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  • Challenging ‘Wildlife’ Photography On Display

    challenging wildlife photography exhibition

    Challenging Star Darshan and his love for animals is unconditional. He is one of the very few top actors who owns dozens of pets including the 24 horses, dogs, cows, fishes and more with a well maintained farm house near Mysuru. But not many are aware of his wildlife photographic skills.

    Witness Darshan's wildlife photographs which will be on display for over three days between March 1 and 3 at Sandesh De Prince Hotel in Mysuru.

    The exhibition showcases - "Life on the Wild Side", a photographic expression of some of the finest wildlife moments captured by none other than Challenging Star Darshan himself.

    Also, a select few collector's pieces including the ones with the autograph of Darshan are also up for sale at the exhibition.

  • Charge Sheet Filed In Darshan Accident Case

    fir against darshan accidnt case

    The police in Mysuru have filed the charge sheet in the accident case involving Darshan, Devaraj, Prajwal Devaraj and others. In the charge sheet filed by the VV Puram Traffic Police before the III JMFC court the allegation is against driver Anthony Roy.

    The offence is punishable with a fine. The accident took place on September 24 outside Mysuru. The charge sheet says there were five passengers in the car and apart from the three actors there were Anthony Roy and Prakash, a friend of Darshan.

    Since Darshan and Devaraj were travelling in the car which was involved in the accident they may have to give witness statement before the court.

  • Chikkanna Buys A Wildlife Photograph Clicked By Darshan For Rs. One Lakh!

    chikkanna buys photo clicked by darshan

    Challenging Star Darshan's love for animals is a known thing. The star actor owns dozens of pets including 24 horses, dogs, cows, fishes and many more at a well maintained farmhouse near Mysuru. Apart from facing the  camera and spending time with his favourite animals, his most favourite hobby turned passion, is his interest in wildlife photography.

    Recently one of the most popular comedian in the industry, Chikkanna, who has acted in several films starring alongside Darshan, has purchased one such wildlife photography that of an elephant clicked by Challenging Star Darshan. The photo of the actor buying the photo from the star actor has gone viral since couple of days.

    It may be recalled that Darshan had recently held a photo exhibition in Mysuru with the title - "Life on the Wild Side",a photographic expression of some of the finest wildlife moments captured him.

    That's not all, Darshan has expressed his gratitude towards Chikkanna for buying his photo for Rs. One Lakh, which is being donated to the forest department.

  • Chintan Says He Is Very Lucky To Direct Chakravarthy

    chintan image

    Well known writer Chintan who has made his debut as a director through Darshan starrer 'Chakravarthy' says he is very much lucky to have directed the film.

    'In my debut film itself, I have got the opportunity to direct a star like Darshan in a very big budget film. I have been seeing Darshan for quite sometime and based on his mannerisms I have written the story and screenplay of the film. Without Darshan and producer Siddanth's co-operation I could not have done this film. I am very luck to have such a producer and star backing the film' says Chintan.

    'Chakravarthy' is all set to release across Karnataka on the 14th of April.

    Chakravarthy Movie Gallery - View

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  • Clap For 1st Film, Producer For 50th

    majestic launch image

    It is a strange co-incidence. On August 20, 2001, producer Muniratna was a chief guest at the launch of the film Majestic. It was the first time Darshan had been cast in the lead role. The film went on to establish Darshan as a lead actor in Sandalwood and his illustrious career was launched. Not many know that Muniratna held the clap board for the muharat shot of that film. Later Darshan acted in one of the films of Muniratna along with Upendra. The film was Anatharu. 

    Now Darshan's 50th film as hero is being launched in two days. The film Kurukshetra is said to be the biggest budget film in Kannada. The coincidence is that Muniratna is the producer of this film. The connection between the producer and the hero has remained for the last 17 years through 50 films!

  • Complaint Against Puneeth, Upendra And Darshan In Tamil Nadu

    darshan, puneeth, upendra image

    An advocate from Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint in the magistrate court in Coimbatore urging the court to direct filing of a case against Kannada actors Puneeth Rajkumar, Upendra and Darshan. It has been alleged that these three actors provoked Kannada people to riot in the Kaveri water dispute last week by their speeches. The lawyer has requested the court to impose sedition charges against the Kannada actors. Sedition charges under Indian Penal Code is a controversial topic in India.

    The complaint was filed before the court by P Elangovan, president of Tamil Desiya Peravai. He has claimed that the Kannada actors provoked Kannadigas to riot and cause harm to Tamilians in Karnataka.

    IPC Section 124 (A) says: "Sedition — Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards, the Government established by law in India, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, to which fine may be added, or with imprisonment which may extend to three years, to which fine may be added, or with fine."

  • Darshan and Yash Campaign For Third Consecutive Day

    darshan and yash campaign for third consecutive day

    Actors Darshan and Yash campaigned for the third consecutive day for Sumalatha Ambarish at the Mandya constituency on Wednesday.

    Darshan and Yash are campaigning for Sumalatha from the past three days and will be continuing until the campaign ends on the 16th April. Actors Prem, Ravichetan and others also participated in the campaign on Tuesday. More members from the film fraternity is expected to support Sumalatha in the coming days.

    Actress Sumalatha Ambarish is contesting against Nikhil Kumaraswamy for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls from the Mandya constituency. Sumalatha is contesting as an independent candidate and is backed by Bharatiya Janatha Party

  • Darshan And Yash Pledge Support To Sumalatha Ambarish

    darshan and yash pledge support to sumalatha ambareesh

    Actress Sumalatha Ambarish has announced that she will be contesting the Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate from the Mandya Constituency.

    Meanwhile, actors Darshan and Yash have pledged support to the actress and will be campaigning for her. Both the actors were present at the press meet held at the Atria Hotel in Bangalore and has announced that they will be campaigning for her.

    Sumalatha Ambarish will be contesting opposite actor Nikhil Kumaraswamy in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. Nikhil will be contesting in the Mandya constituency under Janata Dal Secular.

  • Darshan Assault Case Is Fake Says Shylaja Nag

    shylaja nag says darsha assault case if fake

    Shylaja Nag, producer of Yajamana says the news about actor Darshan assaulting a junior artiste Shivu is fake. The story started doing the rounds a few hours ago and it is alleged that Darshan assaulted Shivu during the shooting of the film.

    There are reports that Shivu was filing a complaint with the police regarding it. However Shylaja Nag, the producer of the film has stated that there was no such incident during the shooting of the film. She was present at the shooting and there was no such incident. There were 200-300 junior actors and it is not known who this Shivu was. According to reports the shooting was being done indoors and a person named Shivu started recording the shooting in his mobile phone.

    He was stopped from doing it. According to reports Shivu was only trying to take a selfie. But what actually happened is disputed. Shylaja Nag said that it is her who is the victim here because if someone is trying to do piracy of her film she is the sufferer.

    More than 500 actors, technicians, dancers and others are taking part in a song shooting for the film on the outskirts of the city.



  • Darshan Celebrates His Birthday In A Simple Way

    darshan celebrated his birthday in simple way

    'Challenging Star' Darshan on Saturday celebrated his 42nd birthday in a simple manner amidst fans, friends and family.

    Darshan had announced that he will not be celebrating his birthday this year and has requested his fans to spend the money on charity instead of cakes, garlands and gifts. Likewise, the fans of the actor gave the proceeds to the Siddaganga Mutt of Tumkur.

    Like every year, Darshan met his fans who had come to wish him from all over the state. Darshan had organised food for the fans who came all over to meet him.

  • Darshan Celebrates His Birthday With Fans

    darshan cutting cake

    'Challenging Star' Darshan on Wednesday night celebrated his birthday with huge number of fans who came to wish him.

    darshan_birthday.jpgDarshan is celebrating his birthday today. But the fans of the actor thronged his residence from yesterday night itself and wished the star a happy and prosperous birthday. Darshan came from his residence and met his fans and celebrated his birthday with them.

    The fans had brought huge cakes, garlands and gifts for their favorite actor and the birthday celebrations will continue till tomorrow.


  • Darshan Conditions For TV Reality Shows

    darshan, srujan lokesh image

    Darshan has clarified on his Facebook and Twitter accounts that he is not ready to attend any reality shows. But if one of the two conditions is met, he may consider it. This comes on the speculation and requests from fans for him to be guest on TV shows. In a statement that makes no bones about why he does not even want to promote his films on reality shows, Darshan makes things clear. 

    Read - Darshan is the Special Guest in Maja Talkies

    Here is the entire text of what Darshan has said

    I would like to Clarify Few things related to my Presence in Reality Shows. I 'll make it to the show only if few Conditions of mine are met It Must be of some help to My producer or Should be used for Charity. Only when it coincides with 1 of these, I 'll surely make it Some Might Quesn, Why I made it to Maja Talkies. Only reason was Srujan. Thoogudeepa and Lokesh Prodns are the same. No Difference for me 

    Outcome of Maja Talkies pgm was used for Charity. Only Srujan and Me know abt that. I am here to entertain and do something good. That's it Have been receiving Messages related to the same from Few years. I hope it's clarified well with all My fans and Frens Keep smiling

    Let me Know if any pgm can meet the purpose which I have mentioned. Would be happy to be there Reality Shows

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  • Darshan Delivers A Shocker On Sudeep

    darshan sudeep

    Darshan has delivered a shocking news online a few minutes ago. He has said that he and Sudeep are no longer friends. He has asked for speculations on the issue to end once and for all. For the last couple of years there were rumours after the two actors were not seen together. Darshan had also stopped following Sudeep on Twitter.

    Darshan had also kept away from Celebrity Cricket League which is captained by Sudeep. The rumours had not been confronted by either actors till now. Darshan's tweet now confirms that all was not well between the two.

  • Darshan Fans Upset With Lahari

    tarak movie image

    If everything had gone right, then the official trailer of Darshan starrer 'Tarak' directed by 'Milana' Prakash was supposed to release on Thursday evening. However, the trailer didn't release due to various reasons and the fans of Darshan is very much upset with Lahari Audio for not releasing the trailer as promised. The disappointed fans association and fans of Darshan were seen trolling regarding this.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Sanvi Srivatsav will be playing the female leads opposite Darshan. Devaraj, Sadhu Kokila and others play prominent roles in the film.

    A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Darshan Followed New Year Tradition - Exclusive

    darshan image

    Challenging Star Darshan has a unique tradition which he follows on every new year day. He has not given it a break since the days of Majestic, his first film as hero. The tradition is to work the full day on January 1.

    Darshan was busy shooting on the first day of 2016. He was shooting for Jaggu Dada movie from morning 9 am to 6 pm. Darshan insists all his producers to shoot on January 1. His idea is to be productive and active beginning from the first day of the year.

  • Darshan Gets A 'Maestic' Gift - 50 Kg Cake & 5 Kg Silver Chain

    darshan gets a majestic gift of 50 kf cake an 5 kg silver chain

    With Challenging Star Darshan's 50th film 'Munirathna Kurukshetra' hitting the screens worldwide, the actor received a special gift from M G Ramamurthy, the producer of his debut movie Majestic.

    The producer Ramamurthy, who visited Darshan at his residence in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, celebrated the release of the actor's 50th film with a specially made cake weighing 50 kilograms! Also, Mr. Ramamurthy's friend Manjunatha presented a silver chain weighing 5 kilograms to the actor on the occasion.

    Darshan has always held Mr Ramamurthy with high regards for having given him his first breakthrough in his career after struggling through his initial days working in various capacities in the film industry as a technician and for a brief period in television.

  • Darshan In Shock, Rushing From Sweden For His Ambi Appaji

    darshan in shock over ambi's death

    Challenging Star Darshan who shares a special bond with Rebel Star Ambareesh is in total shock ever since the actor heard the news that his appaji is no more. 

    Darshan was shooting for 'Yejamana' in Sweden. He along with the entire film team has cancelled the shoot and are rushing back to Bengaluru to visit the legend actor and a friendly human being for the last time.

    Darshan who fondly calls Ambareesh as 'appaji', has already taken off from Sweden and is enroute to Bengaluru, and thereafter will head straight to Mandya where the mortal remains will be kept for public to pay their last respects till Monday morning.

    Ambi treated Darshan more like his son, and always backed him during his turbulent personal life, and professional career. In fact when Ambareesh was admitted in Singapore hospital, Darshan met him and enquired about his health. Later, they shared the screen in 'Ambareesha'.

  • Darshan in Weekend with Ramesh this Week

    darshan weekend with ramesh image

    Darshan who normally shies away from appearing in reality programmes will be making his appearance in 'Weekend with Ramesh' this Saturday night, which is being aired on Zee TV. The reality show which is being anchored by Ramesh Aravind has seen a lot of celebrities including Ambarish, Devaraj, Rangayana Raghu and others sharing their experiences about their career and life.

    However, Darshan stayed away from the programme due to various reasons. This time the channel is successful to rope him to be a part of the show.

    The programme will be aired on Saturday and Sunday nights.

  • Darshan is the Special Guest in Maja Talkies

    maja talkies image

    'Challenging Star' Darshan is one who actor who normally doesn't like to appear in small screen for various reasons. However, the actor participated in a reality show called 'Kaasge Toss' a couple of years ago. The actor is now back to small screen as a guest in the popular reality show 'Maja Talkies' being aired in Colors Kannada.

    Darshan is the chief guest of the 50th episode of the 'Maja Talkies' being anchored and directed by Srujan Lokesh. Darshan will be seen in the episodes which will be aired on the 15th and 16th of August at 8 PM. Darshan along with Bullet Prakash has participated in the show and has shared some unique experiences through the show.

  • Darshan Isn't My Enemy: Nikhil Kumaraswamy

    darshan isnt my enemy says nikhil

    Reacting to rumors about his indifference with challenging star Darshan, Nikhil Kumaraswamy, son of former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy has said that there is no truth to it.

    The actor turned politician who plays the mythological role of Abhimanyu in Munirathna Kurukshetra, shared that he may not be in contact with Darshan but he is certainly not his enemy.

    He was recently seen dubbing his voice for the film directed by Naganna. On delaying his dubbing, the actor clarified saying that it was due to relentless election campaigning and then the political responsibilities which kept him occupied.

    He also said that his next will be directed by a Kannada filmmaker, which is being produced by Lyca Production. For the time being, the actor said that he will do films outside his home banner.

    Nikhil also shared his experience of acting alongside rebel star Ambareesh and his friendship with Abhisek Gowda.

    The actor has urged the audience to treat him like an actor on the big screen and not as a politician. "Cinema is my passion and politics is my responsibility entrusted to me by my party. I shall keep acting as long as passion in me for acting exists," the actor signs off.


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