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  • Darshan's Film To Be Titled Sultan? - Exclusive

    sultan movie image

    If sources are to be believed, then Darshan's new film is titled as 'Sultan'. The film is being produced by actor Bullet Prakash. Earlier, there was a news that actor Bullet Prakash will be producing a film for Darshan. After that Bullet Prakash had brought the remake rights of Tamil film 'Poojai' starring Vishal and Shruthi Hariharan in prominent roles. It seems Darshan has also given his consent in acting in the film.

    More details about the film are yet awaited.

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  • Darshan's Letter To His Fans

    darshan requests fans

    Celebrities writing letters to their fans is the latest trend in Sandalwood. Off late, many actors have written letters to fans. Now actor Darshan is also in the same way.

    Recently, the actor wrote a letter to his fans and posted in the social media. In this letter, the actor has requested his fans to not to disturb his neighbors during his birthday celebrations.

    Darshan is all set to celebrate his birthday on the 16th of February. Every year, fans of the actor come to his residence from far off places to wish him. However, after they leave, the whole area will be a mess. So, Darshan has requested his fans to not to disturb the neighborhood.

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  • Darshan's New Film 'Odeya' Launched

    odeya launched

    Darshan's new film 'Odeya' which is a remake of Tamil hit 'Veeram' was launched in Mysore today morning.

    August 16th marks the birthday of Sandesh Nagaraj and the film was launched on the occasion of his birthday. Actor turned politician Ambarish was present and sounded the clap for the film.

    Earlier, the film was titled as 'Wodeyar'. However, due to various reasons, the title was changed and the film is finally titled as 'Odeya'. The film is being directed by M D Sridhar, while A V Krishna Kumar is the cameraman.

  • Darshan's New Film Is 'Odeya' And Not 'Wodeyar'

    darshan's new film is wodeyar

    Darshan's new film which is a remake of Tamil hit 'Veeram' has been titled as 'Odeya' and the film is all set to be launched on the 16th of August.

    Earlier, the film was titled as 'Wodeyar'. However, many associations from Mysore objected to this stating that Wodeyar is the surname of royal family of Mysore and it should not be misused. Many associations event complained to the police regarding this. Finally, the team has decided to avoid all the controversies and rename the film as 'Odeya'.

    'Odeya' is being directed by M D Sridhar, while Sandesh Nagaraj is the producer. August 16th marks the birthday of Sandesh Nagaraj and the film will be launched on that day. Ambarish and former Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa will be the chief guests on the launch. 

  • Darshan's New Film Launched

    darshan new movie launched

    'Milana' Prakash was said to direct Darshan in a new film. Now the film has been launched in Bangalore silently. The new film is not titled yet and is directed by 'Milana' Prakash, while Dushyanth is the producer.

    Dushyanth had earlier produced films like 'Sri' and 'Monalisa'. Dushyanth who was away from producing films for more than a decade is back to production with this films. Though the film has been launched, the shooting will start only next year.

    Darshan has two heroines in the film, Shruthi Hariharan and Rashmika will be playing the female leads opposite Darshan. A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Darshan's New Film Titled Gandugali Madakari Nayaka

    darshan's new film titled gandugali madakari nayaka

    It is official. Darshan's new film is titled Gandugali Madakari Nayaka and will go on floors early next year. A January 2019 muharat is fixed for the film to be produced by Rockline Venkatesh and directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. BL Venu is writing the script as earlier reported by Chitraloka.

    Rockline has now confirmed the development. Harikrishna is scoring the music for the film. Arun Sagar is the art director. Other cast and crew are being finalised one by one. This will the second historical film for Darshan after Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna.

  • Darshan's Respect For His First Producer - Km Veeresh Writes

    mg ramurthy, darshan

    Darshan does not show his emotions in the open. I had a chance to witness first hand how he treats and respects people who have supported him. 

    Recently I had been to Challenging Star Darshan's office the "Thoogudeepa" distribution office in Gandhinagar with Majestic movie producer MG Ramamurthy and his friends. When we entered the chamber Darshan was sitting in his chair and Majestic movie director PN Sathya was also there. As soon as Darshan saw MG Ramamurthy he immediately stood up and greeted him and forced him to sit on his chair. Ramamurthy who is very soft spoken was shy and refused to sit on that chair. Darshan said "you are the person who gave me life from Majestic and because of that I'm here and you are my Annadata  and you have to sit on that chair otherwise I will stand and talk with you." There was no other choice for Ramamurthy and he sat in that chair and Darshan pulled a plastic chair and sat on that.

    I have visited Thoogudeep office many times before. Whenever I have gone there the Boss' chair was mostly vacant. Apart from Darshan the only other person who uses it  sometimes is Dinakar Toogudeepa when he comes to the office. Darshan's associate Mallikarjun sits next to that chair and I had asked him many times when Darshan would come there to sit on that Boss chair. Mallikarjun used to smile and said even he doesn't know.

    On that day when I went with Ramamurthy in a casual talk with Darshan I asked when asked how many times he has come to Gandhinagar office. He said it was only his second visit. "I first entered this office when we inaugurated the office during Bul Bul distribution." Dinakar has kept a film box and on that an idol of Saibaba. When asked him which movie box it is Dinakar said it was Bul Bul reel and that pooja is conducted for it and Saibaba everyday.

  • Darshan's Shastri Re Releasing On June 9th

    shastri movie image

    Challenging star Darshan super hit movie Shastri is re releasing on June 9th. Movie was produced by Anaji Nagaraj and directed by PN Sathya. Manya is the heroine.

    Speaking to chitraloka Anaji Nagaraj told 'Shastri is one of the blockbuster movie of Darshan. Movie was first released 12 years back which is on 9th June 2005. This movie was shot with film and now we have converted Shastri to digital. Another thing is there is no new films of Darshan coming in next few months.

  • Darshan's Wodeyar Script Almost Ready

    darshan's wodeyar almost ready

    Director Pawan Wadeeyar is almost ready with the script of Wodeyar he is writing for Darshan. The title is the idea of producer Sandesh Nagaraj who has made films with Darshan before including Prince which incidentally is also the name of the hotel chain he runs.

    Nagaraj is a fan of the Wodeyar kings and therefore making a film with that title. Pawan wrote the script sometime ago and Darshan asked him to make some changes in it. The changes are now being carried out. Pawan is currently making the final corrections to the script along with the changes. As per plan the shooting for Wodeyar will start once shooting  for Kurukshetra is completed.

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  • Darshan, Santhanam Release Crazy Boy Audio

    crazy boy audio launch image

    Actor Darshan and well known Tamil comedian Santhanam on Monday night released the songs of Crazy Boy amidst a big gathering at the Capitol Hotel in Bangalore. One of the highlights of the film is, the songs have been released to the market by Akash Audio after a long gap. Jessie Gift has composed the music for the film.


    Director Mahesh Babu, writer Ajay Kumar, actors Dilip Prakash, Ashika, lyricist Nagendra Prasad, music director Jessie Gift and others were present at the occasion.

  • Deepa Sannidhi Is The Heroine For Chakravarthy

    deepa sannidhi image

    Actress Deepa Sannidhi has finally been selected as the new heroine for Anaji Nagaraj's new film Chakravarthy being directed by debutante Chintan. Chakravarthy was launched on last Monday at the Chamundeshwari Temple in Chamundi Hills near Mysore.

    The shooting started on Tuesday and on the first day itself, Anjali came very late to the sets which irked the whole film team, After much discussions, Anjali walked out of the film. Producer Anaji Nagaraj and director Chintan was on the look out for a new heroine and Deepa Sannidhi has been finally selected.

  • First Look Of 'Yajamana' On September 23rd

    first look of yajaman on sep 23rd

    The shooting for Darshan's 51st film 'Yajamana' is complete and the team is all set to release the first look of the film on the 23rd of September in D Beats Music You Tube channel.

    'Yajamana' is being written and directed by Pon Kumar and produced by Shylaja Nag and B Suresha. The film stars Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna, Tanya Hope and others. Dhananjay is seen in a negative role in this film.

    V Harikrishna is the music director. while Srishah Koodavalli is the camerman.

  • First Show Of Jaggu Dada Was At 3 AM

    jaggu dada movie image
    The first show of Darshan's most awaited new film Jaggu Dada was screened at Ashoka theatre in Davangere. Many single screen theatres are having 6AM and 7AM shows as well. The film is having the biggest release for a Kannada film with around 400 screens across Karnataka.
  • Four Stars In One Frame

    four stars in one frame

    Prema Baraha, the film directed by Arjun Sarja that is releasing this week is set to create a unique record of sorts. Four top stars will be seen in a single frame in a song in the film. There have been several songs where other stars have made a special guest appearance.

    There have also been songs in which several stars make a special appearance but in different parts of the song. In the song for Prema Baraha apart from Arjun Sarja, his two nephews Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruva Sarja will be seen. But the biggest scoop is the appearance of Darshan in the same frame. This will be one of the most eagerly awaited shots in Kannada films so far.

    The reaction of the fans witnessing four stars in the same frame can only be imagined. It is just a wait of two more days.


  • Gym After Kurukshetra


    The shooting for Darshan's Kurukshetra is going on at  a very brisk pace in Hyderabad's Ramoji Studio. Sources say that the speed of shooting has surprised everyone. Some top actors from across India are participating in the shooting.

    Apart from Darshan playing the role of Duryodhana there are other actors including Ambareesh, Arjun Sarja, Sonu Sood and others who are in Hyderabad shooting for the 50th film of Darshan which is being made on a very big scale.

    But what are the actors doing when there is no shooting. Some of the Kannada actors like Chetan and Yashas are giving a glimpse into it. Most of the actors are spending most of their spare time in the gym! The film gets together some of the fittest actors who can stand up to anyone when it comes to having a fit and trim body.

    So no wonder that many of them are found in the gym rather than in any recreation area after shooting hours. 

  • Harikrishna is Not out of my camp: Darshan

    v harikrishna, darshan image

    Actor 'Challenging Star' Darshan has clarified that music composer Harikrishna who is a regular is in his camp is not out of the camp and is still composing songs for the film. Earlier, there were rumours that V Harikrishna has fallen out of Darshan's camp in the recent times and will not be composing songs for his future films. To add more spice to that Darshan starrer 'Jaggu Dada' which is all set to be launched on his birthday (February 16) has another music director composing two songs along with V Harikrishna. So, there were rumours that Harikrishna has fallen out from Darshan's camp.

    But Darshan has rubbished away such rumours saying that though 'Jaggu Dada' has Harikrishna composing music along with Paresh, Harikrishna is still a very good friend and indeed is one of the member of the camp. Even director Raghavendra Hegde said that Paresh is his long time friend and he has given a chance to compose music for the sake of friendship and nothing else. 

  • Has Darshan gone to Meet Ambarish?

    darshan, ambareesh image

    It was being said earlier that actor Darshan will be going to the Chennammanakere Achchukattu police station because his wife Vijayalakshmi had asked the police to warn him against bad conduct. Now there are rumours that Darshan has gone to meet actor Ambareesh turned politician Mysore.

    On Wednesday night Vijayalakshmi had filed a petition to the police asking to warn Darshan against bad conduct. Darshan had gone to Vijayalakshmi's apartment in Hoskerehalli in Bangalore on Wednesday evening, but Vijayalakshmi was not at her residence. Darshan who was desperate used foul language against his wife. After coming back the security complained Vijayalakshmi about Darshan's behaviour and Vijayalakshmi along with the security guard filed a petition to the police to warn Darshan against bad conduct. 

    This is not the first time that a rift between Darshan and his wife is arising. Earlier, in 2011, Darshan was sent to judicial custody for assaulting his wife.

  • I Am A Farmer: Darshan

    actor darshan image

    Challenging Star Darshan has arrived in Mandya to lend support to the farmers who are protesting against letting Kaveri water to Tamil Nadu.

    Darshan said that water is being given for growing crops in TN while there is no water for drinking in Karnataka. He said that justice has been very wrong for Karnataka this time. The people of Karnataka are very open hearted. With this we have dragged a stone on our own heads, he said. Darshan said he was not just an actor from Bengaluru but also a farmer. I have eaten the salt of Mandya and I have to repay it, he said.

    He said Mandya is his home and he does not need any security to visit it. Kaveri is our mother and we cannot tolerate injustice to it, he said.

  • I Don't want to Comment About Divorce Vijayalakshmi

    darshan family image

    Darshan's wife Vijayalakshmi has said that she doesn't want to comment anything about the alleged divorce issue with Darshan, From last three months back, there was rumours that Darshan has sought divorce from his wife and the couple are living separately.

    Though Vijalakshmi accepts that she is living separately from her husband to create a clean environment to her son, she strictly doesn't want to talking anything about the divorce. She doesn't even react whether the news was true or false.

  • Ishita's Dance For Chakravarthy

    darshan in chakravarthy movie

    Popular dancer Ishita has joined the team of Chakravarthy. She will be seen in an item song in the film. Shooting for this song started at the Premiere Studio in Mysuru and will go on for the next few days.

    An elaborate set has been erected for the song at the studio. Much of the talkie portion for the film has been completed for the film directed by Chintan. Chintan shot to fame as the co-writer of Sarathi. This is his first film as director in which he has made Dinakar Toogudeepa to act as well.


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