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  • Anjaniputra Shooting Put On Hold

    anjaniputra movi image

    The shooting of Puneeth Rajkumar's new film Anjaniputra has been kept on hold. As Parvathamma Rajkumar is in hospital and her contition is not too good, Puneeth is with her.

    Therefore the Harsha directed film has taken a break during the ongoing shooting schedule. As of now 50 percent of the shooting is complete. The entire film is being shot in Bengaluru in some special sets created for the film.

    Ramya Krishna, Mukesh Tiwari and Haripriya in a special role have shot for the film already. However due to the health condition of Parvathamma the film team decided to give the film a break for the time being. The shooting for Anjaniputra will resume after Parvathamma recovers.

    Ramya Krishna plays Puneeth's mother in the film and Haripriya is part of a special song. 


  • B Saroja Devi National Award To Parvathamma Rajakumar

    sarojadevi parvathamma rajkumar image

    Veteran producer Parvathamma Rajakumar has been selected for the Padmabhushan Dr B Saroja Devi National Award 2016. The award will be conferred to Parvathamma Rajakumar at her residence in Upper Palace Orchards on Saturday evening.

    Padmabhushan Dr B Saroja Devi National Award has been conferred from 2010 and actress Anjali Devi, Jamuna Ramana Rao and Harini N Rao got the awards in the first year followed by Vyjayantimala Bali, Geethapriya, S Shivaram, K S L Swamy and K J Yesudas in the next few years.

    This time Parvathamma Rajakumar has been selected and the award will be conferred by Dr B Saroja Devi.

  • Chitraloka Enters 18th Year

    chitraloka image

    Chitraloka.com which was launched by Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar and Raghavendra Rajkumar on 26th June 2000 has completed 17 years successfully and today we celebrate the 18th birthday of Kannada film industry's Mega portal. 

    Chitraloka was launched with articles supporting Kannada film industry with articles and images. Today, after 18 years not only has our list of services expanded to meet today’s technology but has created many milestones. Chitraloka, with its success has achieved few more golden feathers in its cap. This year Chitraloka has turned more colourful and vibrant with user friendly Interface. Another milestone to Chitraloka was created when social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter was authenticated with Blue Tick. Chitraloka is the first Kannada film website which is having Insta articles in Facebook.

    Along the way Chitraloka has become an integral part of the Kannada film industry and is serving the best to Kannada Film Industry. Chitraloka.com became the first film website and Kannada film news provider to be officially recognised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC). 

    We also thank all our team, browsers, advertisers, film personalities for their constant support and making Chitraloka one of its kind.


  • Chitraloka's New Book Naanu Parvathi To Release Tomorrow

    chitraloka's naanu parvathi

    Chitraloka Publications new book 'Naanu Parvathi' written by journalist and well known writer Jogi is all set to be released tomorrow (10th December).

    'Naanu Parvathi' is a book of collection of experiences which were published in Chitraloka.com (in english) and Kannada Prabha a decade ago. Journalist Jogi had interviewed her and had written her experiences. Now the collection of articles is being released in a book format and this is Chitraloka's second book after Uday Marakini's 'Touch Screen'.

    The release of 'Naanu Parvathi' will be attended by KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Shivarajakumar, Sudeep, Kannada Prabha editor Ravi Hegade, Raghhavendra Rajakumar, Actress Jaimala and others. The event is scheduled at 5 PM on Sunday.


  • Dodmane Huduga Launched

    dodmane huduga image

    After being in news for almost an year, Puneeth starrer 'Dodmane Huduga' was launched at his residence finally on the festival day of Holi on Thursday. The film was launched at Puneeth's residence in Sadashivanagar with Ravichandran sounding the clap for the first shot.

    Many of Puneeth's films were launched at his residence in Sadashivanagar. But after 'Arasu', the venue of Puneeth's film muhuraths were changed due to various reasons. One of the main reason was that the house was razed and Puneeth and family were relocated elsewhere. Then Puneeth's films were launched at Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore. Now that Puneeth and family has returned back to his residence at Sadashivanagar, 'Dodmane Huduga'  continued the legacy once again and it is the first film to be launched at the residence after almost eight years.

    Ravichandran who is the chief guest for Puneeth's most of the films muhuraths graced the occasion and sounded the clap. Shivarajkumar, Parvathamma Rajkumarr, Soori, Satya Hegde and others were present at the occasion.

  • Dr Rajakumar birthday Celebrated in Style

    rajkumar birthday celebration image

    Dr Rajakumar's 87th birthday was celebrated in style on Friday with many fans of Dr Rajakumar visiting the Dr Rajakumar Memorial in Kanteerava Studio in Bangalore. As usual many health related camps were organised at the Kanteerava Studio campus. Parvathamma Rajakumar, Shivarajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Vinay Rajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar and others visited the memorial and offered pujas and celebrated Dr Rajakumar's 87th birthday with his fans.


    Meanwhile, the campaign of planting one lakh neem seeds started near the memorial.Raghavendra Rajakumar, in memory of his father has taken up a campaign to plant one lakh neem seeds in the next one year. Recently the actor along with Dr Rajakumar's fans had planted 500 seeds across Karnataka. The campaign started officially on Friday and the campaign will continue across Karnataka in the coming days.

  • Dr Rajakumar's 10th Death Anniversary Celebrated

    dr rajkumar 10the death anniversary image

    It's been 10 years since Sandalwood Superstar Dr Rajakumar died and the 10th death anniversary of the great actor was celebrated at the Dr Rajakumar Memorial at Kanteerava Studio premises in Bangalore on Tuesday.

    The family members of Dr Rajakumar including Parvathamma Rajakumar, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Vinay Rajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, S A Govindaraj and others were present at the occasion.

    Not only the family members of the actor but Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Sa Ra Govindu and others including N M Suresh, M G Ramamurthy, Umesh Banakar, Dinesh Gandhi and others were present at the occasion. 

  • Film Industry Shut Today

    empty theater, parvathamma rajkumar image

    As a mark of respect to Parvathamma Rajkumar the Kannada film industry will be shut today. There will be no shooting of films scheduled for today.

    There will be no screening of films also today. KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said that he has spoken to industry people and everyone wanted to show respect to Parvathamma. Parvathamma has produced nearly 80 Kannada films and is one of the most prolific and successful producers in the film industry.

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  • Honorary Doctorate for Parvathamma Rajakumar

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    Veteran producer Parvathamma Rajakumar is all set to be conferred the Honorary Doctorate on the 31st of May. The Honorary Doctorate is being conferred by the Bangalore University on the occasion of its 50th convocation.

    On Wednesday night, the Bangalore University has announced three names for honorary doctorate this year and Parvathamma Rajakumar is in top of the list with retired chancellor G K Narayana Reddy and engineer Chinnaswamy Mamballi following her. Governor of Karnataka will be conferring the Honorary Doctorate for all the three on the 31st of May.

    With Parvathamma Rajakumar being conferred the Honorary Doctorate, she has become the third in the family to get a honorary doctorate after Dr Rajakumar and Shivarajakumar.

  • KCA To Organise Parvathamma Condolence Meet

    condolence meet to organise condolence meet

    Recently, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had organised a condolence meet of Parvathamma Rajakumar at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore. Now it's the turn of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy to organised a condolence meet.

    The Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy has organised a condolence meet of Parvathamma Rajakumar at the Mahadeva Desai Auditorium in Gandhi Bhavan in Bangalore.

    Many personalities from the Kannada film industry including KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, T N Seetharam, Baragur Ramachandrappa, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Dr Jayamala, Tara, Srinath, T S Nagabharana, Bhagavan and others will be present at the occasion.

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  • KFCC Organises Parvathamma Condolence Meet

    parvathamma rajkumar condolence meet

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had organised a condolence meet of Parvathamma Rajakumar at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore on Monday morning.

    Many personalities from the Kannada film industry including KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, B Sarajodadevi, Rajesh, Jayanthi, Dwarkish, Dr Jayamala, Shivaram, Vijay Raghavendra, S K Bhagavan, Rockline Venkatesh, Shruthi, Gurukiran, Hema Chaudhary, Hamsalekha, Ashok, K C N Chandrashekhar, S A Govindaraj, S A Chinnegowda, Sanjana and others were present during the occasion.

    Parvathamma's sons Shivarajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar and Puneeth Rajakumar were also present during the occasion.

  • Parvathamma Burial At Raj Samadi

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    Iron Lady of Kannada film indutry, Smt Parvathamma Rajkumar passed away on early hours of 31st May. She was the wife of veteran actor Dr Rajkumar.

    The cremation is at 6.30 and the last remains of Parvathamma Rajkumar will be held at Raj Samadhi. 

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  • Parvathamma Okay, Bangara Releasing On Friday

    parvathamma rajkumar okay

    Bangara s/o Bangarada Manushya is releasing tomorrow in nearly 300 screens across Karnataka. Tickets for the first day in almost all the centers is sold out. Meanwhile the condition of Parvathamma Rajkumar has improved and she is out of danger. 

    The film's director Yogi Raj has said that there is no need to heed to rumours. " Her condition has improved and Shivanna has confirmed it. Shivanna has clarified that the rumors about Parvathamma's health will not affect the release of the film Bangara S/of Bangarada Manushya on Friday. Producer Jayanna has also confirmed that the film is releasing tomorrow."

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  • Parvathamma Rajakumar Release Run Antony Songs

    run anthony audio release image

    Veteran producer Parvathamma Rajakumar on Monday evening released the songs of Vinay Rajakumar starrer Run Antony at the PVR Theater Complex in Orion Mall in Bangalore.

    Music composer Manikanth Kadri has composed the music for the film and Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Rockline Venkatesh, Jayanth Kaikini were present during the audio launch of the film.

  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Always Supported Chitraloka Veeresh

    parvathamma always supported chitraloka veeresh

    Dear Readers,

    Today, The iron Lady of Kannada Film Industry, Smt Parvathama Rajkumar has passed away. She has been one of the main support and well wisher for Chitraloka. It was Smt Parvathamma Rajkumar {with her son Raghavendra Rajkumar} who launched Chitraloka.com 17 years ago.

    Parvathamma Rajkumar had launched my book "Kruthi News". She has inaugurated my photo exhibiton in the year 2006. She has graced many of my functions with her presence. 

    Chitraloka truly salutes and misses Smt Parvathamma Rajkumar, who is the epitome of humanity.

    Our heartfelt condolences to her

    KM Veeresh



  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Column 10

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    Costumes are important than story....

    Today’s generation directors pay less attention towards script. They mainly concentrate on costumes,dancers, fights. They have become competitive, all they think is other movie dance sequence has 50 dancers, i should put 100 dancers in my movie, if that movie has fight master, i should bring somebody else in my movie.

    In Rajkumar’s entire film history there was only one dance master - Upupi Jayram; only one fight master – Y.Shivayya. My kids always praise Rajkumar’s film fights. We say that the fight scenes comes out well because there is only one fight scene. There was no dupe for Rajkumar. He was doing everything. In those days, whenever there was dupe the hero and dupe never used to visit sets together. First hero used to finish his portion and then dupe used to finish his, later they mix all these portions. Whenever u watch movie you will be awed by it.

    Today everybody is aware of how a movie is made. The film industry which was closed, has been opened. No matter what the fight scene is people say “we know it was dupe who did this fight”. Henceforth, today’s artist should work hard more than those days. There should be physical pain in work they do.

    We realized how big the Hubbali Market was during the filming of “Girikanye” when we had to put an office set for the movie. Hubbali people are crazy over arts and talents. There is no point in searching for the X- factor in movie and it is not necessary either. A good script and a suitable actor to the role will do the magic. Everybody should have the exuberance to give a good movie. That exuberance was present in Rajkumar.

    I was adamant for only one thing and that was to cast only kannada artists in my movies. I have always given chance to kannada artists. It is us who should give a chance to them. Artists like Vajramuni, Toogudep, Shanimahadevappa, Bhatti Mahadevappa, Nagappa, who firmly believe and trust in Rajkumar’s company. There were artists who left Theatre Company and joined film industry. Is it right to do injustice to them?

    I have always signified one thing in my entire life, never bring a government employee or any business employee into film industry. They might ask for less remuneration but they will also get a salary for other business. But the artists completely believe this industry. Give them a chance. If there is a villain role give a chance to M P Shankar or Togudeep Srinivas.I must admit that Sangeetham Srinivas is great. Whenever we recommend any artist to him, he always obliged. He had the power to change any artist image. It was him who made Togudeep Srinivas do comedy role in “HaaluJeenu”. Rajkumar too never declined for casting any actor. All that mattered to him was movie turning out good.

  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Column 11

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    This was not the matter with Heroines. The number of girls entering to kannada films was very less.They were shy to enter films. But we always have worked with Kannada heroines when ever we could. Actress like Kalpana, Jayamala, Manjula (etc) was introduced to industry by us.

    In a way, we were the reason for Arthi to enter film industry. In my children’s films, actress like Sudharani, Anu, Prema, Asharani, Now, Ramya, Rakshitha, Malashree was introduced to industry from our banner. We had helped Malashree grow in such a way that, more than hero she was important in films. We can still give chance to many heroines.

    There is a taboo that film industry is bad- corrupted and because of that many of them are frantic to enter the industry. I have always been adamant to cast Kannadiga’s in our movies. We always asked producers to give a chance to artists like Jayashree, Papamma, Shanthamma etc. Due to my adamency most of them are angry on me. There were few people who even said “why does she say like that?, does she own the industry?” i used to reply “yes, industry is mine, now listen to whatever i say.” 

    I believe,If you are not that adamant, nothing good can happen in industry. Even now, whenever they increased remuneration to non Kannada artists i scold them. I ask them why do they spend lakhs and lakhs on non Kannandiga artists, why don’t u give a chance to Kannada artists. People get angry for that also.

    Till “Shabdavedi” movie i used to select costumes for my heroines. Saritha, Geetha, Madhavi, nobody used to object me. They used to ask for extra costumes, if required. We used to purchase them. Rajkumar was very much disciplined towards costumes.

    We visited the shooting set of Girikanye. A night before the shooting, i asked Rajkumar to see the costumes, he said there is nothing to see. I persuaded him to see the costumes once; when he saw the costumes he immediately got angry. He called the boy and asked “for owner’s role you brought such low budget costume and for a servant role which i am acting, you have purchased such costly costume.” He asked the boy to change the costume. Next day after a lot of searching, we bought a banyan and lungi . That costume was liked and appreciated by everyone.


  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Column 12

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    I am the sculptor of my own success. This is the line which i keep repeating myself. I believe that for anybody’s success, one has to work hard. It’s a lie if we expect for anyone to come and help us.

    If you have to climb, you will climb. If you fall down you are the one who will fall down. Casteism wont help too. Rajkumar has always followed one principle. He never indulged himself in any functions related to his own caste. If anybody asked him which caste does he belong, he always replied 'I am Kalavidara Jaathi' (artiste caste)"

    Why should we visit only our caste functions? Everybody watches our movies, irrespective of caste. We want everyone. We belong to everyone. We either attend everyone’s function or don’t attend at all.You should now really think how Rajkumar has survived in this industry for 51 years. Rajkumar has done so many good things;  It is not right to trumpet ourselves. But when we stand out we should not ignore all the things which he has done in past 51 years.

    Just imagine how many producers have survived because of him, how many artists, technicians have entered film industry because of him. It is not easy to rise from ashes to a huge storng pillar. If a film has turned out as box office failure, then he has provided a call sheet for different movie and strives so much, does anyone know that? Look at present day artist, one day he takes remuneration of Rs.25,000 and next day he asks for 2 lakhs, later 4 lakhs then 8 lakhs and so on. The reason for this hike is producers.

    There is no unity between producers, few of them will be there and few here. During those days, a producer used to invest his own money, or by receiving money from distributor, and hence the producer used to have the responsibility to finish the movie and handover it to distributor, but now, the money is invested by unknown resources and producer is less responsible towards the movie. It’s more like we are tying our own hands.Everybody should do their job efficiently. The work has to run smoothly, even though producer has taken up distributorship. Few days ago, Nannayya said that “a vegetable vendor has also become a producer”, and i completely agree to it. You bring money from somewhere, invest excess amount in films, and give how much ever money is being asked as payment.

    On top of all these you make movie which includes rowdism, bloodshed or slaughtering. A producer has lost his identity since the introduction of all these. This is what I feel. An industry is all about ups and downs. Everything may get back normal one day. We are the reason for industry being like this, then and now, if a producer is determined then our industry can grow into unbreakable height. We all are surviving because of this industry.

    But one of my worst fear is that, nobody is afraid anymore. I feel the industry has come on roads. Every movie won’t be success. This is happening in other language industry as well and not only in our industry.

    My son Raghavendra Rajkumar was on his way to airport he got phone calls that they are waiting for Tuesday. Incidentally this Tuesday - 6 th November 2005 is my birthday. Raghu was wondering about how is everyone aware of my birthday date. Then they said they are waiting for the column written by me. Director Bhargava, Phani Ramachandra, Pattabhiram and others are reading this column without fail.

    Chitraloka wishes Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar on the occasion of her birthday.

  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Column 30 - Raj Death Was Ichcha Marana

    parvathamma rajkumar image

    He knew that his life is coming to an end. He liked it and left all of us. It is not just death but, Ichcha Marana – self determined death. Last three days he was not taking his food properly. He was not even talking to us properly. There was a big difference in his attitudes which I failed to recognize. Being with him always it could not become possible for me to identify his moves. If I think now I find meaning for each of his movements. It should have struck to me then. But the almighty did not give me so much of intelligence.

    My husband's Yoga Guru Naiker says he had made preparations for his death a month ago. It is possible to leave the breath according to the wish. He knew that powerful knowledge. He had learnt it from his Guru. According to it he felt his work is over on earth. It is enough he felt and left.

    That day was Wednesday. The developments on that hold a mirror to so many. He made me to get up early on that day. He sent me to physiotherapy. Normally I come before 11.30 after physiotherapy. When everyone inquired about Dr.Raj health I said he is alright and very fine in the hospital I visited. After coming to house sitting with him for some time was the usual practice. I did not take my breakfast on that day. My sugar was low. Let me eat my breakfast I decided and he was sitting in his place.

    Now I remember what he had told. Had it come to my intelligence it would have been very good. I was angry about the 'Upma' breakfast made on that day. He turned towards me and told whatever the Yajamani (owner of the house) ask for it get it prepared and give it. He gave a look to me that was quite different. I did not understand the motive behind that look.

    Before that he was very jolly and chatting with everyone in the house. He sung 12 devotional songs. He gave entertainment for everyone on that day. He took photographs with available family members. He was extremely happy.

    Later on When I looked at him he was watching television and taking rest. Suddenly there was big variation in his breath. When I went and saw everything was over. The tipf head (Neththi) was very warm. Eyes were not moving. Then we took him to hospital. He was given shock treatment by Dr.Ramana Rao. When the shock treatment was given and oxygen was pumped the eyes did not made movement. Normally when the eye balls move then it is ok but his eye balls were standstill.

    Now If I think about all this every frame comes to my mind. Fifteen days ago he spoke to me a lot. I have done injustice to you Parvathi he said, you excuse me he said. I have troubled your mind very much he quipped.

    I am nobody to excuse you. I should ask excuse with you. When we do the service for you there is benefit for us. When you are fine then we will be also fine explained. That is true. Because of him we have the identity. There is nothing wrong in you when Veerappan took you to the forest. For the pain underwent from it you are not responsible I told him. Yet the sorrows and misery had not gone from him. Immediately he reacted and said everyone claim that the mother who gave birth to Rajkumar is great. My mother gave birth to one Rajkumar but you have given birth to three Rajkumar he patted me. You have also given birth to two female. You are great mother he appreciated me. He told all this very emotionally. Like how the mother hen protects the chickens you have safeguarded all of us he remarked. On that night we both became emotional and cried remembering the past.

    Before this one episode comes to my memory. Shivanna showed interest in 'Bhakta Kumbara'. He was reciting the songs by hearting and it brought very good shine in my husband's face. Manava Dehavu...., Elli Mareyadhe..., Eke Dooradhe Vittala….. Shivanna was singing non stop with good emotions. After that I thought we should do this film again. I explained my intention to Dr.Raj. He immediately said you produce the film. I questioned him as to why he says you produce, you do the film. It is all of us to produce the film I told him. For that he told me that I am the actual producer and made me to forget that issue of 'you produce'.

    Sometime back he said once he wants to die before I die. For children mother is important he said. The intimacy for children is towards the mother, you should live more number of years than me he expressed.

    When Veerappan came to touch my husband I was stubborn to this. I faced him very strongly. I became very angry on Veerappan. How can you take him? You have to bring my husband back in the same situation. Do not think you have won by kidnapping my husband I replied to Veerappan. When my husband was in the forest I humbly requested him to release him. Then Veerappan had told with Govindaraju (one of the hostages) that he had not seen a woman like Parvathamma. She told me not to touch her husband here and there. I was startled with her attitudes.

    Now my husband has gone to a place from where I cannot bring him back. That is God. The almighty would not yield to any prayers.

  • Parvathamma Rajkumar Column 5

    parvarthamma rajkumar image

    There were rumors about me, that i stay away from reporters, that i do not like them; they are false accusations. I do not have much anger on them. I get angry only when someone write false news, or when some one commit any mistake.

    There was a similar incident during the time of “Gandhada Gudi” movie. It was a photo of Vishnuvardhan and Rajkumar, who was smiling and folding hands. When that photo was published, a particular reported commented on the photo below stating “why is Rajkumar smiling?, is it because his role should turn out good?, is it because Vishnu’s role will be bad?, is it okay if his role turns out bad and vishunu’s will be be good?” after reading that any person would tend to get angry . is this the way anyone writes? Few days after that incident, I traveled to Mysore with Chi. Uday Shankar. Co incidentally, i met that reporters and i called them near me to speak. Chi Uday Shankar was with me when i called those reporters and he instantly witnessed my tone and guessed something was wrong. When those reporters arrived i straight away fired my questions at them. The reporters didn’t have any answers with them.

    We faced another such incident during the shooting of Babruvahana. There were few reporters, who commented that Rajkumar did not know to act. I kept quite, even my husband kept quite. when Everyone was furious on those reporters who commented on Rajkumar’s acting skills, my husband subsided the situation telling “they have rights to write and they have written correctly. “ Many a times, there were incidents when a very upsetting questions were asked.

    During the time of Raghu’s shooting, a reported asked me,” Raaghu or Rajkumar - who will act better ?’ is that a question to be asked, Raaghu is my son and Rajkumar is my husband . how can i possibly answer that question ? being a film industry person, i had complete faith in my son. Even under any circumstances, if anyone spoke something wrong, i never kept quiet.
    After all these bad encounters with reporters, i made a rule that no reporter was allowed on the sets of Rajkumar’s movies. What was use of use of calling reporters to shooting if they were going to spread rumors? Few days later, reporters organised a programme and tried to fix things. My husband was asked to speak in that function. He agreed and during his speech he said “write whatever you want about me, but don’t write anything about my family .” Among the reporters there were few of them who were close to our family, they were P.G.Srinivas and Murthy, B.MK.

    Once, when my husband was speaking to the senior reporter, he casually asked them “why do they write such things?”. The reporters then replied that “what can we do sir? Young hot blood?” upon hearing that Rajkumar instantly replied “so there’s is hot blood, our’s is staled blood ?”


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