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  • Milana Prakash's Film With Darshan Titled Tarak

    milana prakash;s new movie titled tarak

    'Milana' Prakash's new film with 'Challenging Star' Darshan is all set to start from the 01st of March and the film has been titled as 'Tarak'.

    'Tarak' was launched few days back. However, the film was not only titled and the shooting had not started because Darshan was busy with 'Chakravarthy'. Now that 'Chakravarthy' is in the post-production stage and Darshan is almost free except for a couple of days dubbing, Darshan's work is concluded. So, 'Milana' Prakash plans to start the film from the 01st of March.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Rashmika will be playing the female leads opposite Darshan. A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Mr Airavatha Album is Trendy

    mr airavatha image

    Currently V Harikrishna may be the biggest and most popular composer in Sandalwood. But just a few years ago, he was known as the composer for Darshan's films. And not surprisingly their combination never failed. There would be  at least two or three good songs in every album. 

    Their latest film together Mr Airavatha has for songs in the jukebox. The first is the title song written by director AP Arjun. It is a typical hero worshipping song where Darshan's on screen image is praised as his personal achievements. This is the typical hero introduction song we find in commercial masala movies. It is for the fans of Darshan and will no doubt please them. Ranjith, Santhosh Venky, Chintan Vikas and Shashank Sheshagiri have sung this song.


    The second song There Was A Ajji is a boy-teasing-girl song. No prizes for guessing Yogaraj Bhat as the lyricist. It is once again very typical of Bhat to come up with very different kinds of expressions while writing about very normal incidents. Hemanth has sung this song which should please youngsters.

    Ka Talakattu is a peppy number and Indu Nagaraj shines. In an imaginative way Yograj Bhat has made the kaagunita as lyrics. Harikrishna too gives his voice for this song. The song looks like it will top the charts sooner or later.

    The last song is written by Arm in and sung by Shashank Seshagiri and S Sunitha. This song is also experimental with its lyrics. Much of it is in reported speech as if in a conversation. Harikrishna has given it a very good musical touch.

    Overall this album is typical of what you expect from a Darshan film. It should please his fans and nothing looks out of place. The songs are set to boost the film.

  • Mr Airavatha Collects Rs 14 Crore in 4 days - Exclusive

    Mr Airavatha image

    Darshan's new film Mr Airavatha has collected Rs 14 crore in ticket sales in the first four days of its release last Thursday. The film released in a record 305 theatres. This helped in the record collections. But this large number of theatres is proving a problem for the film in weekdays. Movie is produced by Sandesh Nagaraj,

    The collection naturally saw a dip in the weekdays. How the film fares in the second weekend will determine if it will become an all-time hit. As of now it has taken the biggest opening and Darshan and the film is thrilled.

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  • Muniratna's Kurukshetra Launched

    kurukshetra launched

    Darshan's 50th film 'Muniratna Kurukshetra' was launched on Sunday evening at the at the Prabhakar Kore Convention Hall in Yeshwanthapur in Bangalore.

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah came over as the chief guest and launched the film. Darshan, Ravichandran, Ravishankar, Shashikumar, Nikhil Kumar and others were present at the occasion.

    The film is being produced by Karnataka Film Producers Association president and well known producer Muniratra. Senior director Naganna who had directed 'Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna' is directing the film. 'Muniratna Kurukshetra' is based on the Mahabharatha and Darshan will be playing the role of Duryodhana, while Ravichandran is seen in the role of Krishna in this film.

    KuruKshetra Launch Gallery - View

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    Kurukshetra To be Launched on July 30th

    ದರ್ಶನ್ ಕುರುಕ್ಷೇತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಖಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಅಭಿಮನ್ಯು

    ಕುರುಕ್ಷೇತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಹರಿಪ್ರಿಯ ದ್ರೌಪದಿಯಲ್ಲ..!

    Haripriya Confirmed For Kurukshetra

    ವದಂತಿಗಳಿಗೆ ಕಿವಿಗೊಡಬೇಡಿ - ದರ್ಶನ್ ಕುರುಕ್ಷೇತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ನಟಿಸೋದು ಪಕ್ಕಾ 

  • Pon Kumar To Direct Darshan's 51st Film

    pon kumaran to direct darshan

    Darshan is currently busy with the shooting of his 50th film 'Kurukshetra' in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, he has given his nod to his 51st film and the film will be launched in the month of October.

    Darshan's 51st will be directed by P Kumar who had earlier directed 'Vishnuvardhana', 'Charulatha' and others. He himself has scripted the film apart from directing it. B Suresh and Shailaja Nag are producing the film.

    V Harikrishna will be composing the songs for the film. Apart from that, nothing has been finalised and more details are awaited.

  • Rachita Ram and Praneetha Play Guest Roles in Jaggu Dada

    jaggu dada image

    Darshan starrer 'Jaggu Dada' which is being produced and directed by Raghavendra Hegade is nearing completion and Rachita Ram and Praneetha has been roped in to play guest roles in the film.

    Both Rachita and Praneetha made their debut through Darshan's films. While Rachita made her debut with 'Bulbul', Praneetha came to Kannada film industry through 'Porki'. Now both are being seen in cameo roles in 'Jaggu Dada'.

    'Jaggu Dada' stars Darshan along with Deeksha Seth, Urvashi, Ravishankar, Bullet Prakash, Sharath Lohithashwa and others in prominent roles.

  • Rashmika Mandanna To Star In Darshan's 51st Film

    rashmika to act with darshan

    Recently, Rashmika Mandanna had disclosed that she will be acting in a big budget film. However, the actress had not divulged anything about the film. Now it is confirmed that she will be acting in Darshan's 51st film.

    Yes, Rashmika Mandanna has been roped in as the heroine for Darshan's 51st film. The actress was supposed to act in 'Tarak'. However, she was replaced due to various reasons. Now Rashmika Mandanna has been confirmed for Darshan's 51st film.

    The new film will be directed by Pon Kumar and is being produced by Shylaja Nag. V Harikrishna is the music director. The film will be launched later this month.


  • Ravichandran Sounds Clap For Ustad

    ustad launch image

    Duniya Vijay starrer Ustad being written, directed and produced by M S Ramesh was launched on Thursday morning at the Manjusha Floor in the Kanteerava Studio. While, Ravichandran sounded the clap for the first shot, Darshan switched on the camera and senior director K V Raju directed the first shot of the film. Hema Chaudhari, P Sheshadri and others were present at the occasion.

  • Ravichandran's Look In Kurukshetra Revealed

    ravichandran as krishna

    It's been a few months since Ravinchandran wrapped up his portion for the mythological 'Kurukshetra'. In spite of that, his look in the film as Lord Krishna was not revealed and was kept a secret. Now Ravichandran's look in the film has finally been revealed.

    'Kurukshetra' is based on the Mahabharatha and Darshan will be playing the role of Duryodhana, while Ravichandran is seen in the role of Krishna in this film. Apart from that Nikhil Kumar, Ravishankar, Arjun Sarja, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Sonu Sood, Srinath, Haripriya, Meghana Raj and others are playing prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by Muniratra. Senior director Naganna who had directed 'Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna' is directing the film.

    The film is almost completed except for few portions and the shooting is expected to complete soon. 


  • Remembering 16 Years Of The Film Majestic

    16 years of majestic

    Majestic was the film that rewrote the box office history in Karnataka. The debut film as hero for Darshan was also the most defining film of his career. The box office sultan was born with the film.

    At a private resort in Nelamangala on Thursday evening, the 16th anniversary of the film was celebrated. People who worked for the film were felicitated with a garland, shawl, Mysore peta and fruits.

    The special attraction was a Maruti 800 car that was being used by producer MG Ramamurthy during the shooting of Majestic 16 years ago. Darshan even remembered the car's number 3843. Remembering the car Darshan took it out for a ride. He had desired the car back then. It became a reality with Ramamurthy handing it over to him. 

    Apart from his first film, Ramamurthy also produced Darshan's Dharma. Now the third film together was also announced. It will be Darshan's 53rd film. 

    Those present at the felicitation were the film's director PN Sathya, co-director Maadesh, Sureh Goswamy, PRO Vijay Kumar, cinematographer MR Seenu and Anaji Nagaraj, manager Ramu, still photographer Ramesh and others. The lively presence of Darshan and Ramamurthy filled everyone with love and affection.

    Over 200 people who worked in the film including senior actors Jai Jagadish, Harish Rai, producer Bhojaraj Rai attended the lunche on hosted. Everyone had Majestic and its memories to talk about.

  • Script Pooja Of Darshan's New Film Held

    darshan's new film script pooja held

    The script pooja of Darshan'ss 53rd film was held at the auspicious day of Varamahalakshmi festival on Friday in Bangalore.

    The new untitled film is being produced by Umapathi who had earlier produced 'Hebbuli'. The film is being written and directed by Tarun Sudhi who had earlier directed Dwarkish's 50th film 'Chauka'. Darshan had appeared in a guest role in that film. This time Darshan will be appearing in a full fledged role in this film.

    As of now the script for the film is ready and the film is all set to be launched in the month of November.

  • Sheshadri's Suggestions Garners Criticism

    p sheshadri image

    Well known director P Sheshadri who has many National Awards to his credit is the talk of the town off late. Sheshadri's letter to the Government regarding the best villain awards has garnered much criticism from Darshan's fans and has been the much discussed topic in the social networking sites.

    During the Karnataka State Award function at Mysore, Darshan had requested Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and other ministers to give a best villain award from next year for which the CM immediately accepted. Recently Sheshadri had written a letter to the Government regarding the State Awards function. Sheshadri had listed the problems that occurred in the function and requested that the Government should be more careful in the future in organising such functions.

    Sheshadri in his letter had also suggested that it is not proper to give a best villain award as there is a supporting actor award and actors who play negative characters are also given awards in such category. There are many instances earlier, that actors portraying negative roles getting supporting awards and so Sheshadri had requested the Government not to increase the award.

    This statement has specially garnered a lot of criticism from the public and that too from Darshan's fans. It has been the much discussed topic in the social networking sites. Let's see what turn this incident takes in the future.

  • Shooting For Darshan's 'Yajamana' Starts

    yajamana movie image

    The shooting for Darshan's 51st film 'Yajamana' which is being directed by Pon Kumar and produced by Shylaja Nag and B Suresha has started in Mysore.

    'Yajamana' stars Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna, Tanya Hope and others. Dhananjay will be playing the role of villain in this film, apart from Ravishankar.

    V Harikrishna is the music director. while Srishah Koodavalli is the cameraman.


  • Sonu Nigam Says Chakravarthy Song Is One Of His Best In Kannada

    sonu nigam, chakravrthy image

    Singer Sonu Nigam has said that the song Matthe Maleyagide (Ee usirige gaaliye neenagiru) from Darshan's new film Chakravarthy as one of his best ever in Kannada. Sharing a link of the song the singer has said, "presenting one of my best songs in Kannada.

    Don't know what space I was in, that day." The song has already become a hit online. While the title track of the film, released as a lyrical video on January 10 has crossed 7 lakh views, the melody song released yesterday has already crossed one lakh views.

    The third lyrical song will be released once the Matthe Maleyagide song completes 2 lakh views. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal and the lyrics are by Dr Umesh. Arjun Janya has composed the music.

    Chakravarthy Gallery - View

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  • Sruthi Hariharan As Darshan's Leading Lady? 

    sruthi hariharan as darshan's leading lady

    Sruthi Hariharan is likely to be the heroine of Darshan's next film after Chakravarthy. The film will be directed by Milana Prakash. Sources said that Sruthi has been offered the role and an official announcement would be made in a few days.

    This will be Sruthi's first film with Darshan. Meanwhile Darshan's Chakravarthy directed by Chintan is almost ready and the film is being scheduled for release in December.

    Actress Sruthi HariHaran Gallery - View

  • Sudeep Wishes Kurukshetra

    sudeep darshan image

    In a message that surprised many Sudeep has wished the team of Kurukshetra. The film was launched yesterday and stars Darshan in the lead role. After Darshan announced that he and Sudeep were not friends anymore a few weeks ago Sudeep had not responded.

    But a few minutes ago he tweeted "It's awesome to see a huge cinema(in all aspects)going on floor.. My best wshs to producer MuniRatna & the entire team of kurukshetra. n it surely Wil b another feather in the cap to Darshan... Only he can justify this role wth his personality n presence. Best wshs.."

    It was not a backhanded compliment for his old friend. Darshan. He named Darshan by name and wished him saying only he suited the role. The wishes surprised Sudeep's fans also.

  • Tarak Movie Review

    tarak review

    Tarak is a special film for Darshan. Many of his fans want to see him in action films with lots of fights and punch dialogues. Tarak is however another kind of film. It is a family film which upholds family values and there are not many fights (there are some good ones but not many). There are good songs and romance too. There is different kinds of dialogues and a different kind of acting that is required for a film like this. Darshan has excelled in it. He shows us that he is not just a very good action, mass image actor but also a subtle actor who can express a wide variety of emotions. Apart from action and romance, the emphasis in this film is about emotions. In some scenes Darshan makes you cry with his acting. That is the power of his abilities as an actor. 

    Director Prakash has given Darshan an image that is very very different from the usual films Darshan is seen in. Tarak will rank among one of the most surprisngly different films of Darshan in his career.

    The film is about Tarak a NRI who lives in Europe. His grandfather lives in Bengaluru. Tarak who is named after his grandfather avoids meeting him for 22 years. In Europe a girl falls madly in love with him. Tarak finally falls for her love. The girl however changes track and wants to cut the relationship. She imposes a condition that he should live away from her for 60 days. Tarak has no option but to go to Bengaluru. He has to confront the past there and try to adjust to a joint family. Does he succeed? Why does the girl send him away? Tarak meets a new girl in Bengaluru and a complicated relationship begins. How does he manage to survive everything forms the family drama. 

    Darshan has given a commendable performance. Devaraj gets a superb role and he manages to fulfill that dream character as an old man to perfection. He is brilliant. Shanvi Srivatsa and Sruthi Hariharan play the love interests of Darshan in the film. They have contrasting characters to play. Shanvi shines in her character that goes from innocent to mature. Sruthi's character carries the weight of emotions on it. 

    The cinematography captures the beauty of Europe and the classy indoors. The dialogues and screenplay are good. Music by Arjun Janya captures the mood correctly. Tarak is a film for the family that you cannot miss. 

    chitraloka Rating - 4/5

  • Tarak Official Trailer On September 21st

    tarak official trailer

    Darshan starrer 'Tarak' directed by 'Milana' Prakash is all set to release on the 29th of September. Meanwhile, the official trailer of the film will be releasing on 21st (Thursday) at six in the evening.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Sanvi Srivatsav will be playing the female leads opposite Darshan. Devaraj, Sadhu Kokila and others play prominent roles in the film.

    A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Tarak Songs To Release Today

    tarak audio launch today

    The songs of Darshan starrer 'Tarak' is all set to be released on 17th of August in Bangalore. Lahari Audio has bagged the audio rights of the film.

    The shooting for 'Tarak' started earlier this year and the shooting concluded a month back and the film is in post-production stage now. The shooting for the film was held in Bangalore, Mysore, Malayasia, Switzerland and other places.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Sanvi Srivatsav are the female leads opposite Darshan. A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

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  • Tarak Teaser Gets Huge Response

    tarak movie image

    The teaser of 'Tarak' was released on Friday night and the teaser has got a huge response with four lakh plus hits in just 24 hours.

    The shooting for 'Tarak' started earlier this year and the film is complete and will be viewed by Censor Board soon. The shooting for the film was held in Bangalore, Mysore, Malayasia, Italy and other places.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Sanvi Srivatsav are the female leads opposite Darshan. A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

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