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  • Amulya Engagement on March 6

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    Sandalwood actress Amulya will get married soon. She is getting engaged to businessmen Jagadish on March 6. Jagadish is into real estate and the son of ex BBMP corporator Ramachandregowda. Amulya and Jagadish met through common friends Golden Star Ganesh and Shilpa Ganesh. Amulya after being a child artiste shot fame with Cheluvina Chittara with Ganesh. Her latest film is Mastigudi which is yet to release.

    The wedding is expected to take place sometime in May, sources said. Both the families have agreed to the match. Amulya has acted in over a dozen films as the heroine. The revelation of the engagement has come as a surprise to her fans.

  • Amulya's 12-12-12 Coincidence - Exclusive

    amulya's 12- 12-12 coincidence

    There is something unusual in the wedding day of Sandalwood actress Amulya. It is something that is happening for the first time to any actress. While Amulya's wedding with Jagadish is scheduled for May 12, the wedding time is also scheduled between 12 pm and 12.30 pm. That is just one simple coincidence with 12. But the bigger news is that on the same day, May 12, Amulya's film Mastigudi, is releasing. So while the actress will be getting married at 12 pm on May 12, her film will be having its first-day first-show at the same time on May 12! That is one uncanny coincidence.

    The wedding of Amulya and Jagadish is scheduled to be held at the Adhichunigari mutt in the presence of Swami Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha swamiji. Only family and friends are expected to be attending the wedding at the mutt.

    Amulya's brother Deepak who had come to Chitraloka office to give the wedding invitation to KM Veeresh said that it was a big coincidence that his sister Amulya's wedding day coincided with her movie Mastigudi releasing the same day. "Probably it's first for for any actress," he felt. The wedding reception is on 17th May.

  • Amulya's Personal Invitation

    amulya's wedding invitation

    Actress Amula is giving out her wedding invitation to press and media friends personally. She is personally travelling along with her fiance Jagdish to meet them and invite them for her wedding. They are also meeting their mutual and personal friends together.

    This gesture has become the talking point amongst their friends. It is very rare to see both the fiance and fiancee giving out their wedding invitations together. The wedding is scheduled for May 12 in Bengaluru.



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