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  • Sa Ra Govindu Promises Memorial For Soldier Sandeep Shetti

    sa ra govindu promises memorial for soldier sandeep shetti

    Sa Ra Govindu and his friends including producers Praveen Kumar MG Ramamurthy, NM Suresh, KM Veeresh, Ramesh Yadav, Bhojaraj and others met the family members of soldier Sandeep Kumar Shetti at his native village Devihalli in Hassan.

    sa_ra_govindu_soilder_1sand.jpgSandeep is one of the soldiers who died in Jammu and Kashmir last week after an avalanche struck the Indian Army camp at Gurez Valley. Sandeep was only 28 years old and was in the Indian army for 8 years. 

    sa_ra_govindu_soilder_2sand.jpgGovindu and the producers met his parents Puttaraju and Gangamma and his sister. They have promised to build a memorial including a statue for Sandeep in the village. Govindu and the producers met the parents and made the promise in their personal capacities and not as representatives of the KFCC.

  • Chitraloka App Released

    chitraloka app launch image

    Chitraloka.com is one of the pioneers in using technology and now after reaching through website, facebook, twitter and other sources, Chitraloka is also available in app.
    Yes, Chitraloka is available in app version also and can be downloaded through Play Store in any smart phones and in App store for IOS. The apps will also have many sections including News, Reviews, Controversies, Scoop News and other sections and the users can directly log on to app to find latest news of the Kannada film industry.


    The apps will also have many sections including News, Reviews, Controversies, Scoop News and other sections and the users can directly log on to app to find latest news of the Kannada film industry

    App was developed by eReleGo company who is the pioneer in the market. Chitraloka thank Sudheer, Prashanth and team for the developing the wonderful App to chitraloka.Actor Anup Govindu son of KFCC president, pro Kannada activist and senior producer Sa Ra Govindu released the app amidst a huge gathering at the KSCA on Sunday night.

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  • Chitraloka Editor Gets Media Academy Award

    km veeresh geta media academy award

    KM Veeresh the editor of Chitraloka.com has been selected for the Karnataka Madyama Academy (Media Academy) Award. He has won the Aragini Award in category of best film journalist. A total of 43 awards have been announced for journalists from across Karnataka.

    Veeresh started his career in Kreedabhimani and Abhimani newspapers as a sports journalist. He switched to film journalism after that. In a pleasant coincidence for Veeresh, the Aragini Award is constituted by Abhimani Prakashana where he started his career decades ago.

    The Academy has only announced the list of awardees and said that the chief minister and other dignitaries will be invited for the award distribution function. The date for it has not been announced.




  • Chitraloka.Com 17th Birthday Celebrated

    chitraloka 17 years birthday image

    The 17th birthday of Sandalwood’s most trusted website Chitraloka.com’s 17th birthday was celebrated at KSCA on Sunday night in grand style. Ravi Hegade group editor of Udayavani, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu, past presidents H D Gangaraju, K V Chandrashekha, Thomas D’Souza, B Vijayakumar and others were present at the occasion.

    Ravi Hegade recalled the launch of Chitraloka.com and said that Chitraloka.com is not only a leading website of Kannada cinema, but also highly updated in terms of technology also. ‘Chitraloka.com has been consistently updating in terms of technology. The website has been delivering exclusive as well as breaking news from the beginning and I remember it was Chitraloka which blasted the news of Dr Rajakumar’s kidnap. Veeresh rang me in the early morning and it was he who gave me the news of Dr Rajakumar’s kidnap. Apart from that also, Chitraloka has been giving many exclusive news which even won't get. Moreover chitraloka is a industry friendly and never goes behind the controversies said Ravi Hegade.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu lauded Veeresh’s effort in building the website and reaching Kannada film industry’s news to international audience. Producer Ganesh anchored the programme while, many producers including Dinesh Gandhi, Umesh Banakar, M G Ramamurthy, Ba Ma Harish, Karisubbu, Bharath Jain, Ramesh Kashyap, Ajay Kumar and others were present at the occasion.

  • Darshan's Respect For His First Producer - Km Veeresh Writes

    mg ramurthy, darshan

    Darshan does not show his emotions in the open. I had a chance to witness first hand how he treats and respects people who have supported him. 

    Recently I had been to Challenging Star Darshan's office the "Thoogudeepa" distribution office in Gandhinagar with Majestic movie producer MG Ramamurthy and his friends. When we entered the chamber Darshan was sitting in his chair and Majestic movie director PN Sathya was also there. As soon as Darshan saw MG Ramamurthy he immediately stood up and greeted him and forced him to sit on his chair. Ramamurthy who is very soft spoken was shy and refused to sit on that chair. Darshan said "you are the person who gave me life from Majestic and because of that I'm here and you are my Annadata  and you have to sit on that chair otherwise I will stand and talk with you." There was no other choice for Ramamurthy and he sat in that chair and Darshan pulled a plastic chair and sat on that.

    I have visited Thoogudeep office many times before. Whenever I have gone there the Boss' chair was mostly vacant. Apart from Darshan the only other person who uses it  sometimes is Dinakar Toogudeepa when he comes to the office. Darshan's associate Mallikarjun sits next to that chair and I had asked him many times when Darshan would come there to sit on that Boss chair. Mallikarjun used to smile and said even he doesn't know.

    On that day when I went with Ramamurthy in a casual talk with Darshan I asked when asked how many times he has come to Gandhinagar office. He said it was only his second visit. "I first entered this office when we inaugurated the office during Bul Bul distribution." Dinakar has kept a film box and on that an idol of Saibaba. When asked him which movie box it is Dinakar said it was Bul Bul reel and that pooja is conducted for it and Saibaba everyday.

  • K M Veeresh’s 50th Birthday Celebrated

    kmv birthday celebration image

    It’s a triple function at KSCA on Sunday and apart from Chitraloka’s 17th birthday and Chitraloka’s app release, the birthday of Chitraloka.com’s K M Veeresh was also celebrated on the same occasion.One of the highlights was, it was Veeresh’s 50th birthday and his friends from film fraternity celebrated the birthday in style.


    Many of Veeresh’s friends including Sa Ra Govindu, H D Gangaraju, K V Chandrashekhar, Thomas D’Souza, B Vijayakumar, Ganesh  Dinesh Gandhi, Umesh Banakar, M G Ramamurthy, Ba Ma Harish, Karisubbu, Bharath Jain, Ramesh Kashyap and others were present at the occasion apart from family members of Veeresh.

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  • KM Veeresh Honored At State Award

    km veeresh honored at state award

    Chitraloka.Com Editor and publisher KM Veeresh received the prestigious State award from the Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah in the function held this evening at GKVK convention hall.

    This is the third time KM Veeresh has entered  the State Award function on the stage. First was for the Co-produced movie Kada Beladingalu movie which go State award and again for the national award for the same movie held at Shimoga.

    In the State Award List for the year 2014 journalist Udaya a marakini was announced and columnist Udaya Marakini written Touch screen book and published by Chitraloka was also awarded.

    Due to health issues, Udaya Marakini's daughter received the award instead.

  • Ready For Actor Tomorrow

    ready for actor tomorrow

    The film Actor, produced by Chitraloka.com editor KM Veeresh will be screened at the 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival on Friday. It will be screened in both Begaluru and Mysuru tomorrow. In Orion Mall, PVR in Bengaluru it will be screened at 2.20 pm in Screen 4. In Mall of Mysore, INOX, it will be screend in screen 2 at 10.10 am. 

    Actor, directed by Dayal Padmanabhan is one of the most acclaimed films of Kannada in the last year. The film stars Naveen Krishna in the lead role and has a minimalist characters. The film was widely appreciated critically and was praised for its portrayal of an actor's life.

    The festival lists the film's synopsis thus: "The film is a view into the life of a once successful actor, Sanjay. He undergoes mental and physical traumas due to his series of failures.  He looks at delivering quality products in terms of content and performance, ends up with 2-3 films that do not do well at the box-office. This affects his psyche and what this process of failure zoning has done to him forms the crux of the story.  Lessons for life or mere rescues can come from anybody. How Sanjay’s much valued maid offers this lesson to rejuvenate his state of mind is the significant part of the feature."

    The film made its premier at last year's BIFFES under the world premier and this time is in the competition section. In the meantime, it was released commercially in theatres winning the appreciation of the audience.

  • Sa Ra Govindu In Hampi After 30 Years

    belli kalungura. sa ra govindu image

    KFCC president and Sandalwood film producer has a nostalgic moment in Hampi this week. He was visiting the historic site after 30 years. The last time was when is was producing the film Belli Kalungura. That was Govindu's second film as producer.  


    Since than he has produced many more films and so many years have passed. But he never got a chance to visit Hampi again till this week. He recalled his earlier visit to chitraloka editor KM Veeresh and other friends this time.

    When Sa Ra Govindu entered Vijaya Vittala temple many people came and wished him and told him that they had worked with him during Belli Kalungara shooting there.

  • Sri Raghavendra Chitravani Awards Function Today

    raghavendra chitravani award function today

    Sri Raghavendra Chitravani awards for the year 2015 and 2016 will be given away today evening in Bangalore and actor-politican Ambarish, Jaggesh, music director Hamsalekha and others will be attending the function as chief guests and will be giving away the awards.

    The Raghavendra Chitravani awards were constituted by Late Pro D V Sudheendra and has been awarding producers and journalists since then. Apart from these two awards many others have constituted awards under the Sri Raghavendra Chitravani banner and has been giving awards for many years.

    One of the highlights of this year function is, K M Veeresh of Chitraloka.com has organised a photo exhibition of D V Sudheendra on this occasion.

  • Sridevi said click only two photos! – KM Veeresh Experience

    sridevi said click only two photos

    Actress Sridevi who shot to fame in Telugu and Tamil industries and later ruled Bollywood film industry had an heart attack and expired earlier today in Dubai.

    Being a photo journalist in Bengaluru, I had the opportunity to click her photos only once. In 1995 Sridevi and Anil Kapoor were shooting for a Bollywood film in Bengaluru's Abhiman Studio. I got this information and went straight to Abhiman studio. It was a break time and Sridevi was sitting with Anil Kapoor. I approached her and requested that I need some pics of her for magazines. She told me to come the next day.

    I returned the next day with my camera. She had not expected that I would return on the time she had told. She said let’s take photos after the film shot. That shot took nearly two hours. After that she called me and said that she will pose for only two clicks. I agreed and we went inside the shooting sets and I selected a place where the lighting was good and she stood there posing. I managed to click 5-6 snaps within seconds.

    My friend Srinivasan who runs the monthly magazine Hamsa Raaga was a big fan of Sridevi. I used to provide cover photos for that magazine. Whenever we used to meet he would always talk about Sridevi. Such was his devotion to her. After clicking photos of Sridevi I got some of the photos printed and took it to him. I was eager to see his reaction. I showed him all the the photos I had taken along except photos of Sridevi which I had kept in a separate cover. He has selected all the pics and I asked him how much he will pay if I gave him one extraordinary photo.  For every cover page photo, he used pay me Rs. 150. He said he would pay whatever I asked for the "extraordinary" photo. Slowly I opened the cover containing photos of Sridevi and once he saw that they were the photos of his favourite star Sridevi he was shocked and jumped from his seat. He was ready to pay me Rs 1,000 but I took the same amount what he used to pay me for the other photos. Once the HamsaRaga issue came out with Sridevi's cover page it was a big hit and literally sold like hot cakes, revealed Srinivasan. Later I had given the same photo to many other magazines and all were superhit. Later I had given Sridevi photos to many magazines which got published in their Cover pages.

    Crazy star Ravichandran was also a fan of Sridevi. He wanted to cast her in one of his films but he was not able to obtain her shooting dates. Ravichandran was regularly trying to cast her and for a particular movie Sridevi had agreed to act in the Kannada movie. But the remuneration demanded by her resulted in the pan being dropped. The amount she had asked was Rs 50 lakhs. During those days many movies would have completed their entire shooting with that amount.


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