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  • Accidents During Shooting not Uncommon – But Mastigudi Is Negligence - KM Veeresh Writes

    mastigudi accident image

    The Mastigudi tragedy will go into history as one of the most tragic incidents in the Kannada film industry. As everybody knows Duniya Vijay starrer Mastigudi shooting was held at Thippagondanahalli on 7thNovember where two stunt actors Anil and Uday met with a tragic death and lead actor Duniya Vijay escaped with the help of others.

    This is not the first time these types of incidents has happened. But Mastigudi is the major one. Being in the film industry from last 25 years I can recall some major incidents which has happened in the last 25 years.


    Lock Up Death movie  was one such.  The shooing was going on at MG Road in 1993 when a major accident happened. This movie was produced by Koti Ramu and directed by Om Prakash Rao starring Devaraj, Saikumar, Nirosha and others. When they were doing a chase scene at MG Road stunt persons were supposed to jump the bikes over a bus. Due to a miscalculation the stunt resulted in an accident. Fortunately there was no death but the two stuntmen suffered permanent injuries. 

    In 1997 Praveen Kumar (DK Ramakrishna) produced Hai Bangalore movie had a similar type of incident. JG Krishna was the cinematographer of the film starring Saikumar and directed by Anand P Raju. During the climax shooting which was held at Railway Parallel Road in Seshadripuram an accident took place. Here too bikes were supposed to jump over a bus. But Producer Praveen Kumar with his sixth sense had made arrangements to put beds near the bus and had told bike riders to wear helmets. Stunt master Ravivarma and his brother were just stunt boys during that time. Infact Ravivarma had made some stunts in that movie! When the bike rider Rajan with the helmet had jumped over the bus, he miscalculated the timing and his head hit on the bus. Since he was wearing a helmet his life was saved. Rajan died a few years later. Media showcased the news as a repeat of the Lockup Death incident. 

    In 1999 shooting of Ticket Ticket movie produced by JG Krishna was going on at Abbai Naidu studio. Ravi who is know for his expertise in making bombs for film shooting was popularly known as Bomb Ravi. When he was making the arrangements from the shooting, due to negligence the bombs blew up.  Ravi died in the incident and the blast claimed the lives of others on the set and the studio was damaged. 


    In 2000 shooting of Rowdy Aliya movie produced by Anand Audio Mohan was going on at Nandhi Hills road. Stunt boy Different Danny brother Jhonny got injured by his negligence. But Mohan rushed to his help. 

    Careless Stunt Association - Jhonny Injured - Producer Pays - Exclusive


    On 2004, April 17th, Indian actress Soundary who was flying in a private helicopter from Hebbal for an election campaign met with a crash and met with a tragic death. But this incident is not for a movie.

    But Mastigudi goes to the history books. Above mentioned incidents had happened  when there was no advanced technology that could replace the stunts. 


    At present with the advanced technology anything could be created. Stunt master Ravi Varma who is so experienced had his bad day. Even though he knew Anil and Uday do not know swimming he made the risky stunts saying this is his second biggest stunt in his carrer. Without taking proper care like putting the life jackets, proper arrangements he made the budding actors to jump from the chopper along with lead actor Vijay resulting in death of two persons even thought knowing that they dont know the swimming.

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  • Careless Stunt Association - Jhonny Injured - Producer Pays - Exclusive

    rowdya aliya image

    When does the stunt association learn lessons even after a series of mishaps putting the stuntmen in deep trouble? This question is frequently asked. The producers out of sympathy come forward for help yet they are put in pitiable condition.

    In the case of Jhonny who met with an accident at the ‘Rowdy Aliya’ shooting a month back at Nandi Hills, he received a serious fracture in his right leg and was immediately shifted to the hospital. In the hospital proper attention was possible because of Anand Audio Mohan, the producers of the film. Immediately the amount was released for Jhonny’s medical care.

    At this point of time according to Jhonny he applied for loan of Rs.10000 in his Stunt Association and it was dodged for a month. Thanks to Thriller Manju and his friends careless attitude. When the loan was not received at the proper time Jhonny declined to vacate the hospital. He stayed for the whole month. The hospital bill mounted up to Rs.29000.

    Had the stunt association cleared the loan application of Jhonny he would have come out immediately from the hospital and Anand Audio in the meantime could have saved nearly Rs.25000. But the humble nature and concern for the stuntmen made the producer to hand over Rs.30000 for Jhonny to clear the bills in the hospital. What a waste of time and money!

    Johny case came to Stunt association. They decided apart clearing the hospital bill, the producer has to pay 20,000 to Johny!

    Now look at the wastage of time and money all because of careless attitude of Stunt Association. No one came to have a look at the position of Jhonny in Bharathi Nursing Home. Attention was not paid for his loan application. Finally a fracture cost Anand Audio Rs.64, 000.

    Make hay while the sun shine also reminds at this situation. Jhonny’s hell bent nature made him to stay in the hospital. He could have come to home a month back and avoided paying Rs.30000 to the hospital. He would have definitely got the compensation whether Stunt Association write a letter to the producer or not. Because that is the humble nature of Anand Audio.

    Jhonny earns around Rs.5000 per month from his stunt activities. He gets Rs.25000 for three months. Break your leg and increase your bank balance is the policy here.

    One thing no one can understand is, if something happens to a stunt person who will be responsible? Is it the Producer, Stunt Master, Director or the Producer? 

    Since they don’t have any type of insurance!

  • Stunt Masters Felicitate Sudeep. He Promises More 

    stunt masters feliciate sudeep

    The members of the Kannada Stunt Masters Union felicitated Kichcha Sudeep today. Sudeep had earlier donated Rs 10 lakh to the Union who are constructing a building for their association. On Tuesday over two dozen stunt masters visited Sudeep on the sets of Kotigobba 3 and felicitated him. Sudeep refused to wear the garland brought by them saying garlands should be presented only to Gods. The stunt masters however managed to make him eat the sweets they had brought. 

    Sudeep enquired about the ongoing work and sought to know if more help was needed. He suggested that they use granite for flooring and promised to provide all the materials himself. He asked the members to visit the granite factory and select the granite they wanted and he would pay for it.