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  • Airavatha is now Mr Airavatha - Exclusive

    mr airavatha image

    Darshan's film Airavatha has gone through a minor name alteration. The alteration is almost invisible. The prefix 'Mr' is now added to the title. It is found in all new publicity material of the film now.

    What prompted the name alteration has not been made public. But now it is clear that Airavatha is the character's name and not an adjective. The film has at least 20 days of shooting left including a couple of songs.

    Movie is produced by Sandesh Nagaraj and directed by AP Arjun,

  • Rhaatee Movie Review

    rhaatee image

    Rhaatee is a special film for several reasons. There is big hopes on director Arjun as he has delivered blockbusters earlier. Dhananjay who made a promising start with Director's Special also had a point to prove. Moreover Harikrishna has not only composed music but produced this film out of love. Though it has taken two years in the making, the film has very fresh theme and narration. The looks, the narration and storyline makes Raathee one of the most unusual and special films released in Sandalwood this year. 

    The film starts with the lead pair Raja and Rani (Dhananjay and Shruti Hariharan) seeking dates for their wedding from the priest. They are both orphans and only have each other to fall back upon. As part of the wedding preparations they come to Bengaluru to buy necessary items. What they encounter is a dangerous world that does not care for anyone. Rani goes missing and there is no clue where she is. She is found three days later and one by one the horrors of the city's underworld is revealed. Raja and Rani try to escape but are hounded by the underworld. Do they manage to survive and return to their village forms the rest of the story. In this film, the Raja and Rani are not some glamorous, wealthy pair. They are poor but their richness is their love. 

    Arjun has managed to make a convincing film that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Every second of the film pushes the envelope of narration to a tighter spot. You feel yourself immersed in the film. Adding punch to the good narrative is the excellent camerawork by Satya Hegde and editing by Deepu S Kumar. 

    Dhananjay and Shruti are perfect in their roles. It is Bullet Prakash who gets one of the best roles. He plays a character that gets to emote every feeling from comedy to fear and being sentimental. Another good role is for Suchendra Prasad who as a police officer is amazing. Shruti plays a fan of Darshan in the film and therefore you can also find the actor's glory in full glow. Music by Harikrishna is already a big hit and the weekend has started in real earnest for the Kannada film fans. 

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

  • Will Arjun Create Hatrick From Raate?

    raate image

    'Raate' being directed by A P Arjun is all set to release today and everybody is curious whether Arjun would be successful enough to create hatrick this time. Arjun's previous two films were good gits at box-office and it has to be seen whether Arjun manages to continue the magic once more or not.

    Meanwhile, 'Raate' is all set to release in more than 150 theaters across Karnataka. The film is being produced by music composer V Harikrishna under the banner of D Pictures. He himself has composed the songs for the film, while Satya Hegade is the cinematographer.

    Dhananjay and Shruthi Hariharan plays the hero-heroine in this musical love story.

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