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  • KFCC, KFPA And KFAA To Hold Meeting On Tuesday

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    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Kannada Film Producers Association and the Karnnada Film Artistes Association is all set to meet on Tuesday and discuss about the 'Mastigudi' film issue.

    The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday morning at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce office and a joint press conference will be held after the meeting, to announce the outcome of the meeting.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, KFPA president Muniratna and KFAA Ambarish and others will be present at the meeting.

  • KFPA ELECTION – DK Ramakrishna Contesting For President

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    The Karnataka Film Producers Association election is now stated on 29th of December.  Now Veteran producer DK Ramakrishna (Praveen Kumar) who is now the joint secretary of the association is contesting for the post of President. 

    Last election was held in 2011 and Muniratna got elected as President. Later Muniratna became MLA from Rajarajeshwarinagar.  

    The delay for the election is because some producers had gone to court and had got stay for the election. Now everything is cleared and election will take up on 29th December. Nomination paper will be issued from 11-12-2019 and last date for withdrawal of the nomination is on 21-12-2019 till 5 PM.

    Muniratna and team has got their own site for the Producers association and many want the same team to continue and complete the building. So, even when other members wanted him to continue in the post, he has decided to hold fresh elections and bring in new people at the helm.


  • Revised Pay Structure List sent to Okkutta

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    The Kannada Film Producers Association on Monday has sent a new revised pay structure for the Karnataka Film Workers Union and is waiting for their reply. The Workers Union has been urging for a pay hike for the last couple of years. However, the pay was not hiked for various reasons. A couple of months ago the workers went on a strike and after much talks it was decided that the workers must continue to work with the present pay structure for next 120 days, until a permanent solution for the problems is arrived. Both the producers as well as the workers gave their consent for this.

    Recently, the span of 120 days completed and the Workers Union again urged for a pay hike. The KFPA appointed a committee of producers to give in a report about the revised pay structure. According to that the committee comprising of producers Ramu, Shailendra Babu, Jayanna and others charted out a new pay structure which would be convenient for the workers. KFCC and the KFPA handed over  the revised pay structure to KFCC, which in turn sent the list to the Workers Union.

    Now the ball is in the Union court and it has to be seen whether the workers union gives consent to the revised list or whether the crisis will continue further.

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