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  • Dana Kaayonu Movie Review

    dana kayonu movie image

    Yograj Bhat and Duniya Vijay team up and what we get is Dana Kaayonu. It is not a regular Yograj Bhat film and it is also not a regular Duniya Vijay film. But the outcome is fantastic. The story has many twists and turns and the characters of people change with each different twist. The change in behaviour is shocking but in a film it makes for a great watch.

    Duniya Vijay plays a cattle herder and Priyamani a police aspirant. Both are from poor families that live in a village. The village headman is constantly trying to kick out Vijay and his family from the village. But they somehow manage to resist it. Soon a strange situation develops. A representative of a foreign company comes to the village and finds out that there is a single rare breed of cattle. It belongs to Vijay. Suddenly everyone in the village is after the bull. The bull has its own love story going on and what you get is an interesting mix of emotional upheavals, dramatic events and a surprising twists. The film probes the question whether it is humans who are good or the animals.

    Duniya Vijay, Priyamani, Suchendra Prasad, Rangayana Raghu, Biradara and others give excellent performances. Biradara will win rave applause for his role. He looks and acts every bit a real character.

    The songs in the film are top class. Harikrishna gives foot tapping tunes and Yograj Bhat has penned some memorable lines in the lyrics. Deepu S Kumar's editing gives the film a fast narrative and Sugnan's photography is breathtaking. The scenes involving the cattle is shot brilliantly.

    Dana Kayonu is a good film for fans of both Bhat and Vijay. The regular film audience will get to see something really "different". This is not a regular film but at the same time it is entertaining and gives some food for thought.Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

  • Dana Kayonu Censored - Movie Releasing on October 7th

    dana kayonu image

    Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Dana Kayonu' starring 'Duniya' Vijay in lead role has been censored with a 'U' certificate today evening. This is the first time that Vijay's film is getting a 'U' certificate. 

    'Dana Kayonu' is being produced by Kanakapura Srinivas under the R S Productions banner. Yogaraj bHatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film. Vijay, Priyamani, Rangayana Raghu, Suchenda Prasad and others are a part of this film. Sugnan is the cameraman, while V Harikrishna is the music director.

    The film will be releasing on the 07th of October.

  • Dana Kayonu Songs on April 10th

    dana kayonuu image

    The post production of Vijay starrer 'Dana Kayonu' which is directed by Yogaraj Bhatt is almost complete and the team is all set to release the songs of the film on the 10th of April. V Harikrishna has composed the songs of the film.

    'Dana Kayonu' is produced by Kanakapura Srinivas under the R S Productions banner. Yogaraj Bhatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film. Sugnan is the cameraman.

  • Dana Kayonu Songs Released

    dana kayonu image

    The songs of Vijay starrer 'Dana Kayonu' was released amidst much fan fare in Kanakapura on Friday night. Actress Rachita Ram, distributor Basha released the songs of the film. If everything had gone right, then Power Minister D K Shivakumar was supposed to release the audio of the film. However, D K Shivakumar and his brother D K Suresh were absent for the audio release.

    Even Vijay and Priyamani were not present during the occasion. In their absence, Rachita Ram released the audio. Director Yogaraj Bhatt and Kanakapura Srinivas were present.

  • Dana Kayonu To Release In Dasara

    duniya viji image

    Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Dana Kayonu' starring 'Duniya' Vijay in a lead role is likely to be released along side Nikhil Kumar's 'Jaguar' on the 07th of October during the season of Dasara.

    'Dana Kayonu' is being produced by Kanakapura Srinivas under the R S Productions banner. Yogaraj bHatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film. Vijay, Priyamani, Rangayana Raghu, Suchenda Prasad and others are a part of this film.

    Sugnan is the cameraman, while V Harikrishna is the music director.

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  • DK Shivakumar Releases The Songs Of 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa'

    dk shivakumar releases johnny johnny yes papa

    Power Minister D K Shivakumar on Saturday night released the songs of 'Duniya' Vijay starrer 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa' in Bangalore. The songs of the film has been composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath and Dhananjay Ranjan has written the lyrics for all the songs of the film.

    'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa' is directed by Preetham Gubbi and Preetham earlier directed actor 'Duniya' Vijay in 'Johnny Mera Naam' produced by Jayanna. Now the duo have made a comeback with 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa'. Jayanna is distributing the film.

    The film is being produced by Vijay under Duniya Talkies production house. The film stars Vijay, Rachita Ram, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu and others in prominent roles.

  • Duniya Movie Review

    duniya movie image

    Soori directed “Duniya’ not only stands up to its huge expectations, but it also comes as a fresh offering for the quality conscious Kannada film audience who are now in the mood to encourage new talents.

    It is a raw, authentic and stunning presentation of the crude, mean and struggling world of the people living in slums, bad and brawny underworld where the fittest and meanest will survive. Soori has not left out on the commercial elements, but he has made a stunner which disturbs you and makes you think of the world unknown to many people.

    From the first sequence it is the film of director and other technical crew of the film. This is not to undermine the efforts of actors like Vijay, Rashmi who are freshers. And there is this irrepressible Rangayana Raghu, Mico Nagaraj and Kishor to put in the best efforts. Even new artists who have acted in the roles of loose Mada, Petrol, Dopu have remarkably put their footprints in the film.

    It is difficult to pin point one great strength of Duniya, but it is certain that the cinematographic work of the film will be spoken about for more number of days in future. Sathya Hegde who was working for many corporate ad films and feature films like Masala, Yeshwanth has certainly done a great job. He makes a great impact in his work where he uses minimum lighting requirement to register a major impact.

    Shooting this type of film in a limited space should have been a great challenge for him, but Sathya has accomplished a achievement of sorts in the film. And Sadhu Kokila has excelled in his background score.

    Totally Duniya is a must watch for all section of film fans who wants to see something different and authentic. 


    Banner – SAMY Associates

    Producer– T.P. Siddaraju

    Co-Producer– A.T. Lokesh

    Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction – Suri

    Music – V. Manohar

    Backgroud Music - Sadhu Kokila

    Lyrics – Nagendra Prasad, V Manohar, Ranganath, Yogaraj Bhat

    Cinematography – Sathya Hegde


    Cast – Vijay, Rashmi, Rangayana Raghu, Kishore, Mico Nagaraj, Vasudha Barighate, Mahesh, Lokesh, Sai Sunil, Prasanna and others

  • Duniya Vijay And Nagashekhar To Visit Theaters in Mysore And Mandya

    nagashekar, duniya vijay to visit theaters in mysore mandya

    'Duniya' Vijay starrer 'Mastigudi' has been successfully running across Karnataka. Meanwhile, 'Duniya' Vijay and Nagashekhar will be visiting theaters in Mysore and Mandya tomorrow.

    Vijay and Nagashekhar will be visiting theater in Mysore for the matinee show and will be at Sanjaya theater at 4.30 show in Mandya. Other team members will also be with Vijay and Nagashekhar.

    'Mastigudi' is based on a real incident which occurred in Biligiri Rangana Thittu in the 90s. The film stars Vijay, Amulya, Kriti Kharabanda, Rangayana Raghu, Devaraj, Suhasini, B Jayasri and others in prominent roles. Satya Hegade is the cameraman, while Sadhu Kokila is the music director.

  • Duniya Vijay And Preetham Gubbi Back With Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

    duniya vijay and preetham gubbi team up for johhny johnny yes papa

    Earlier, Preetham Gubbi had directed actor 'Duniya' Vijay in 'Johnny Mera Naam' produced by Jayanna. Now the duo are all set to make a comeback with a new film called 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa'.

    Yes, the duo have all set to make a comeback with 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa'. The film has nothing to do with 'Johnny Mera Naam' nor is it a sequel to the original.

    The film will only start after R Chandru's 'Kanaka'. As of now nothing has been finalized and everything will be finalized in the next couple of months.

  • Duniya Vijay Donates Two Autos

    duniya vijay donates two autos

    Actor 'Duniya' Vijay who is playing the role of an auto driver in his new film 'Kanaka' has decided to donate two autos to a physically handicapped and an orphan respectively.

    Vijay will be celebrating his birthday on 20th of this month and Vijay has decided to donate two autos to a physically handicapped and an orphan. Vijay has identified the auto drivers himself and has booked the autos in their name. Both the drivers are now driving rented autos and will be owning new autos in a few days.

    Vijay will be paying for one of the autos while, his wife Keerthi has paid for the auto from her salary. Vijay will be handing over the autos to both the drivers on his birthday.

  • Duniya Vijay Fulfills his Fan's Wish

    duniya vijay, antony image

    Actor 'Duniya' Vijay has fulfilled the wish of his fan Antony Raj. On Friday afternoon Vijay had asked for producer Suresh to organise a special screening of 'RX Soori' for Antony and Antony watched the film at the Renukamba Preview theater before the film's release.

    Antony Raj from North Karnataka is a die hard fan of Vijay and has seen Vijay's all films right from 'Duniya'. For the past one and a half years, Antony is suffering from cancer. Antony wished to meet Vijay once and a channel helped him to meet Vijay through its programme. Meanwhile, Antony Raj had expressed to watch Vijay's latest film 'RX Soori' which is all set to hit the screens soon, but the doctors were doubtful whether Antony would live till the release as his condition was very critical.

    So, Vijay had asked producer Suresh to organise a special screening for Antony as he was busy shooting for 'Danakayonu' in North Karnataka. Likewise, Suresh had organised a special show for Antony and Antony came in an ambulance to the preview theater and watch the film.

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  • Duniya Vijay In Trouble

    duniya vijay in trouble

    Actor Duniya Vijay is in trouble over an alleged assault and kidnapping complaint. The High Grounds police have taken him into custody and he is being presented before a magistrate.

    He may be taken to judicial custody by the magistrate reports say. The complaint was filed by Krishnamurthy alias Panipuri Kitty a gym trainer who was also Vijay's trainer for sometime. He complied that his nephew Maruti was assaulted by Vijay and his associate during a body building competition in Ambedkar Bhavan last night.

    Later Maruti was taken away in a car by Vijay and allegedly beaten again. Kitty meantime complained to the police who called Vijay on phone. Vijay arrived in the station with Maruti. He informed the police that it was his fans who had beaten up Maruti. Maruti contradicted this and Vijay was taken into custody.

  • Duniya Vijay is Ustad - Exclusive

    duniya vijay ms ramesh image

    Actor Duniya Vijay is almost thorough with his new film Mastigudi and has silently signed a new film. This time the film has been titled as 'Ustad' and the film is being written and directed by M S Ramesh. Not only directing, but Ramesh is producing the film under his new banner M S R Productions.

    The film is all set to be launched at the Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore on the 30th of June. More details about the film are awaited.

  • Duniya Vijay Respect KFCC Decision

    mastigudi image

    Mastigudi lead actor Duniya Vijay has welcomed the decision taken by the KFCC. In the meeting held today at KFCC, President Sa Ra Govindu and team took the decision saying Mastigudi actor Duniya Vijay, Director Nagashekar and Stunt director Ravivarma should not work in the film industry till the further orders from the KFCC.

    No Work For Three Mastigudi Person's Till Further Orders

    Duniya Vijay who was working from last 48 hours searching for his close associates Anil and Uday body in thippagondanahali dam has spoke with the media and has welcomed the decision and has told he will obey the decision and will not work in the industry till the further decision from the KFCC.

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  • Duniya Vijay Safe - Fatal Accident During Mastigudi Shooting

    duniya vijay safe

    Two stuntmen Anil and Uday are missing during an accident at the shooting of the film Mastigudi. The two stuntmen jumped from a helicopter into the waters of the Tippagondanahalli reservoir but did not surface. Search operations is underway to find the two men. The film directed by Nagshekar has Duniya Vijay in the lead. 

    Along with the two stuntmen, Duniya Vijay also jumped into the water but he managed to swim to the shore. However the two stuntmen did not surface after diving into the water. 

  • Duniya Vijay To Write His Autobiography

    duniya vijay image

    Actor 'Duniya' Vijay is planning to write his autobiography in the coming days and before that he is making extensive preparations for writing the autobiography.

    The first step in such preparations are, off late Vijay is busy studying literature more. Vijay says he has bought many books in the recent times and has been reading a lot to improve his language and diction. Vijay wants to incorporate the language in his autobiography.

    Meanwhile, the actor has walked out of the social media and says that the first thing the youth must do is, to stay out of not only the social media, but also stay away from phones. 'Our youth are very much addicted to phones these days and phones are not everything. So, they must use as much as they want and they must not get addicted to phones. I have kept my children away from phones and social media' says Vijay.

  • Duniya Vijay Vanishes From Facebook - Exclusive

    maastigudi image

    Actor Duniya Vijay has suddenly vanished from Facebook. The actor's page, which had over three lakh followers has been deactivated for the last 10 days and no one knows why. His page was one of the most active and popular ones among Sandalwood stars and it has come as a shock to many that it has now been deactivated without any notice or reason.

    Vijay used to regularly update his page and give insights to his personal life and films which was very popular among fans. Chitraloka tried to contact Vijay who is in shooting in Bidar. But his phone has been switched off for a long time.

    There are many rumours circulating online about Duniya Vijay and the deactivation of the FB page comes in the middle of these. 

  • Duniya Vijay's RX Soori Trimmed

    rx soori image

    'Duniya' Vijay's latest release 'RX Soori' which was released last week across Karnataka has been trimmed off for few minutes particularly the scenes and dialogues which were said to be vulgar.

    After watching 'RX Soori' there were criticisms about a few scenes and some double meaning dialogues. The film team felt that it would be good to delete some scenes and dialogues to woo family audiences. So, the team has decided to trim the film by cutting off such double meaning dialogues and scenes.

    The new version will be in screens soon.

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  • Duniya Vijay's Wife Keerthi Gives Him A Surprise - Exclusive

    duniya vijay, keerthi vijay

    Actor Duniya Vijay wife Keerthi has a surprise in store for him on his birthday on 20th February. She is gifting an auto to a handicapped person on the occasion of her husband's birthday.


    Keerthi was working in a private MNC company before she got married to actor Vijay. On his last birthday, she had gifted a watch to Vijay.

    keerthi_vijay_watch_auto.jpgSpeaking to Chitraloka, Mrs Keerthi said "Before the marriage I had gifted a watch to Vijay earlier. I had saved some money from my salary when I was working in a private company. I had told Vijay to utilize it. But Vijay did not want to use my amount for anything. When I repeatedly forced him he told to use that for charity. Since his birthday falls on 20th January I supported him by deciding to donate an auto on that day to a physically challenged person since he is also giving an auto to handicap person on that day." Keerthi is thrilled by the turn of events. "I now feel satisfied that I can share my happiness by sharing with my husband," she said.

  • Duniya Vijya Does Not Get Bail

    duniya vijay bail get rejected

    Duniya Vijay has been denied bail by a Magistrate court. The court had heard his bail plea on Monday and reserved the judgement for today. It was expected at 3 pm and then postponed to 5 pm. Now at 5 pm the court has said it cannot give bail.

    Vijay has already spent three days in jail after a compliant by his former gym trainer Panipuri Kitty that his nephew Maruti Gowda was kidnapped and assaulted by Vijay and his associates. The controversy started in a bodybuilding competition in which Vijay was a guest.