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  • Ashok and Ravindra Resigned from Okkutta - Exclusive

    Dr Rajkumar, Okkutta Ravindra image

    In a surprising development veteran actor Ashok who was the president of the Okkutta (Federation of Film Workers) and secretary Ravindra have given their resignation to their posts.

    Ashok was the founderer of Okkutta 30 years back and Ravindra was the secretary from last 14 years. It was Ashok and Ravindra who have fought for the welfare of the workers.


    Once earlier when Ashok had resigned then Ravindra had taken over as president for one and half years. Later Ashok came back and once again took over as the president of Okkutta. 

    Chitraloka sources said many Okkutta members wanted them to come back and probably it will happen soon.

  • Big B Support To Film Workers on Labours Day

    big b support to film workers on labours day

    Bollywood star actor Amitabh Bachchan and others associated with Kalyan Jewellers have come to the rescue of film workers in the country by distributing coupons to at least 50,000 of them. In Karnataka alone, 3,000 film workers have been identified, who will be benefiting with it.

    The coupon worth Rs 1,500 each to at least 3000 were distributed through the heads of various wings of the Okkuta on the occasion of Labours Day in the presence of KFCC president Mr. Jairaj, former president Mr. Sa Ra Govindu, All India Film Workers Association Treasurer and also secretary of Okkutta Raveendra, Producer Association President D K Ramakrishna (Praveen Kumar), Vice President of Okkuta Ravishankar, KFCC Secretary NM Suresh, A Ganesh along with Chitraloka editor K M Veeresh.

    While the All India film workers had initiated the process to help the film workers across the country, it was Mr Ravishankar who approached several organisations including Infosys Foundation to extend their support to Kannada film workers.


  • Okkutta Wages Hike Meeting Postponed

    okkutta artists image

    If everything had gone right, then the committee headed by Ravichandran and Shivarajakumar would have held a meeting and given the report regarding the hike of wages of Union workers on April 17. Now it seems the meeting has been postponed due to various reasons and the next date is not yet known.

    Last month the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had set up a committee to revise the wages of Union workers. The committee had Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Ramu, Jayanna, Krishnegowda, Ashok and Ravindranath as its members. The committee was asked to submit a report on the 17th of April. With the formation of new committee, everyone had thought that the confusion in the revision of the wages of Union workers would come to an end and a solution will be arrived. 

    But just a few days after the formation of the committee, the Chamber gave permission to the new union formed by Rajesh Bhramavar. This had irked the existing Union. Later it was considered permission to Rajesh Bhramavar was given long back itself and rate hike was not done and this issue was dropped.

    Speaking to Chitraloka Krishnegowda told` till now we have not come to the conclusion. From the producers side we have given our opinion. Some of the things we have said is there should be no compulsary for Production Manager, Still Photographers, Vehicles and few others. We have also told we will not give Washing alloence, journey bata…. Etc. Ravichandran is calling all independent branches of Okkutta and is discussing with them. After having through meetings we needed more time to come for final rate reviwion. Even Ravichandran has said even if it take little more time lets do it in a proper way and all have agreed. Now Ravi sir is not in the country and we are waiting for him for further meeting date.


  • Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar To Solve Okkutta Problem

    okkutta image

    Crazy star V Ravichandran and Shivarajkumar have entered to arena to solve the Film Workers Federation (Okkutta) wages problem. In the meeting held at KFCC today, Producers association president Muniratna and other members were present. KFCC President Thomas D’Souza and his team had a long discussion to solve the problem. In the meeting it was decided to form a committee.  

    V Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar from the artist side, Ramu, Jayanna and Krishnegowda from the producers side and Ashok, Ravindra and Shivaram from the Okkutta are part of the commitee. Ravichandran will head the committee. The committee will give the final report regarding the wages before April 17 which is the birthday of Ravichandran father Veeraswamy. Till the committee gives the final decision, the earlier wages of the Federation will continue. Ramu, Jayanna, K Manju, Sandesh Nagaraj, Ba Ma Harish, Soorappa Babu, Umesh Banakar, Jayasimha Musuri, KM Veeresh, Ramesh Yadav and others were present in the meeting.

  • Revised Pay Structure List sent to Okkutta

    kfcc image

    The Kannada Film Producers Association on Monday has sent a new revised pay structure for the Karnataka Film Workers Union and is waiting for their reply. The Workers Union has been urging for a pay hike for the last couple of years. However, the pay was not hiked for various reasons. A couple of months ago the workers went on a strike and after much talks it was decided that the workers must continue to work with the present pay structure for next 120 days, until a permanent solution for the problems is arrived. Both the producers as well as the workers gave their consent for this.

    Recently, the span of 120 days completed and the Workers Union again urged for a pay hike. The KFPA appointed a committee of producers to give in a report about the revised pay structure. According to that the committee comprising of producers Ramu, Shailendra Babu, Jayanna and others charted out a new pay structure which would be convenient for the workers. KFCC and the KFPA handed over  the revised pay structure to KFCC, which in turn sent the list to the Workers Union.

    Now the ball is in the Union court and it has to be seen whether the workers union gives consent to the revised list or whether the crisis will continue further.

  • We Did Not Stop Shooting - Okkutta

    okkutta  members image

    The Karnataka Film Workers Union has said that it has not stopped the shooting of any film and has not declared a strike. Earlier, on Monday there was news that the film workers had called for a strike and shooting for films like 'Ranna', 'Mattomme Shhh' and others have been stopped because of the strike.

    However, the Workers Union's secretary Ravindranath has said that the Union has not stopped working and has not stopped the shooting for any films. Ravindranath says he doesn't know why the shooting for 'Ranna', 'Mattomme Shhh' and others have been stopped and the Union doesn't have anything to do with it.

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