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  • Advance Booking Of Mungaru Male 2 Starts

    mungaru male 2 movie image

    Ganesh starrer 'Mungaru Male 2' which the much hyped film of the season is all set to release on the 10th of September. Meanwhile, the advance booking for the film online as well as theaters has started from Thursday morning itself.

    The film which is directed by Shashank is likely to be released in 400 theaters across the club. The film will be simultaneously releasing in other countries along with India.

    'Mungaru Male 2' stars Ganesh, Ravichandran, Aindrita Ray and others in prominent roles. Shashank is the director, while Arjun Janya has composed the songs for the film.

    Mungaru Male 2 Movie Gallery - View

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  • Ambareesh And V Ravichandran Friendship Story | ಅಂಬಿ ರವಿ ಫ್ರೆಂಡ್ಶಿಪ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ

    ambareesh, v ravichandran image

    Two top stars birthday will come in May. Rebel star Ambareesh birthday in on May 29th and Crazy star V Ravichandran Birthday is on May 30th. To know about their friendship watch video


  • Anjada Gandu Re Releasing On December 2nd

    anjada gandu movie image

    Crazy Star Ravichandran starrer Anjada Gandu was a super hit movie in 1988. Veteran director Renuka Sharma was the director for Anjada Gandu and Hamsalekha was the music director. Movie was produced by BN Gangadhar under the banner ANS Productions. Ravichandran, Khushbu, Umashri, Ashok badaradinni and others have acted in the movie.

    Now producer Gangadhar is getting ready to re release Anjada Gandu movie on December 2nd. Speaking to chitraloka, Gangadhar told `Anajada Gandu is now with a new print with 5.1 sound. We had kept this movie for release and since there is no new movies getting released on 2nd we are releasing Anjada Gandu.

    Even though this movie has come in television people would love to watch this in theaters.



  • Apoorva Audio Rights Sold For 72 lakhs - Exclusive

    apoorva movie image

    Ravichandran starrer 'Apoorva' has done a record of sorts. The audio rights of the film has fectched a whopping 72 lakhs and Lahari Audio has acquired the audio rights of the film. The association of Ravichandran and Lahari Audio goes back to the times of 'Prema Loka'. It was Lahari Audio which bagged the audio rights of the film. The film's music and the cassette sales created a record.

    If sources are to be believed, then more than 35000 cassettes has been sold during the 80s and even now the audio is a hit among the listeners. After that Lahari acquired Ravichandran's 'Ranadheera' and other films and the last film that Lahari acquired from Eshwari Banner was 'Shanti Kranti'.

    Now after almost 22 years Lahari has bagged the audio rights from Eshwari Banner and Lahari has given a whopping 72 lakhs to acquire the audio rights of 'Apoorva'.

  • Apoorva Likely To Release In Kapali

    apoorva movie still

    Ravichandran's magnum opus 'Apoorva' which is produced and directed by him is likely to release in Kapali on the 27th of May. Kapali is considered to be lucky for Ravichandran, as his earlier films like 'Prema Loka', 'Ranadheera' and others were released in the same theater and the films were very successful.  

    Sources say, Ravichandran has booked Kapali for 'Apoorva'. Meanwhile, the film is all set to be censored and Ravichandran will announce the date of the release once the film is censored

  • Buckaasura Review, Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

    buckaasura movie review

    Buckasura is not the regular kind of film you see. Director Navaneeth who directed the successful horror film Karvva earlier is back with a suspense filled film that introduces a stunning variety of narrative and incidents. The film has suspense, thrills, legal drama, romance and sentiments and to top it all some good performances. 

    The film starts with a lawyer who is trying to make it big. He lives with his mother and does not know who his father is. His luck changes suddenly when his senior advocate dies in a freak accident. Arya is after money and even changes his name to Money. But he begins to make money in a strange manner. 

    After winning a sensational case, he is taken under the wings of a businessman Chakaravrthy (Ravichandran). Everything he touches becomes gold. He is daring, he is talented and he takes necessary risks to get the job done. The dream run of Arya alienates him from his mother. Chakravarthy is however teaching him not only how to make money but also how to lead a good life. But before he realities what is happening another strange twist arrives. 

    All that he believed is turning out to be strangely different. Arya finds himself in the middle of strange happenings. What is really happenning? Who really is Chakravarthy? Does Arya manage to extricate himself from the dangerous grip of a dangerous client? All these are answered in the second half of the film. 

    The film has good performances from the main characters. RJ Rohit succeedes as a young lawyer whose thirst for success takes him on a dangerous terrain. Kavya Gowda shows good presence and has an interesting character which she manages to make use of. Ravichandran as the flamboyant businessman is awesome. Sadhu Kokila adds character to his comic role. 

    The film is rich and entertaining. The film's making is top class and there is good quality behind the camera. There is high standards of film quality which adds to the unique story. Buckasura is one of the better films this year and stands out. 

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

  • Buckaasuura Starts The F Trend 

    buckaasura starts f trend

    Buckaasuura the film directed by Navaneeth of Karvaa fame and starring Ravichandran and RJ Rohith is releasing on April 27. Coincidentally the film is releasing exactly one year after it was launched on April 24 last year. The film has already created a trend about the alphabet F.

    There are many dialogues in the film where Ravichandran's character is seen explaining the importance of 'F'. In the trailers all this is beeped out and has created a huge curiosity among audience as to what it could be. Ravichandran is said to play a role with negative shades in the film. This will be is second release after Seizer the same month. RJ Rohith is expecting the film to give him a big break. Apart from acting he is also producing the film.

  • Buckaasuura's Unique Record

    ravichandran image

    Ravichandran's new film Buckaasuura is creating a new distinction for itself today. The songs of the film will be released on Facebook from the Facebook office in Hyderabad at 3 pm today. This will be the first time a film's songs is being released from the Facebook office on Facebook Live.

    RJ Rohitt and Kavya Gowda who play lead roles in the film are flying to Hyderabad especially for the music launch. The promotional song of the film has created a sensation as there are 56 Sandalwood stars who have done guest roles in it including Shivanna, Puneeth Rajkumar, Prem Kumar, Vijaya Raghavendra, Parul Yadav, Manvitha Harisch and others.

    1. Shiva Rajkumar

    2. Puneeth Rajkumar

    3. Ganesh

    4. Shanvi 

    5. Nabha Natesh

    6. Parul Yadav

    7. Pavan Kuamar (Lucia) 

    8. Nenapirali Prem 

    9. Poonam Shringar

    10. Gurunandan

    11. Simiple Suni 

    12. Aditi

    13. Vijay Prakash

    14. Sindu Loknath

    15. Jayaram Karthik

    16. Prajwal Devaraj

    17. Vijay Raghavendra

    18. Pavan Wodeyar

    19. Meghana Goankar

    20. Krishi Thapanda

    21. Neethu

    22. Meghana Raj

    23. Samyuktha Hornad

    24. Swetha Channagapa

    25. Sathish Ninasam 

    26. Arjun Janya

    27. Rashmika Mandanna

    28. Shradha Srinath

    29. Sanchari Vijay

    30. Shweta 

    31. Nirup Bhandari

    32. Anup Bhandari

    33. Srimurali

    34. RJ Sashmi

    35. Raghu Dixit

    36. Neha Shetty

    37. Alok

    38. Niranjan Deshpande

    39. Apoorva Arora 

    40. Sumanth Shailendra

    41. Gurukiran

    42. Sonu Gowda

    43. Pavana

    44. Ashika

    45. Pradeepa

    46. Dharma

    47. Aniruddh

    48. Anusha

    49. Anisha Ambrose

    50. Karunya Ram 

    51. Akul 

    52. Naveen Krishna

    53. Sangeetha Bhat

    54. Manvita Harish

    55. Kishan

    56. Anish Tejeshwar

  • Controversial Dialogue Of 'Seizer' Deleted

    seizer controversial dialoue deleted

    The controversial dialogue from Chiranjeevi Sarja starrer 'Seizer' has been deleted and the film will release without the dialogue.

    There is a dialogue about cow slaughter in the film and Prakash Rai is said to have objected about such a dialogue. There were news that Prakash Rai called the director and ordered him to delete the dialogue from the film. However, the director had said that Prakash Rai has nothing to do with the dialogues of the film and it is meaningless on his part to talk about the dialogues. However, the director has deleted the dialogue because of the insistence of actor Ravichandran, who has not played a prominent role in the film, but also has delivered the dialogue.

    'Seizer' is all set to be released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages simultaneously on the 13th of this month. 'Seizer' stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Parul Yadav, Ravichandran, Prakash Rai and others in prominent roles. Rajesh Katta is the cameraman, while Chandan Shetty has composed the songs for the film. Vinay Krishna has directed the film apart from writing the story and screenplay of the film.


  • Crazy Star Back in Black Coat For Dasharatha

    crazy star back as lawyer

    As an advocate in full role, crazy star V. Ravichandran was last seen in Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara starring himself along with rebel star Ambareesh and the very talented Anantnag. And now, he is back in black coat attire as an advocate in his  'Dasharatha' directed by M S Ramesh.

    Even as courtroom drama is set for release on July 26, the crazy fans are awaiting for the trailer of the film which the makers are releasing it today. 

    According to the director, Dhasharatha is heavily based on intense courtroom drama with at least 8 such sequences during the entire length of the film. "It has an interesting tale with arguments and counter arguments inside court with a purpose. The highlight of the film revolves around LAW as either Love And Win or Legal Announce War," says the director. Rangayana Raghu also features in this one produced by Akshay Samarth.


  • Crazy Star In Aa Drushya With No Heroine Or A Song!

    crazy star in aa drishya with no heroine and song

    In a first for the crazy star V Ravichandran, he will be seen in a different role in Aa Drushya with no heroine to share the screen, and most importantly not a single song in which he will feature in it. The movie releases on November 8.

    After the huge success of Drishya, which was a suspense thriller, Aa Drushya has raised a lot of expectations amongst his fans and the audience. Ravichandran plays a retired police officer in it.

    Usually Ravichandran's films are packed with good number of melodious and peppy numbers which are made with utmost care and love, showcasing him along with heroines in a grand set. But, in Aa Drushya, his fans are up for a pleasant surprise to watch him with no songs or a heroine!

    Producer K Manju hopes that Aa Drushya will bring success and give a new image to Ravi sir like Drushya did it to him. He also made it clear that Aa Drushya is no pan India movie and will be released in Karnataka alone in Kannada.


  • Dasharatha review: Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5*

    dasharatha review

    As per the epic Ramayana, Dasharatha as the father of Lord Ram is well documented but whereas his bonding with his daughter Shantha, the first born child to him and his wife Kaushalya still remains to be one of the less talked-about episodes in ancient history. Taking cue from it, director M S Ramesh has delivered a modern version of Ramayana with unique twists and women in focus.

    After the tremendous success of Drishya, Crazy Star V Ravichandran, returns to play another subtle character with utmost perfection decorated with skilful portrayal of an advocate in this one. With him, comes the talented bunch of female artists - Sonia Agarwal and Abhirami who return to sandalwood after sometime, and Meghashree as his daughter.

    Dasharatha is high on family sentiments and courtroom drama. Like Seeta in Ramayana faced difficult situations in her life, even Shantha had faced similar sequences. Drawing inferences from it, the character of Meghashree puts the modern tale of Dasharatha in action, proving the guilt of a perpetrator in the eyes of the judiciary.

    As per the tale goes, Dasharatha is a successful lawyer with a happy family. However, things go awry when his daughter fall prey to an evil with the backing of another evil with a history attached to past life of Dasharatha. While in Drishya Ravichandran faced the situation as a commoner with impeccable qualities, but here he is loaded with the experience of an intelligent lawyer.

    The three female artists render justice while it is Ravichandran who shines both inside and outside the courtroom drama tagged with family sentiments. MS Ramesh does justice to his unique version of Ramayana packed with decent entertainment in the end. A must for crazy fans and family audience seeking for a well-balanced two plus hours of entertainment.

  • Dodmane Huduga Launched

    dodmane huduga image

    After being in news for almost an year, Puneeth starrer 'Dodmane Huduga' was launched at his residence finally on the festival day of Holi on Thursday. The film was launched at Puneeth's residence in Sadashivanagar with Ravichandran sounding the clap for the first shot.

    Many of Puneeth's films were launched at his residence in Sadashivanagar. But after 'Arasu', the venue of Puneeth's film muhuraths were changed due to various reasons. One of the main reason was that the house was razed and Puneeth and family were relocated elsewhere. Then Puneeth's films were launched at Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore. Now that Puneeth and family has returned back to his residence at Sadashivanagar, 'Dodmane Huduga'  continued the legacy once again and it is the first film to be launched at the residence after almost eight years.

    Ravichandran who is the chief guest for Puneeth's most of the films muhuraths graced the occasion and sounded the clap. Shivarajkumar, Parvathamma Rajkumarr, Soori, Satya Hegde and others were present at the occasion.

  • First Look Of 'Ravi Bopanna' Released

    ravi bopanna firat look released

    Actor-director Ravichandran has released the first look of his latest directorial venture, 'Ravi Bopanna' on the occasion of Ganesha festival.

    'Ravi Bopanna' is the remake of Malayalam hit 'Joseph' which was released last year. Ravichandran is playing the role of a cyber crime officer in this film. Ravichandran will be seen in two different get ups.

    'Ravi Bopanna' has two heroines and Kavya Shetty will be one of them. Sudeep plays a guest yet prominent role in this film and already the shooting for his portions is completed. Mohan is the dialogue writer. G S V Seetharam is the cinematographer, while Ravichandran has composed the music.

  • Five Films To Release This Friday

    apoorva movie image

    After a short gap five Kannada films are all set to release this Friday, May 27th across Karnataka. The most expected film among the five is Ravichandran's 'Apoorva'. 'Mr Mommaga' which is a remake of Tamil hit 'Manjapai' is also releasing this week. Apart from that 'Lehya Ajji Lehya', 'Shalini' and 'Koma' are also releasing this week.

    Among all the five films, 'Apoorva' is said to release in a big way and a huge opening is expected for this film

  • Hebbuli Censored UA; Releasing On 23rd 

    sudeep, amala paul image

    The film Hebbuli has been censored and has obtained U/A certificate .The film is 2 hours 25 minutes long.The film is scheduled to release on Feb 23. Film is directed by cinematographer turned director Mr.Krishna.

    The film stars Sudeep,  Ravichandran Amala Paul and others. The film will be releasing in around 500 theatre across India. Hebbuli produced by Raghunath and Umapathy is one of the most expected films in Sandalwood.

    Hebbuli Movie Gallery - View

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  • Hebbuli Second Schedule Soon - Exclusive

    hebbuli movie image

    The first schedule of Sudeep starrer 'Hebbuli' is concluded and the second schedule of the film will start soon. Meanwhile, the first look of the film has been released. Sudeep is playing a para commando in this film and looks different from the characters he has played so far.

    'Hebbuli' marks the return of Sudeep and Ravichandran once again after 'Manikya'. The duo played father and son in 'Manikya' and this time they are sharing the screen once again. Apart from Ravichandran and Sudeep, Amala Paul, Chikkanna, Ravishankar, Ravi Kishan, Kabir Singh Duhan and others play prominent roles in the film.


    S Krishna himself has written the story and screenplay of the film. Arjun Janya will be composing the music, while Karunakar is the cameraman. The shooting for the film will be held in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Iceland, Australia, Norway, London and other places

  • Hoo Movie Review

    hoo movie image

    Ravichandran returns both as a director and actor in the same film after three years. It is time for his fans to rejoice as no one contests the fact that whatever the fate of the film, it remains a visual treat. And so does Hoo. There is the glamour of Meera Jasmine and oomph of Namitha adding attraction to this film.

    Anand (Ravichandran) and Jasmine (Meera Jasmine) are childhood friends. They are inseparable. Jasmine's father (Rangayana Raghu) is a cake maker and Jasmine becomes a music teacher. Anand however becomes a chess player on the insistence of Jasmine. But this means, he does not have a steady earning and becomes a burden on his family who desist him for this reason. There is more problem with the death of Jasmine's father and she has to move to Anand's house.

    But Jasmine manages to not just win over his family members but also make them understand Anand's potential. In the meantime Anand falls in love with Namitha. The close friendship of Anand and Jasmine is misunderstood by everyone. Anand falls into a unenviable situation of choosing between chess and his friend.

    The story is handled well and there is a clear structure to the screenplay. There are only a few changes made to the original film Vasantam (Telugu) of which Hoo is a remake. The style is markedly Ravichandran. Individually everything in the film is lovely. Together it should have been a perfect fit. Everyone has done their job and gone home.

  • I Don't Have Any Regrets In Doing Apoorva - Ravichandran

    ravichandran image

    Actor-director Ravichandran has said that he doesn't have any regrets doing Apoorva and he is very much happy with the film. Speaking to few media persons after the press meet of Dancing Star 3, Ravichandran said he is very much happy about the film.

    The film might have bombed, but I don't have any regrets doing that film. In fact, very happy about the film. Many people said that they didn't expect the film to be like that. I have done the film according to my thoughts and not to others expectations.I could have done a commercial film very easily. It's not a big deal for me. Still, I stuck to my decision and made this film. I am very happy about this film' said Ravichandran.


  • Jigarthanda Censored - Releasing On 24th

    jigarthanda movie image

    Jigarthanda movie has been censored with U/A certificate without any cuts and the movie is releasing on 24th of this month. The film stars Rahul of Abhimaani fame and Samyukta Hornad with Ravishankar in a very special role. The film is a joint venture between Raghunath's SRV Productions and Kicccha Sudeep Creations.
    Arjun Janya has scored the music and this is Ravishankar 50th movie
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