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  • RX Suri Movie Review

    rx suri image

    RX Suri is an overdose of action and bloodshed. The film was said to be a love story in the backdrop of rowdyism. But it is more. There is more action than expected and more of the longu-machchu incidents than love story. Most of what is a love story in RX Suri is confined to the first half. In the second half action overshadows it. In the end the film tries to give a message that those who indulge in rowdyism have their lives cut short. But till then there is glorification of it. The film will please fans of action films and Duniya Vijay. There is enough adrenaline pumping sequences in the film to keep the audience engaged throughout the two and half hours.

    The film starts with a love story. The girl is in love with Suri, who though running a small business, seems to have a bad past. There are glimpses of his rowdyism and there are many people trying to eliminate him. He tries to keep the girl away from him knowing he is not a good match. But the girl continues to force him to love. In the interval there is a big twist with his own friends and gang members seemingly against him. No one knows if Suri is dead or alive or what happened to him. The second half opens again in the past and reveals what actually happened. Did Suri manage to quit rowdyism and get along with his love is the rest of the story.

    There are terrific action scenes in the film. Vijay is at his best and gives a superb performance along with some great fight sequences. Akankaasha in her Kannada debut does a good job. Ravishankar as the antagonist Tiger is comical and terrifying at the same time. He is the perfect villain for the film. Apart from that Shobraj and Rajeev give good performances. There are dozens of other actors in the film and some of them are highlighted. The music is average but the background score is good. Editing gives the film an edge.

    If you love action, this is the best film for you.

    Chitraloka Rating 3/5


  • S Narayan To Direct Hindi Movie - Exclusive

    daksha image

    S Narayan after 24 Years of his directional carrer has finally got an opportunity to direct an Hindi movie starting on May second week. Sources say Narayan will be directing the Daksha movie to Hindi. Kannada Daksha is releasing on 24th. Sources said producer of Hindi Daksha movie is going to announce the team on the same day.


    It is not clear whether S Narayan is going for the shooting with the new team or with the Kannada Daksha team. But sources said S Narayan wanted to do the shooting at the same place where he had done Kannada Daksha shooting. 

  • Salaga Audio Released

    salaga audio released

    Duniya fame Vijaya most expected acted and directed movie Salaga audio has been released by Hatrick hero Shivarajkumar.

    In the glittering function young and energetic directors and top producers attended the function. Vijay who is also playing the lead role in the film is seen sitting with a long in the first poster of the film. The poster was launched on the eve of Gowri Ganesha festival. The team has wished the viewers a Happy Ganesha Chaturthi by releasing this poster.

    'Salaga' is being scripted and directed by 'Duniya' Vijay. Apart from direction, Vijay will be also be seen in the title role of the film. Sanjana Anand, Dhananjay, Cockroach Sudhi and others play prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by K P Srikanth under Venus Entertainers banner. Shivasena is the cinematographer, while Charan Raj is the music director.

  • Salaga Climax Shoot in Makeshift KadaleKai Parishe

    salaga climax shoot in kadalekai parishe

    Duniya Vijay who turns director with Salaga, is these days busy fighting the bad guys in the middle of historic fair KadaleKai Parishe near Dodda Ganesha temple in Basavanagudi. However, this special makeshift fair is held throughout the night for the climax shoot of Salaga starring Duniya Vijay, Dali Dhananjay and Sanjana Anand.

    Produced by K P Srikanth, the movie marks the debut of Duniya Vijay as director. The hero cum director shares that the shooting has been going good as per the plan and the dubbing process too has started.

    "The special set of KadaleKai Parishe has been set up with thousands of people in the makeshift fair. This was done after the annual KadaleKai Parishe this year. The producer deserves appreciation for all his efforts to make it look like an actual fair. We are presently shooting the climax sequence between 8 in the evening till 5 in the morning," actor-director says.

  • Salaga Movie Review By Shyam Prasad; Rating 3.5/5

    Salaga Movie Review By Shyam Prasad; Rating 3.5/5

    Film: Salaga

    Duration: 128 minutes

    Certificate: A

    Stars: 3.5/5

    Cast: Duniya Vijay, Dhananjaya, Achyuth Kumar, Bhaskar, Cockroach Sudhi, Ninasam Ashwath

    Director: Vijaya Kumar

    A gamble that pays for Duniya Vijay


    This is Vijay's Duniya

    This is the second big gamble Duniya Vijay has rolled the dice for in his movie career. The first was to invest his career and family's fortune in the hands of Duniya Suri to become a lead actor. It paid off handsomely to everyone involved.

    The second gamble was to turn director when he is at the crossroads of his career. He could have continued to be an actor for years to come, allowing someone else to shoulder the burden of making films for him. He chose the tougher road and to be honest, has come out trumps.

    Not only is Salaga, one of the better films of his career, it is way better than the action films that are routinely churned out from the Sandalwood movie factory. He not only directs the film, but is also credited for the story and script. Maasthi gets the only other writing part left; the dialogues. The dialogues have emerged out of the story and characters and they are in perfect sync.

    There are two sets of stories. One is a straight forward cop Vs gangster routine which in its course reveals the rotten society and the complacent system. Vijay and Dhananjaya (as the savvy cop Samrat) faceoff as the latter tries to stop the marauding rowdy's killing spree. The second, on hindsight is a revenge drama, for which the rowdy elements are just a backdrop. The two have their own places in the narrative and Vijay as a director scores in giving both meaningful space and matching them into a single narrative.

    Narrative and plot apart, what stands out is the amount of detailing going into various characters. Each of their actions has a justifiable cause. They have their own lives and worlds. The characters of Ninasam Ashwath and Cockroach Sudhi are a case in point. And given the meaty roles, most of them excel in their roles. Bhaskar and Achyuth Kumar are other two supporting actors who make a mark.

    The icing on the cake is Dhananjay. Here again Vijay should be appreciated for giving the character all the space to grow. It overshadows Vijay's own Salaga character for the most part. And that is where director Vijay wins.

    In an action movie like this, the songs are intelligently placed. A couple of them are already chartbusters. It was nice to see audience recognize the songs but the songs not interfering in the narration of the story. The background score is not too loud as has become the norm recently, but blends itself to the story, which is a good sign.

    The excessive violence and some gruesome scenes coupled with liberal use of below the belt dialogues may not be completely palatable to some sections but as a film on the kind of subject it is made, Salaga is completely justifiable. An action film for the masses.

  • Salaga Team Distributes Ration Kits

    Salaga Team Distributes Ration Kits

    The 'Salaga' team on Tuesday distributed ration kits in front of Nartaki theater in Bangalore to theater workers who are badly affected by lockdown.

    Actor-director 'Duniya' Vijay, producer K P Srikanth, actor Dhananjay, dialogue writer Manju Masthi and others visited the Nartaki theater and distributed the kits to the workers.

    Before that, the team also garlanded the Dr Rajakumat statue at the Majestic circle and paid last respects to actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, who died of massive heart attack on Sunday afternoon.

    'Salaga' directed by 'Duniya' Vijay is almost complete and is waiting for the film to be censored soon. The film is likely to be the first major film to be released once the screening in theaters resumes.  

  • Salaga Team Donates To Flood Victims

    Salaga image

    Salaga producer K P Srikanth and actor-director 'Duniya' Vijay on Thursday sent basic requirements to the flood victims of North Karnataka.

    Karnataka witnessed a worst flood in the recent times and many celebrities have done their bit to help the people in the flood hit areas. Likewise, the team of 'Salaga' in association with United Cricket Club sent many basic requirements to the people who are seriously affected by floods.

    A truck carrying many requirements to the flood victims was flagged off from Ramakrishna Ashrama Circle in Bangalore. K P Srikanth, 'Duniya' Vijay, cricketer Vijay Bharadwaj, Tejaswini Ananth Kumar and others were present at the occasion.

  • Salaga's 'Sanjana I Love You' Lyrical Video Song Is A Mass Hit

    salaga's sanjana i love you lyrical video songs is a mass hit

    Duniya Vijay Starre 'Salaga';s first lyrical video song is out and its trending on YouTube. Fans are in Love with this Peppy romantic song sung by Naveen Sajju. The son stars Duniya Vijay and Sanjana Anand. 

    Salaga' is being scripted and directed by 'Duniya' Vijay. Apart from direction, Vijay will be also be seen in the title role of the film. Sanjana Anand, Dhananjay, Cockroach Sudhi and others play prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by K P Srikanth under Venus Entertainers banner. Shivasena is the cinematographer, while Charan Raj is the music director.





  • Sanjana Anand For 'Salaga'

    sanjana anand for salaga

    Actress Sanjana Anand who made her debut with 'Chemistry of Kariappa' has become the hot property of Kannada film industry. The actress was recently roped in for Chiranjeevi Sarja's 'Kshatriya'. Now Sanjana will be acting in 'Salaga' opposite 'Duniya' Vijay.

    'Salaga' is all set to be launched tomorrow at the Bande Mahakali Temple in Kempegowda Nagar. Sudeep will be sounding the clap for the first shot of the film, while former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will be switching on the camera.

    'Salaga' is being scripted and directed by 'Duniya' Vijay. Apart from direction, Vijay will be also be seen in the title role of the film. The film is being produced by K P Srikanth under Venus Entertainers banner. Shivasena is the cinematographer, while Charan Raj is the music director. Masthi Manju is in charge of the dialogues.

  • Shooting For Cottonpet In Progress In Bangalore

    cottonpet movie image

    The shooting for Duniya Vijay and Parul Yadav Cottonpet has been launched in Bangalore recently and the shooting for the film is in full progress in the city. Recently, many important scenes for the film was shot in Bangalore Palace.

    The film is directed by Omprakash Rao and this is second outing with Vijay after 'Bheema Teeradalli'. Vijay says he likes to act under Omprakash Rao's direction as the director extracts best from his artistes.


    The film stars Bullet Prakash, Raju Talikote and others in prominent roles. Different Danny will be composing action sequences for the film, while Hamsalekha is the music composer. Sudheendra who had earlier produced 'Huli' is producing the film.

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  • Shraddha Srinath For Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

    actress shraddha srinath

    Actress Shraddha Srinath who is looking forward for the release of her latest film 'Operation Alamelamma' is all set to act as heroine in 'Duniya' Vijay's new film 'JohnnyJohnny Yes Papa'.

    Earlier, Preetham Gubbi had directed actor 'Duniya' Vijay in 'Johnny Mera Naam' produced by Jayanna. Now the duo are all set to make a comeback with a new film called 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa'.

    The film is being produced by Vijay and V Harikrishna will be composing the music for the film. The shooting for the film will commence in August.

  • Three Films Announced For Varamahalakshmi Festival

    Three Films Announced For Varamahalakshmi Festival

    Varamahalakshmi festival is one of the prominent festivals in Karnataka and every year many teams line up their films to release on the auspicious day. This year as many as three films are planning to release their films on the festival day.

    The first among the three is 'Duniya' Vijay's directorial debut starring himself along with Dhananjay, Sanjana Anand and others. The film was almost completed before the first lockdown itself. After the lockdown the team completed a song and the post-production work and had scheduled the film for May this year. However, due to a second lockdown the release was postponed and now the team is planning to release on the 20th of August, which happens to be the Varamahalakshmi festival.

    Apart from 'Salaga, Yogi starrer Lanke and Dr Rajkumar's granddaughter Dhanya's debut film 'Ninna Sanihake' have also been lined up for release on the same date. The Karnataka Government has already given permission to screen films with a 50 percent audience capacity and the Kannada film industry is looking forward for a permission of 100 percent audience capacity by that date.

  • Vijay And Chandru To Join Hands Once Again

    vijay, chandru

    'Duniya' Vijay's 'Kanaka' is still in progress and is likely to be released at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Vijay and director R Chandru is planning to join hands once again after this project.

    Yes, Vijay and Chandru confirmed that they would be doing yet another film together after 'Kanaka' and this time the film will be about wrestling and Chandru is planning to title the film as 'Kusthi'.

    As of now, nothing has been finalised as Vijay will be busy acting in two more films after 'Kanaka'. An announcement has been made in this regard and work will start only after 'Kanaka' is released.

  • Vijay and Samrat get ready for 'Kusthi'

    vijay and samrat to kusthi

    'Duniya' Vijay launching his son Samrat in a new film called 'Kusthi' is not a new news. Now Vijay and Samrat are working rigorously for the film.

    Vijay says Samrat is working out for nearly four hours daily and he is being given training from National and International wrestlers for the movie. Even Vijay apart from rigorous workout is getting trained for the role of a wrestler for this movie.

    Vijay has not disclosed who will be directing this film. He has not even disclosed the artistes and technicians of the film. Vijay says he will be announcing everything about the star cast and the technicians soon. The film will be shot in North Karnataka.


  • Vijay Arrested; Released

    duniya vijay arrested

    Actor 'Duniya' Vijay was arrested by the Chennammanakere Achchukattu police and was released after inquiry in an assault case.

    On Tuesday morning, Jayaram who is father-in-law of producer Sundar's brother Shankar Gowda had alleged that Vijay had kicked him after a row between him and Vijay. Shankar and his wife Manasa had requested the media to let go of the issue as it is too personal and Vijay is a family member.

    However, the issue caught the attention of the media and Jayaram had not only complained to the police, but also was admitted to Shekhar Hospital in Bull Temple Road. Following the complaint, the police arrested Vijay and later released him after a detailed inquiry in this case.

    More details are yet awaited.

  • Vijay Celebrates His 44th Birthday With Fans And Family

    vijay's birthday

    'Duniya' Vijay on Saturday morning celebrated his birthday along with his family, friends and fans.

    From morning fans of Vijay gathered around his birthday and wished Vijay a happy birthday. 'Mastigudi' producer Sundar Gowda, 'Kanaka' director R Chandru and others were present at this occasion and wished Vijay a happy birthday.

    Vijay's latest film 'Kanaka' is all set to release on the 26th of this month and R Chandru has directed the movie, apart from producing the film. Satya Hegade is the cameraman of the film, while Naveen Sajju has composed the songs for the film. Vijay, Haripriya, Manvita Harish, Sadhu Kokila,K P Nanjundi and others are playing prominent roles in the film.


  • Vijay Celebrates His Birthday

    sunder, duniya vijay image

    Last year 'Duniya' Vijay had celebrated his birthday at the Nartaki theater where his 'Jackson' was released. This week the actor-produced celebrated his birthday along with his family, friends and fans.

    From morning fans of Vijay gathered around his birthday and wished Vijay a happy birthday. The team of 'Mastigudi' including director Nagashekhar, producer Sundar Gowda, actors Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash and others were present at this occasion and wished Vijay a happy birthday.

  • Vijay Celebrates His Birthday With Fans

    vijay celebrates his birthday with fans

    'Duniya' Vijay on Friday morning celebrated his birthday along with his family, friends and fans. From morning fans of Vijay gathered around his birthday and wished Vijay a happy birthday.

    'Mastigudi' producer Sundar Gowda, Bullet Prakash, 'Kanaka' director R Chandru and others were present at this occasion and wished Vijay a happy birthday.

    Vijay who was very much upset about the death of Anil and Uday is slowly recovering from the incident and is looking forward to complete the film soon and get back to acting.

  • Vijay Moves Closer to Tiger Prabhakar House - Exclusive

    duniya vijay, tiger prabhakar image

    Sources say that Duniya Vijay is moving closer to his idol the late action star Tiger Prabhakar. He is said to have identified a new house to purchase just opposite Prabhakar's old house in Hosakerehalli Cross near Banashankari.

    It is well known that Vijay is a big fan of Prabhakar and has imitated him including in films like Junglee and Simhadri. Now it seems he will be much closer to his idol in another sense.

  • Vijay Not A Part Of Jai Lava Kusa Anymore!

    vijay not a part of jai lava kusa

    If everything had gone right, then 'Duniya' Vijay was supposed to be part of Junior NTR's new Telugu film 'Jai Lava Kusa'. But now Vijay has opted out of the film and some other actor will be replacing Vijay.

    Earlier, Junior NTR who had seen Vijay's 'Mastigudi' trailer had requested Vijay to be a part of his new film 'Jai Lava Kusa' for which Vijay had given his consent. 'Jai Lava Kusa' was supposed to be Vijay's debut film in Telugu.

    However, due to date issues Vijay backed out of the film. The team had asked for Vijay's dates earlier, but Vijay was busy with 'Kanaka'. Later, the team asked Vijay's call sheet from May 12th, but Vijay could not give dates as his 'Mastigudi' was supposed to release the film on the same day. Due to date issues, Vijay has opted out of the film and is not a part of the film anymore.