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  • Ashok and Ravindra Resigned from Okkutta - Exclusive

    Dr Rajkumar, Okkutta Ravindra image

    In a surprising development veteran actor Ashok who was the president of the Okkutta (Federation of Film Workers) and secretary Ravindra have given their resignation to their posts.

    Ashok was the founderer of Okkutta 30 years back and Ravindra was the secretary from last 14 years. It was Ashok and Ravindra who have fought for the welfare of the workers.


    Once earlier when Ashok had resigned then Ravindra had taken over as president for one and half years. Later Ashok came back and once again took over as the president of Okkutta. 

    Chitraloka sources said many Okkutta members wanted them to come back and probably it will happen soon.

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