team is all set to launch the film officially by October end. 

  • Satish Neenasam's Ayogya Launched Yet Again

    ayogya launched again

    Satish Neenasam's new film 'Ayogya' was launched on the auspicious day of Varamahalakshmi festival. Now the film has been launched once again today morning at the RajaRajeshwari Nagar Temple in Bangalore. 

    Earlier, new producer Suresh was supposed to produce the film. However, he backed out of the film after the launch. Now the film has been taken over by Chandrashekhar of Crystal Park Films. Chandrashekhar is currently producing 'John Seena', 'Chamak', 'Birbal' and this is his fourth project.

    Ayogya' and is being written and directed by Yogaraj Bhatt's protege S Mahesh Kumar. Yogaraj Bhatt is writing four songs for this film, while V Harikrishna is the music director. The film stars Satih along with Chikkanna, Saritha, Rangayana Raghu, Ravishankar and others in prominent roles.

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  • Seetharama Kalyana Movie Review - Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

    seetharama kalyana movie review

    Seetharama Kalyana is a majestically mounted film that scores good ranking in all categories. The story, acting, music, sentiments, fights, romance, drama, twists and comedy, the most important things in a commercial film are all perfectly placed in the film. Director Harsha has managed to give us an almost perfect commercial entertainer. There are very few scenes in the film where you feel something extra was needed. Otherwise there is no dull moment. There are so many top actors in the film that it is surprising how such a complicated story line has been turned into a simple narrative. 

    The film starts with a wedding. Chikkanna is getting married but the hero and heroine are supposed to meet here for the first time. The entire wedding episode is managed on a huge scale and it is a feast for the eyes. The narrative then shifts to Bengaluru where again some magnificent sets are created for the story. From scene to scene, the impression on the two lead actors grows. Both of them have give a stellar performance. For Nikhil it is one of the best growths. In just two films, he manages to perform like an experienced veteran. 

    The story takes many twists and turns. What starts as a love story turns into a family drama and a father-son sentiment story. All of it is beautifully woven into a simple yet enriching narrative. Songs appear at appropriate intervals and are melodious. The film has an overdose of action. It was necessary to showcase the fights of Nikhil. If they had been reduced the film may have got a U certificate instead of U/A certificate. But that is not a problem as the fights are superbly choreographed and are very entertaining. 

    The music, editing, choreography and cinematography are perfectly tuned to the story narrative. Since there are rich sets and locales the cinematography strives to capture them in minute detail. The editing is fast and sometimes should have shown the sets for longer. The music is apt. Apart from entertainment the film also carries good message about the requirements of farmers and how it can be solved. Even in the film's story there is an answer to the problems of farmers. 

    The actors have performed well. Ravi Shankar, Madhoo, Chikkanna and others steal the show with their perfect timing. There is a separate comedy track involving Chikkanna that is the icing on the cake of this entertaining fare. Seetharama Kalyana is one good film for the entire family. Don't miss it. 

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

  • Seetharama Kalyana Trailer Released

    seetharama kalyana trailer released

    After an impressive debut, Yuvaraja Nikhil Kumar's second outing - Seetharama Kalyana, directed by choreographer turned director A. Harsha is ready for release even as the trailer of the movie was released at a grand event organised in Mysuru.

    In a never seen event organised for the release of a movie trailer, Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy himself graced the event appreciating the entire film team's work. Made under their home banner - Channambika Films, the movie is produced by Smt. Anitha Kumaraswamy.

    Following release of the trailer, many star actors and directors including Kichcha Sudeepa, Simple Suni and others appreciated the effort and hard work went into the making of the movie with special mentioning of Nikhil Kumar's performance.

    The trailer of Seetharama Kalyana showcases the grand making which promises to entertain the movie lovers with a cute love story and farmers in prime focus. Director Harsha has gracefully packed the right amount of emotions, drama, action and thrilling elements, as seen in the trailer, which has raised the expectations of Seetharama Kalyana, which releases worldwide on January 25.

  • Seetharama Kalyana' Teaser On 31st July

    seetharama kalyana teaser on july 31st

    The shooting for Nikhil Kumar's 'Seetharama Kalyana' is in progress and the first teaser of the film will be released on 31st July at the Lahari Music channel of Youtube.

    'Seetharama Kalyana' is being directed by A Harsha and the film is being produced by Anitha Kumaraswamy under the Chennambika Films banner. 'Seetharama Kalyana' is a rural based film and features a lot of big artistes. 

    'Seetharama Kalyana'  stars Nikhil Kumar, Rachita Ram, Madhoo,  Sharath Kumar, Ravishankar, Aditya Menon and others.  Ravi Basrur is the music composer, while J Swamy is the cameraman.


  • Shanvi Replaces Rachita Ram In 'Kasturi Mahal'

    Shanvi Replaces Rachita Ram In 'Kasturi Mahal'

    Actress Shanvi Srivatsav who was last seen in Rakshit Shetty's 'Avane Shirmannarayana' is back with a new film 'Kasturi Mahal'. This time, Shanvi has replaced Rachita Ramin in the film.

    'Kasthuri Mahal' was launched one month ago and Rachita Ram was selected as the heroine. Rachita was also present at the launch and had expressed that it is nice to be a part of the film. However, the actress walked out of the film, just when the shooting was nearing. 

    Though the actress cited date clash for her exit, team says she suggested a few changes, which was not accepted by senior director Dinesh Baboo. So, Rachita walked out of the film and Dinesh Baboo has found a replacement in Shanvi.

    'Kasturi Mahal' is written and directed by Dinesh Baboo and it is his 50th film. The film deals with paranormal activity and stars Shanvi Srivatsav, Skanda, Narayanaswamy, Shruthi Prakash and others in prominent roles.The shooting for the film is all set to start from first week of October.

  • Shivanna Roars in Ayushmanbhava Teaser

    shivarajkumar roars in ayushmanbhava teaser

    Dwarakish Chitra, which started with its first ever venture 'Mayor Muthanna' in the year 1969 is celebrating its grand 50th year, and it continues to enthrall the Kannada audience as it is set for one more exciting venture - Ayushmanbhava, releasing on November 1.

    In 'Mayor Muthanna', it was the legendary Dr. Rajkumar and on turning 50, the prestigious production house turns to none other than Karunada Chakravarthy Dr. Shivarajkumar, son of the legendary actor. The official teaser of the film which is out now is trending on top on social media, and promises to be another sure shot hit for the Century Star.

    Director P Vasu seems to have raised the bars with some extra action and suspense in Ayushmanbhava along with some brilliant visual effects for an edge of the seat experience.

    With less than a month for the release, Ayushmanbhava is certainly roaring to hit the screens.

  • Shooting For Uppi Rupi Starts

    uppi rupi shooting starts

    The shooting for Upendra's new film 'Uppi Rupi' has started and the team is busy shooting a fight sequence for the film, under the direction of well known stunt master Palaniraj.

    'Uppi Rupi' is being produced by Vijayalakshmi Urs (former chief of Kanteerava Studio) and directed by Madesh. The film was launched in December and as Upendra was busy with his prior commitments, the shooting for the film has started now.

    'Uppi Rupi' stars Upendra and Rachita Ram as the main lead. Vijayalakshmi Urs herself has written the story of the film. Rajesh Katta is the cameraman, while Sadhu Kokila has been roped in as the music director of the film.



  • Sudeep and Ravishankar with Shivarajakumar in Kick

    kick image

    Actors Sudeep and Ravishankar will be the special judges of the dance reality programme 'Kick' along with Shivarajakumar. The two actors apart from judging the programme will also be promoting their new film 'Kotigobba 2' which was released last week.

    The reality show which started in Udaya TV last month is slowly becoming popular and every week there are special judges along with Shivarajakumar, Rachita Ram and A Harsha. This week Sudeep and Ravishankar will be the special guests and the shooting of their episodes have already been shot.

    'Kick' will be aired on this Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM to 10.30 PM.

  • Upendra's New Film Titled Uppi Rupee - Exclusive

    uppi rupee image

    Upendra's new film which is produced by Vijayalakshmi Urs (former chief of Kanteerava Studio) and directed by Madesh has been titled as Uppi Rupee.

    Uppi Rupee film stars Upendra and Rachita Ram as the main lead. Vijayalakshmi Urs herself has written the story of the film. Rajesh Katta is the cameraman, while Sadhu Kokila is the music director of the film.

    Keshava and Narasimha are the executive producers.

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