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  • Nagarahavu First Week Collection Report

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    Ramya- Diganth starrer Nagarahavu has made a big impact in the box office records. It has collected Rs. 10.39 crores from Kannada and Telugu. Producer Sajid Qureshi has given the details of the collection to Chitraloka.

    first week collection of Nagarahavu (kannada) in

    202 single screen is net Rs. 7.25,49,780 and share from 202 single screen Rs. 5,58,83,900. The amount collected from multiplexes -

    104 screens per day

    net Rs. 1,61,70,100

    share Rs. 80,85,050.

    the approximate first week share is Rs 6,39,69,150

    Kannada movie Nagarahavu was dubbed to Telugu and was released as Nagabharanam. First week collection from there are as follows . net 6,45,90,300, which includes a total of 280 single screen and 48 multiplex shows.

    approximate share is 4crore.

    second week screening of kannada version includes 170 single screens and 120 multiplex shows per day.

    telugu version has 110 single screen and 38 multiplex shows per day.

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  • Ramachari All Time Record Collection - Exclusive

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    Yash's latest film Mr & Mrs Ramachari is rewriting box office records in Kannada. The film has in its first week grossed Rs 12 crore which is an all-time record. The second week collection will be in the range of Rs 6 to Rs 7 crore the film makers have estimated.

    The two-week collection therefore will be around Rs 18 crore, which again will be an all-time record. Ramachari will easily become the first Kannada film to make Rs 20 crore in box office collections alone.

    Despite release of Ganesh's Kushi Kushiyagi and Upendra's Shivam, Ramachari has continued to have a spell over the box office. This will be Yash's fifth straight big success starting from Drama.

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  • Why Lie? Opening Week Fake Collection Figures - Exclusive

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    Recently we notice film producers and directors coming up with fancy collection figures for their films. On the third day of the release itself they announce big figures for their films. The opening weekend collection figures has become a huge industry in itself. But how much of it is true? It seems most of the opening weekend and first week collection numbers given out is fanciful and outright false.

    For example Lakshmana director R Chandru calls up Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh and said, "Gurugale our film is super all over. Its collection is so much on first day, second day" and so on. Before writing this article Chitraloka spoke to R Chandru and he said the film may have collected Rs 2.75 Cr in the first week.

    Zoommovie team has said it has collected 5 crores in 3 days. (Gross)

    For Raaj the showman movie director Prem had given some collection report. But again it was a publicity stunt. Same thing was repeated for Joggaya.

    For the film Bramha R Chandru had said it collected 10 crores in 3 days and Rs 35 crores in its entire run. Chitraloka sources said that film had collected only Rs 3.5 crore for the producer in its entire theatrical business leaving out the rent.

    Later Uppi-2 was claimed to have collected Rs 45 crores in 3 days! Sources said Uppi 2's overall collection was around Rs 7.5 crore (approx). 

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    Reputed distributor Jayanna says "I don't know why the producers or directors give wrong statements about the collection figures of their movies. They are not aware how it is spoiling the market. Till now none of our Kannada movies has collected Rs 15 crore share in the first 7 days of release. The highest recorded collection for the first week is Yash starrer Masterpiece which had collected Rs 12 + 1.8 crore (from Mysore area which Jayanna had not done the distribution). that   followed by Sudeep starrer Ranna, Darshan starrer Jaggu Dada, Puneeth Rajkumar starrer Powerstar, and Jackie. Ramachari collected Rs 9-10 Cr, Gajakesari collected 8-9 Cr. All these figures are after deducting theater rent and other expenses."

    Masterpiece Records Rs 6 crore on First Day

    Another distributor said `Highest amount we can get in Karnataka may be around 18 Cr to 20 Cr gross. If we collect this much amount then the producer may get around 10-12 Crores. To get this much movie should have been released in more than 300 theaters and there should be Government holiday in that week. We pray god that Government holiday should not come on Sunday. In the Kannada history only Master Piece has collected the highest since it had series of holiday and movie was very good and Yash earlier movie Ramachari was also a hit and there was a craze for him. In the rainy season or during the Cricket matches we get less collection. Let me tell there is no chance all the 28 shows (single theater) in a week will be houseful. For star movie it may be houseful between 18-22 shows provided the movie report comes good. If the collection in the 1st week is good let me say approximately 12 crores collected, then 2nd week the collection may get about between 5-6 crs, in the 3rd week around 2-3 crores, in 4th week it will be within 1-2 crores after this it will be in lacs. All this can happen is only when a Star movie is good. Ramachari was a exceptional case. It collected more in the second week than the first week. When a producer or director gives wrong information it affects Kannada film industry. But they may be doing it for publicity! Because of these wrong statements Income Tax departments make raids on film industry offices. Many times they have scolded us for giving wrong information's to media.

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