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  • Chitraloka Editor Honored At San Francisco

    chitraloka editor honored at san fransisco

    On September 8th history was made in USA. For the first time an exhibition related to Kannada films was held in California. Around 100 rare photographs from 85-year history of Kannada films was exhibited there. 

    Chitraloka Editor KM Veeresh was honored at KKNC for holding Chitraloka Photo Exhibition at Kannadotsava at San Mateo Performing Art Center, San Mateo.

    Later in the evening actor Ananthnag was the chief guest at the function

  • Chitraloka Editor Receives Media Academy Award

    media academy awards

    KM Veeresh, the editor of Chitraloka.com received the Karnataka Madyama Academy award at a function at Ambedkar Bhavan in Bengaluru this evening. Veeresh bagged the award constituted by the Abhimani Prakashana group called Aragini Award.

    It is a coincidence that he started his career as a journalist in Abhimani Group in the Abhimana and Kreedabhimani newspapers. Apart from the award winners various dignitaries including Baraguru Ramachandrappa and minister Ramalinga Reddy were present at the function. Veeresh said he was proud of bagging the award and it was special for him as it comes from the Abhimani Group.

  • Chitraloka Enters 18th Year

    chitraloka image

    Chitraloka.com which was launched by Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar and Raghavendra Rajkumar on 26th June 2000 has completed 17 years successfully and today we celebrate the 18th birthday of Kannada film industry's Mega portal. 

    Chitraloka was launched with articles supporting Kannada film industry with articles and images. Today, after 18 years not only has our list of services expanded to meet today’s technology but has created many milestones. Chitraloka, with its success has achieved few more golden feathers in its cap. This year Chitraloka has turned more colourful and vibrant with user friendly Interface. Another milestone to Chitraloka was created when social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter was authenticated with Blue Tick. Chitraloka is the first Kannada film website which is having Insta articles in Facebook.

    Along the way Chitraloka has become an integral part of the Kannada film industry and is serving the best to Kannada Film Industry. Chitraloka.com became the first film website and Kannada film news provider to be officially recognised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC). 

    We also thank all our team, browsers, advertisers, film personalities for their constant support and making Chitraloka one of its kind.


  • Chitraloka Facebook Verified with Blue Tick

    chitraloka facebook verified

    The first Kannada film website Chitraloka.com has got one more feather in its cap. Chitraloka's official Facebook page has been verified by Facebook with the iconic blue tick. This means Facebook confirms the authenticity of the Chitraloka page.

    Last week Chitraloka Facebook page articles became Instant articles. This is also a first time for any Kannada film portals. Chitraloka which has many firsts to its credit, including being the first Kannada film portal is the largest provider of Kannada film news. 

    Chitraloka is the Verified partner for Google +, and Chitraloka Twitter account is again the first Kannada film website to have the blue tick.

    Chitraloka team thanks Keerthi Gowda from Vega Entertainment for helping Chitraloka to get the Facebook Blue Tick.

  • Chitraloka's Photo Exhibition On Dr Vishnuvardhan

    chitraloka editor km veeresh with vishnuvardhan

    Chitraloka.com who has organised many photo exhibitions about the Kannada film industry in the past will be holding a photo exhibition on Dr Vishnuvardhan, during the Dr Vishnuvardhan National Festival on August 27th.

    The Dr Vishnu Sena Samithi has organised a day-long national festival in New Delhi on August 27. The event is organised in association with Karnataka Sangaha, New Delhi and Kannada and Culture Department, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy.

    The photo exhibition features hundreds of rare photographs of Dr Vishnuvardhan in a career spanning four decades. The photo exhibition will showcase various moods and photos of Dr Vishnuvardhan.

    This is the first time Chitraloka Editor KM Veeresh is organizing huge photo exhibition in New Delhi. In 2006 Chitraloka had organised a Photo Exhibition of 2650 photos starting from Sathi Sulochana to Mohini and in 2009 they had displayed 3000 photos in the Amrutha Mahotsava festival held at Palace grounds. Both these exhibition has been recognized by Limca Book of Records. In the exhibition held at Mysore during Dusara festival in 2006 Chitraloka had displayed 1000 Photos. in 2007 Dr Rajkumar photo exhibition was displayed at Lumbini gardens and in 2012 Chitraloka had displayed 600 Photos of Ambareesh during his 60 year birthday.

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  • First Kannada Film Photo Exhibition in USA

    first kannada film photo exhibition in usa

    On September history will be made in USA. For the first time an exhibition related to Kannada films he being held in California on Sept 8th. Some rare photographs chronicling the 85-year history of Kannada talkie films will be exhibited there. It will be part of the Kannada function organised by the America Kannada Koota. 

    KM Veeresh, the editor of Chitraloka.Com has been invited to provide the necessary photographs for this photo exhibition. Chitraloka has exhibited photo exhibitions on Kannada films in Bengaluru, Mysuru and New Delhi. It has twice been listed in the Limca Book of Records for the largest photo exhibition. Chitraloka had displayed Dr Rajkumar acted all his Movie photos at Lumbini Garden.

    Last year a photo exhibition on the life and career of Dr Vishnuvardhan was held in New Delhi as part of the Dr Vishnuvardhan National Festival. During the celebration of Rebel Star Ambareesh's 60th birthday, an exhibition of 600 of his photographs was organised by Chitraloka. This is the first photo exhibition outside India.


  • Helicopter Ride With Nata Bhayankara - Editorial

    editor's column

    Air travel is not new to me and I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries. But in all these years I never had the chance to travel in a helicopter. This opportunity came this week from Bigg Boss winner Pratham.

    Pratham had planned to shoot a scene using a helicopter for his film Nata Bhayankara. He had discussed it with me sometime ago. During the discussion stage itself it was planned to do a Facebook Live from Chitraloka page when the shooting from helicopter took place. The original plan was to fly from Jakkur airport.

    Pratham managed to get the helicopter from Shyamanur Mallikarjun and had the schedule planned for the shooting.

    natabhayankara_helicop2.jpgPratham called me on 28th and informed that the shooting will be held on 29th. I was under the impression that it will be in Jakkur airport and told Pratham I would come to Jakkur in the morning. Pratham then said that the shooting will at Mysore and requested me to come for the shooting. I was shocked when he sent me the documents on my WhatsApp. It was the permission letters from different departments. I was surprised as to how he managed to get the permission from various departments during this time when there is election code of conduct.

    On the morning of 29th April,  Pratham had come to my place and we went to HAL airport in my car. We had not had our breakfast. On reaching the HAL airport at 9 AM we asked the officials there about the availability of food. They said we have to go back to the main road and find a hotel. We came back to an hotel nearby and ordered food. Hotel owner recognised Pratham and was not willing to take money from us. But we forced him to accept it and came back to the airport. The film's heroine Sahar Afsha joined us there. I took the car from the security and drove near the helicopter. But I was told that there is no parking space near by. I had to drive back to the parking lot. There was another car that would take us near the chopper. 

    We boarded the helicopter and I started shooting from my mobile. I noticed that Pratham was not smiling. Out pilot name was Mr Prakash. Actress Sahar Afsha was in a thrilling mood when the helicopter took off since it was her first trip on a chopper. I was interested in checking what all was there inside the chopper. I noticed a Note pad with details showing the places where we were flying! Within minutes it was showing Ramanagara, Chennapatna…. When the chopper was passing through the clouds Pratham was shaken and shivering.

    natabhayankara_helicop3.jpgMeanwhile I was looking at my mobile for the available network. Jio mobile signal was available at some places and once I started the Facebook live from our Chitraloka page. But within few minutes I lost the signal. When we reached Mysore I got good Jio signal and immediately went LIVE in the air itself.  When we landed at Lalith Mahal Helipad I was still in live my Mysuru friend and also a senior journalist KJ Kumar was calling me on my other mobile which I could not attend. After the Live feed I called Kumar and he congratulated me saying that I was the first Kannada film journalist who has travelled in a chopper and doing a Live session  in Facebook. I asked him to come to the film shooting location and he came to the spot within one hour. I asked the pilot at what altitude we were travelling. He told we were 5,000 feet from the sea level and around 2,000 ft from ground level. It took us 35 minutes to fly to Mysuru from Bengaluru.

    Shooting for the movie Nata Bhayankara started and I got busy shooting the videos and photos. Pratham had permission till 3 PM to shoot at the helipad. Time was nearing and Pratham was a little tense since he had lost something. Finally with a little delay the shooting finished and we boarded the chopper and were travelling back to Bengaluru and landed at HAL Airport. There was no time for us to have lunch and Pratham and all of us were hungry.

    This was one of the memorable experiences for all of us. Thanks to Pratham for providing this opportunity to me.

  • KFCC Recognition For Chitraloka

    kfcc recognition to chitraloka

    Chitraloka.Com has become the first film website and Kannada film news provider to be officially recognised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. 

    Till now, only two Kannada newspapers, Udayavani, Kannada Prabha and Hosa Digantha are officially recognised as partners of the Kannada film industry. The recognition means that Chitraloka is the only official online partner for Kannada films and subject to the mandates of the KFCC. Chitraloka is now the only official online partner for Kannada films. 

    Chitraloka and team thanks KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Officer bearers and Executive committee members of KFCC for recognising chitraloka

  • KM Veeresh Gets Prestigious Kempegowda Award

    km veeresh gets kempegowda award

    Chitraloka.Com editor KM Veeresh has been bestowed with the Kempegowda Award given by the BBMP to citizens of Bengaluru who have excelled in a given field. Veeresh wins the award for his film industry. In 2016 Veeresh had produced a movie Actor directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. 

    Veeresh established Chitraloka, the first portal on Kannada films 19 years ago. He is a well known photojournalist and started his career as a sports photographer before turning to political and film photography. 

    As editor of Chitraloka he is in the middle of the transformation of journalism from print to television to online.

  • Watch Sudeep First Online Video Interview - Exclusive

    sudeep imaeg

    Kiccha Sudeep has given his first online interview to Chitraloka.com Editor KM Veeresh. He has spoken about online Piracy and other how to safeguard the movie. Here is his fist part of interview


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