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  • KFCC Protest Successful At Kolar

    kolar rally image

    The Kannada film industry on Sunday stopped all the activities and supported the permanent water supply to Kolar district. On Sunday, many of the artistes and technicians assembled near the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and went to Kolar and held a rally to support the permanent water supply to Kolar district.

    Actors Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Darshan, Vijay, Ragini, Pooja Gandhi, Shruthi, Rockline Venkatesh, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, KFPC president Muniratna and others were present during the occasion

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  • Khushbu Defends Ravichandran From Stray Aspersions 

    khushbhu defends ravichandran from stray aspersions

    Actress-politician Khushbu has defended Ravichandran from a random troll who tried to cast aspersions on him. The general comment on the #MeToo campaign threatened to turn into a controversy over Sandalwood star Ravichandran but Khushbu defended him saying he was a great human being who helped those in need and that was the only way "he has spared no one". 

    About the #MeToo issue Khushbu remarked that she never had such an experience (of harassment) in her career. She said "Many ask if I have ever faced #metoo moment in my career spanning 40yrs in films..sorry to disappoint you but I haven’t..I was always taught to fight my own battles and hit back hard..and I did just that.."

    Replying to this a Twitter user calling herself Lakshmi replied "I don't think so... I think u may faced Actor Ravichandran he don't spare anyone at all as u can guess how he was.." The comment was meant to suggest that Ravichandran was a kind of person who would have harassed women. 

    Khushbu replied with her own example defending Ravichandran and said it was wrong to make such fake allegations against the Kannada actor. She said "If my mother is alive today, it is because of V.Ravichandran and his great father Late.N.Veeraswamy.. ‘he spares no one’ should be counted as he has always been a silent philanthropist and a wonderful soul who has been a true friend to many out there..so never speak ill of him."

    Despite this the troll Lakshmi contained to abuse the actor by saying "I know well about thr father he was great but Ravichandran not sure ! I wonder how his sons born opposite to him."

    Upset with this continued harassment by the Twitter user an angry Khushbu said "Were you part of the so called ‘he spares no one’ ?? Shame on you..Sadly hearsay is what educated illiterates like you jump just to be there in wave for the heck of it..you are an insult to the women who are fighting out there.."

    The troll continued making insinuations against Ravichandran even dragging the case of actress Bindiya. Khushbu remarked "I ask again.. he w well do you know him?? Or are you a victim here?? If not, stop maligning a person.. don’t speak to gain publicity ..it degrades other women out here who fighting it out.." ending the conversation.

  • Krishna Ravichandran Stops Eating Meat

    ravichandran stops eating meat

    Crazy Star Ravichandran has stopped eating meat for the last three months. Coincidentally he will be playing the role of Lord Krishna in the Naganna directed Kurukshetra. In this Darshan's 50th film, Darshan is playing Duryodhana and the casting for the rest of the roles is underway.

    Ravichandran was one of the first stars to accept to play in the film. His role is that of Krishna. But Ravichandran quitting eating meat has nothing to do with the role. He had quit it for two months for health reasons before the role was offered to him. So he decided to continue not eating meat till he completed the film.

    Ravichandran has never acted in a historical or a mythological film before and this will be his first such attempt. He has also never shaved his mustache for a film in his entire career. Actors like Ambareesh, Ramesh Aravind and Upendra have shaved their moustaches for films but never Ravichandran. For the role of Krishna he will shave his moustache and he has agreed to it.

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  • Lakshmana Likely To Be Released On June 24th

    lakshmana movie image

    Lakshmana likely to be released on June 24th If everything goes as planned, then R Chandru's directorial venture Lakshmana which is a remake of Telugu hit Aatanokkade is likely to be released on the 24th of this month.


    'Lakshmana' marks the debut of Anup Revanna who is the son of Member of Legislative Council H M Revanna. Revanna's wife Vatsala Revanna is the producer of this film, which R Chandru has directed the film apart from scripting the film.

    One of the highlights of the film is, actor-director V Ravichandran plays a prominent role in the film. Meghana Raj is the heroine of the film, while Arjun Janya has composed the songs for the film.

  • Love You Aaliya Audio Released

    love you aaliya imeag

    Crazy Star Ravichandran released the audio of his forthcoming film 'Love You Aaliya' being directed by Stylish director Indrajith Lankesh. The audio release was held at the sets of 'Maja With Sruja' programmed being aired in Colors Kannada. Indrajith Lankesh plays a judge for the famous reality show and the audio release will be released through the programme.

    Apart from Indrajith Lankesh and Ravichandran, Bhumika Chawla, Shakeela and others were also present at the occasion.

  • Manoranjan Is Manuranjan Now

    manoranjan is manuranhan now

    Manoranjan  son of actor-director V Ravichandran has changed his name according to numerology. Manoranjan will be Manuranjan from now on.

    Manoranjan's name change has come with his new film 'Mugilpete' which was launched recently. Darshan came over as the chief guest and sounded the clap for the first shot of 'Mugilpete'. Bharath S Navunda has scripted the film apart from directing it. Raksha and Vijaykumar are the producers.

    Manoranjan is fondly known as Manu in family and friends circles. It was one of the reason for his name change, the second being numerology.

  • Mungaru Male 2 Release On September 9th - Exclusive

    mungaru male 2 image

    Actor Ganesh who became Golden Star from Mungaru Male in 2006 is acting in Mungaru Male 2 directed by Shashank. This movie audio will be released in August first week and the release date of the movie has been fixed for September 9th which after the Ganesha festival on September 5th. Gangadhar who was the executive producer of Mungaru Male is now the producer of Mungaru Male 2.


    Mungaru Male 2 stars Ganesh and V Ravichandran in prominet roles. Neha Shetty and Aindrita Ray are the heroines in the movie. Arjun Janya has scored the music.


  • Mungaru Male 2 Trends In Top

    mungaru male 2 movie image

    Mungaru Male 2 has been one of the biggest musical hit in recent times in the Kannada film industry. The songs of the film, is not only in huge demand, but also is trending in top positions in the social networking sites.

    Director Shashank has recently released a poster of 'Mungaru Male 2' which says, the album is the first Kannada album to appear in top position in ITunes Stores. The trailer and songs is in the Top Trending Position in Youtube in the last few days. 'Mungaru Male 2' is also the first Kannada Audio Jukebox to get one lakh plus hits in the first 24 hours. The film has also the distinction of highest caller tunes set in a single day.

    'Mungaru Male 2' stars Ganesh, Ravichandran, Aindrita Ray and others in prominent roles. Shashank is the director, while Arjun Janya has composed the songs for the film.

    Mungaru Male 2 Movie Gallery - View

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  • Paddehuli Review: Chitraloka Rating 4/ 5*

    paddehuli movie review

    Debutant Shreyas, son of noted Kannada film producer K Manju, opens his account with an apt commercial entertainer which caters to both mass and the class audience. Director Guru Deshpande returns with a tailor made youthful subject for the first time hero pegged with an inspiring tale of an aspiring musician.

    Unlike the regular starry launch, the maker has kept it simple, delivering justice to crucial aspects in a film, which is story and the making along with appealing performances.

    What makes Paddehuli as a winner is its honesty in giving importance to every department rather turning it into a complete one man show. It has a decent story with a meaningful message to the youngsters, who set out to achieve their dreams against all odds in life.

    Crazy Star V. Ravichandran adds greater value to the script as a father. His character as a Kannada lecturer instills faith and determination in the protagonist's mind when he takes an important decision to fulfil his dreams to become a successful musician.

    In the meanwhile, the film also delivers in terms of entertainment, from rib-tickling humour set in college, to romance, emotional drama and a bits of action in between the path towards protagonist's journey as an aspiring musician.

    The other significant part of Paddehuli, is its content highlighting Kannada language and its rich literature right throughout the movie. In fact, it is the base of this musical saga. The works of popular Kannada writers and the immense treasure of folklore is put to perfect use including the music composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath.

    That's not all, Guru Deshpande has presented this one with some real special surprises right from Sahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan who inspires yet another debutant, as the first part of the film is set in Chitradurga. That apart, it is also a treat for power star Puneeth Rajkumar and Rakshit Shetty fans who play an inspiring role in it.

    Insofar Shreyas is concerned, he delivers a power packed performance, and is definitely a talent to watch out for. Nishvika Naidu does a beautiful job as a lover and the rest fits the bill as Paddehuli roars loud with well-balanced entertainment for all.


  • Producers Must Unite Says Ravichandran

    Producers Must Unite Says Ravichandran

    Actor Ravichandran on Thursday as said that the Kannada Film Producers must first unite and contribute to the construction of the newly proposed building of Kannada Film Producers.

    Ravichandran was speaking as a chief guest during the Bhumi Pooja function of the construction of the new building of the Kannada Film Producers Association.

    'Once upon a time there were star producers. My father N Veeraswamy, Parvathamma Rajakumar, K C N Gowda, Dwarkish and others were considered as star producers in the Kannada film industry. But now producers are called as star heroes producers. Earlier, the producers used to decide the story, hero and the budget of the film. But now it is the other way round' said Ravichandran.

    'Not many producers have come for this function. That means the producers are not united. The KFPA will remain like this, if the producers does not stand for each other' said Ravichandran.

  • Ravichandran Acts As Shreyas's Mentor In 'Padde Huli'

    ravichandran acts as shreyas;s mentor

    The shooting for producer K Manju's son Shreyas's debut film 'Paddehuli' is in progress and actor-director Ravichandran has joined the team and will be playing a prominent role in the film.

    One of the highlights of Ravichandran's role is, he will playing the role of Shreyas's mentor in this film. Sudharani is Ravichandran's pair in this film and Ravichandran and Sudharani is acting together after a gap of 25 years. They were seen together last in 'Mane Devru' which was directed by Ravichandran.

    Ajaneesh Lokanath is the music director for this film, while K S Chandrashekhar is the cinematographer.  The film is being directed by Guru Deshapande, while Ramesh Reddy is the producer.


  • Ravichandran And Juhi To Unveil Anup's New Film Title

    ravichandran and juhi chawla image

    Anup Bhandari of 'Rangitaranga' fame had announced earlier, that he would be revealing his next film on the first anniversary of Rangitaranga. However, there was no announcement from Anup's side on the 03rd of July.Anup is ready with his second project and the title of the film is all set to be unveiled by Ravichandran and Juhi Chalwa during the launching episode of the third season of the 'Dancing Star' in Colors Kannada.

    Anup is ready with his second project and the title of the film is all set to be unveiled by Ravichandran and Juhi Chalwa during the launching episode of the third season of the 'Dancing Star' in Colors Kannada.

    The programme is scheduled to be launched tonight at 9 PM in Colors Kannada and the title of Anup's new film will be unveiled during that time

  • Ravichandran Apologises to his son Manoranjan

    premalokadalli ranadheera image

    Actor-director Ravichandran has apologised to his son Manoranjan for the delay of his supposed to be first film 'Premalokadalli Ranadheera'. Ravichandran was expressing his views in the final episode of the hugely popular reality programme 'Bigg Boss'.

    When asked about whether he want to apologise to anybody, Ravichandran said he wanted to apologise to his son for the delay of the film. 'I was supposed to start 'Premalokadalli Ranadheera' two years back. However, I got struck with 'Apoorva'. I don't want to start any film, as 'Apoorva' is my dream project. I know my son is waiting for me to come and direct the film. But I will start the film once I am thorough with the work of 'Apoorva'. I apologise to him for the delay' confessed Ravichandran.

  • Ravichandran Back As A Lawyer In 'Dasharatha'

    ravichandran back as lawyer in dasharatha

    It's been quite many years since Ravichandran was seen as a lawyer in any film. The last film, where he was seen as a lawyer was 'Yuddha Kanda' which was released 30 years back. Now the actor will be seen in a black coat in his new film 'Dasharatha' which is all set to hit the screens on the 26th of July.

    'Dasharatha' is directed by writer turned director M S Ramesh. He himself has scripted the film. The team is busy promoting the film and the film will be releasing in more than 200 theaters across Karnataka.

    'Dasharatha' stars Ravichandran, Sonia Agarwal, Abhirami, Rangayana Raghu and others in prominent roles. Gurukiran is the music director, while G S V Seetharam is the cinematographer.

  • Ravichandran In Chiru's Film - Exclusive

    chiru, ravichandran image

    Crazy Star Ravichandran is now part of Chiranjeevi Sarja's new film Seizure. The shooting for the film has started silently without any notice. It is directed by Vijaya Krishna.
    Apart from Ravichandran, Prakash Raj is also acting in this movie.

    Talking to Chitraloka Chiru said "This is a unusual subject. It is something on vehicle seizing... It is a revenge subject. The heroine has not yet been selected." Chiru is also acting in a film by KM Chaitanya

  • Ravichandran Joins Mungaru Male 2 - Exclusive

    mungaru male 2 image

    Actor-director Ravichandran has been roped in to play a pivotal role in Ganesh starrer 'Mungaru Male 2' which is all set to be launched in the month of June. Though Ravichandran and Ganesh have not shared screen space together, Ravichandran had directed Ganesh in 'Aham Premasmi'. Ganesh had played the role of Balaji's friend in the film.

    Though Shashank has not divulged the role of Ravichandran in the film, he is expected to play a prominent role in the film. The other artistes including the heroine is likely to be finalised by the first week of June.

  • Ravichandran Not To Celebrate His Birthday This Time

    ravichandra not to celebrate his birthday

    Actor-director Ravichandran has decided not to celebrate his birthday this year because of his daughter Geethanjali's wedding.

    Ravichandran's daughter's wedding is scheduled on the 29th of May at Palace Grounds. Ravichandran's birthday is next day after the wedding. Ravichandran has said that he will not be celebrating his birthday as he will be exhausted and has requested his fans not to come over to his residence to celebrate his birthday. 

    'Ravichandran has been avoiding his birthdays in the recent years. In the last few years, Ravichandran has been celebrating his birthdays in Shirdi, Tirupathi and other places and have been avoiding fan fare. This time, Ravichandran will not be celebrating his birthday as he will busy with his daughter's wedding.

  • Ravichandran Plays A Cyber Crime Officer In 'Ravi Bopanna'

    ravichandran plays a cyber crime cop in ravi bopanna

    Ravichandran who is busy directing 'Rajendra Ponnappa' has silently started a new film called 'Ravi Bopanna'. Ravichandran will not only be directing the film, but also will be acting in the lead role.

    One of the highlights of 'Ravi Bopanna' is, Ravichandran will be playing the role of a cyber crime officer in this film. The film is about cyber crime and Ravichandran says it will be like `Drishya 2'. Ravichandran will be seen in two different get ups.

    'Ravi Bopanna' has two heroines and Kavya Shetty will be one of them. The selection for the other heroine's role is one. After a long gap, Mohan has been roped in to write the dialogues for the film. G S V Seetharam is the cinematographer, while Ravichandran is scoring the music for this film.

  • Ravichandran Plays Guest in Aadu Aata Aadu

    aadu aata aadhu movie image

    Jagan starrer 'Aadu Aata Aadu' which is a remake of Tamil hit 'Thirittu Payale' is all set to release on the 13th of October across Karnataka. Not many know that the film has Ravichandran playing a small and guest role in the film.

    Jagan himself confirmed that V Ravichandran will be seen in a shot in this film. Ravichandran will be wishing Jagan and Jagan feels very proud that Ravichandran will be seen in the film.

    The film has been directed by Ramnath Rigvedi and stars Jagan, Shruthi Prakash, Suman Ranganth in prominent roles. V Manohar has composed music for this film. Jagan is the producer of the film.

  • Ravichandran Releases The Posters 'Rajendra Ponnappa'

    rajendra ponappa movie image

    The sheeting for Ravichandran starrer 'Rajendra Ponnappa' is nearing completion. Meanwhile, Ravichandran has released the posters of the film.

    'Rajendra Ponnappa' is being directed and produced by Ravichandran himself. The title is derived from Ravichandran's name from 'Drishya'. Ravichandran plays a criminal lawyer in this film. Radhika Kumaraswamy is the heroine.

    'Rajendra Ponnappa' has cinematography by G S V Seetharam, while Gowtham Srivatsa is the music director.

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