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  • Yash and Radhika Pandit Wedding In December

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    Top stars of the Kannada film industry Yash and Radhika Pandit are getting engaged this week and the wedding is in December. That is the news circulating now. The two had put off questions about them being a pair for the last two years which reached crescendo with the release of Mr & Mrs Ramachari which also had lyrics saying "you should not ask, we will not say".

    But it seems the inevitable has reached its destination with the two said to be getting engaged on August 14. Nothing is official yet till either one of them or their family members confirm. But it seems certain.

    Reliable sources from Yash close circle told `I don't know about the engagement date but marriage date is fixed for December as of now.

  • Yogi - Sahitya's Engagement On June 11

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    Actor Yogi is all set to get engaged with his girl friend Sahitya on the 11th of June. Yogi and Sahitya are friends for a while and Sahitya is an IT professional working in Bangalore.

    Both are in love for sometime and are planning to get married. Both the families have given their consent and with everybody's blessings and wishes Yogi and Sahitya are planning to get engaged on the 11th of June.

    While, the engagement is in June, the marriage is scheduled for November. The couple will be marrying on November 02nd and the venue is yet to be announced.