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  • HC Orders Police Not To Arrest Arjun Sarja Till Nov 14

    hc orders police not to arrest arjun sarja

    In a sigh of relief to action king Arjun Sarja, the Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered police not to arrest him till November 14. 

    However, the court made it clear that the investigation into the complaint filed by actress Sruthi Hariharan accusing Arjun Sarja of sexually abusing her since 2015, shall continue.

    The actor who is accused of sexual harassment by actress Sruthi Hariharan, has approached the High Court seeking to quash the complaint filed against him by Sruthi, and the FIR registered based upon it by the Cubbon Park police. 

    Arjun Sarja has alleged that the case and complaint is a classic case of austere abuse of law and launching malicious and vile attacks on an innocent man who thrived hard all along to stand out with the portrait of gentleman.

  • Hiding From Wedding 

    hiding from wedding

    Being an eligible bachelor is a big qualification for film stars. So it is not uncommon for film stars to sometimes not reveal their marriage status. For female artistes too marriage does not bode well for their careers. The latest is Sruthi Hariharan who has revealed that she is married. For the first time in her police complaint yesterday she says she is "wife of Raam Kumar".

    When Upendra got married his fans were shocked not only because it was so opposite to his screen image but also because it was in relative secrecy. It was only after the wedding in Kolkata that fans and most of the film industry got to know he was married. 

    When Ganesh got married it was another sensation. Due to the media however it did not remain a secret very long. Ganesh and Shilpa however were not trying to hide the wedding but it was so low key that most people got to know only after the wedding. 

    It was only when Ninasam Sathish had a child that his marriage status became public. He said he never had the need to publicly reveal it before that. He was not a star when he got married and so there was no hype surrounding a celebrity wedding. 

    The latest is the case of Sruthi Hariharan. Her marriage status has become public only after her complaint against Arjun Sarja. It is only because of their celebrity status that the married status of film stars becomes important. It is also because that after marriage female stars usually stop acting or move on from lead roles. That is the reality and that is why there is always curiosity about the wedding status of film stars.

  • I Have Video Evidence To Prove My Case: Sruthi Hariharan

    sruthi hariharan says she has video evidence

    Actress Sruthi Hariharan who has accused Gentleman actor and Action King Arjun Sarja of sexually abusing her since 2015 during the shooting of the film Vismaya, has yet again made another startling revelation that she has videographic evidences to prove her case.

    The actress revealed about the video evidence while she was at the State Women Rights Commission's office to record her statement before the chairperson, Nagalakshmi Bai. The commission has registered a suo motu case against the actor over 'me too’ allegations against him.

    After presenting her side of the story, Sruthi Hariharan revealed that she has video evidence which has been rightfully submitted before the court. Further, she says that she is being threatened constantly and hence she had approached police in the matter.

    However, she has not divulged any matter relating to what kind of videographic evidence she has produced to the court. 

    The actress also lost her cool after media posed her some questions following which she compared herself to sugar and media being ants which goes in search of sweet when in need of publicity. However, she later denied making any such statements and avoided further questions before rushing away from the commission's office.

    Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court has adjourned to Nov 28, the petition filed by actor Arjun Sarah seeking to quash the FIR against him by the Cubbon park police following the complaint filed by Sruthi Hariharan.


    i love you image

    What happens when an acclaimed filmmaker and real star actor Upendra comes back together for the second time with director R Chandru after a gap of almost four years? Well, the deadly combination is sure going to the make the audience fall in love. As the director R Chandru is all set to reveal the first look of Real Star Upendra from his latest sensation - ‘I Love U’, he reveals that the quality of the content with Uppi’s trademark philosophical touch will be the biggest surprise for all.

    “We wanted to reveal the first look on Upendra sir's birthday but due to some technical issues, it got delayed. It was a challenge for me to convey the story and the real intent of the movie in a single poster while revealing Uppi’s look in it,” says the director R Chandru, adding that the pattern of 'A’ and ‘Upendra’ will meet my signature style of making from the films like Taj Mahal and Charminar, for I Love U.

    As the film is scheduled for release in December, the director wraps it up saying that it is going to be a pakka family entertainer while the college students would simply love Uppi’s new avatar where his philosophy and my content meets for a magical experience.

  • I Never Held Arjun Guilty: Prakash Raj

    i never held prakash raj guilty

    Saying that he and Arjun Sarja have been friends for a long time and someone that he shares his journey along with as an artiste, the national award winning actor Prakash Raj has said clarifying that he never held Arjun as guilty.

    While clarifying his stand on the 'me too’ allegations concerning actress Sruthi Hariharan accusing Arjun Sarja of sexual harassment, Raj adds that he has known Arjun Sarja better than many.

    “Sruthi is not an 'opportunistic woman’ as many are accusing her of. She is a confident and talented woman. It is the same society which has helped her grow as an artiste just like any one of us. They both (Sruthi and Arjun) have a lot of potential to work further in various social fields. Hence in these backdrop, it is better for everyone to understand on what I am actually seeking for in this sensitive issue,” Prakash says.

    He concludes requesting a few seniors in the industry to hold a dialogue between the two and solve the issue at the earliest without any prejudice, and in an impartial manner.

  • Is Me Too Becoming Too Much ?

    is me tto becoming too much

    Today's Me Too allegation by Sruthi Hariharan against Arjun Sarja has set off a strange situation in the film industry. More than being outraged against the alleged incident most film industry people are questioning the allegation itself. This is not surprising for many reasons. 

    Forget that Arjun Sarja is a senior actor who has not had a single allegation against him for the last four decades since the time he was a child artiste. Also forget that he has an impeccable reputation and known as the 'gentleman'. The allegation comes from an actress who has been outspoken about the cause. A week ago she supported Sangeetha Bhat who made allegations without naming anybody. Before that she spoke in a media conclave saying casting couch was present in the film industry. 

    The Me Too movement may be an occasion for bringing out the skeletons out of the cupboard even if they are very very old. This incident Sruthi Hariharan speaks of is less than two years old. It is surprising that she did not make it an issue right on the spot. Her conduct after the alleged incident is also unconvincing. People who are trolling her and using harsh words on her are wrong in that aspect. But they are questioning why she continued to seen with Arjun Sarja after the shooting was completed. 

    There may be no time limit for Me Too but the accusers have to keep in mind that they need to provide the proof of the allegation. This is not just a legal requirement when the accused file a defamation case. It is also a moral obligation as the reputation of the accused is put to test before their families and public. Even if there is one iota of truth, the accused need to face the consequence. But right now Sruthi Hariharan has not made any case for legal action. She is not filing a compliant against him nor asked the KFCC or any other organisation for action. She has just named Arjun Sarja and put him in an embarrassing and career tarnishing position. If there is truth in the allegation let her demand action against him. She has said that she has proof of the incident. If it is real it should be made public instead of making such allegations which put the entire industry under scanner. 

  • Madha Mattu Manasi Review

    madha mattu manadi movie image

    Madha Mathu Manasi is an engaging film for those in love and young at heart. It is a romantic drama that is peppered by beautiful songs and beautiful locations and sets. It is one of the best films of Prajwal Devaraj in his career. It should give him a new direction no doubt. His pairing with SruthiHariharan was a surprise but it comes out as a beautiful chemistry between the two. Mano Murthyhas also succeeded in his first film as producer.

    There is so much to the story that cannot be explained easily and also should not be as the suspense will be lost. But simply put, it is about two youngsters who are running away from their families as they are opposed to their love. They meet a good gentleman on a train and tell him his story. But the story they tell him is true, there is more to their background. There is a shocking twist to the story in the interval. But even that is simple compared to what comes after the interval. One after another there is a twist after a twist. 

    The director has managed to give a suspense element to a romantic story and it is his achievement. Various emotions of love emerges as each character responds to this love story in their own ways. Each character also contributes to the main love story with their own. For example the sub plot of Rangayana Raghu adds an element of substance to the film. The characters of Madhaand Manasi are also affected by it and it shows how their own relationship changes after listening to that story.

    Among the technical team, Mano Murthy has given brilliant melodies to his own film. There are also fast songs and a pathos song giving the film a wide variety. KS Chandrashekar's photography is top class. Scenic locations are shot in never before seen angles and positions. Aerial shots of some locations are breathtaking. He has also managed to give the actors a fresh look. The fights may look too many but are choreographed well. The art department is another winner. Some of the sets are mind blowing. The last set where a huge statue of Shiva is installed in the middle of a waterfall is amazing and worth an award. 

    The acting by Prajwal Devaraj and Sruthi Hariharanis top class. They have given their best performances for this film. This is a film that will warm your hearts. You need a heart to watch it. 

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

  • Mansore's New Film Titled 'Naathicharaami'

    director mansore

    Director Mansore who earlier directed the award winning 'Harivu' is all set o make a comeback with a new film. The film which has been titled as 'Naathicharaami' is all set to go on floors soon.

    'Naathicharaami' stars Shruthi Hariharan along with Sampath Kumar.  Apart from Shruthi and Sampath, the film stars 'Jayammana Maga' director Vikas, Vallabha, Harsil, Sharanya and others.

    Bindu Malini is the music director for this film. Guruprasad Narnad who worked as an associate cameraman for 'Harivu' is the independent cinematographer. Sandhyarani has written the story and dialogues for the film. The film is being produced by Jaganmohan Reddy and Shivakumar Reddy.

  • Milana Prakash's Film With Darshan Titled Tarak

    milana prakash;s new movie titled tarak

    'Milana' Prakash's new film with 'Challenging Star' Darshan is all set to start from the 01st of March and the film has been titled as 'Tarak'.

    'Tarak' was launched few days back. However, the film was not only titled and the shooting had not started because Darshan was busy with 'Chakravarthy'. Now that 'Chakravarthy' is in the post-production stage and Darshan is almost free except for a couple of days dubbing, Darshan's work is concluded. So, 'Milana' Prakash plans to start the film from the 01st of March.

    'Tarak' is being produced by Dushyanth who earlier produced 'Monalisa', 'Sri' and 'Milana'. Shruthi Hariharan and Rashmika will be playing the female leads opposite Darshan. A V Krishnakumar is the cinematographer, while Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Nartaki Main Theatre For Mada Mattu Manasi 

    mada mattu manasi movie image

    Nartaki theatre on KG Road is the main theater for Mada Mattu Manasi releasing this week. The film will be releasing in around 200 theatres across Karnataka.

    In Bengaluru the film is releasing in 12 single screens and 26 multiplexes. The advance bookings for the film is expected to start on Wednesday. The film starring Prajwal Devaraj and Sruthi Hariharan is directed by Satish Pradhan. Music composer Mano Murthy has turned producer with this film.

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  • No Room For Compromise, Says Arjun Sarja And Sruthi Firm On Not Apologizing

    no room for compromise for arjun and sruthi

    After the much important KFCC meeting chaired by rebel star Ambareesh over Sruthi's 'me too’ allegations against Arjun Sarja, failed to come to a conclusion while asking the two actors to confirm their final stand by Friday, both Arjun and Sruthi stood firm on their decision.

    While Arjun Sarja who addressed the media, for the first time after being accused of sexual harassment said that he is deeply pained by the accusations and made it clear that he will not compromise.

    “If it was only me, I would have forgotten it as a minor issue, but it has caused immense pain to all my loved ones and mostly my fans across three states. Hence, with all due respect to the seniors in the chamber and Ambareesh, I will not compromise. The 'me too’ movement, which is a great movement has been misused. The truth will come out soon which will serve as an example who are targeting innocents by misusing the movement,” Arjun Sarja said.

    Whereas, Sruthi said that she was surprised to know that Arjun Sarja has filed two cases against her while she had withheld her decision to file a complaint after the chamber asked her to attend the meeting. 

    “It is always the women who gets victimized whenever she raises her voice. In fact I'm glad that Arjun Sarja wants to fight it out in the court of law. I will wait till tomorrow (Friday) to hear it from the chamber before going further in the matter,” Sruthi said.

    Earlier, rebel star Ambareesh said that after hearing both of them who have expressed pain and displeasure from their own perspective, he couldn't do much as the matter has already reached the court but to advise the two to come to a final decision by tomorrow for chamber to arrive on its stand.

  • Raghu Deekshith's RDX Productions Brings Happy New Year Audio

    raghu dixit's rdx production

    Well known music composer and singer Raghu Deekshith has silently started a new company called as RDX Productions and has released the songs of 'Happy New Year'. This is the first film from the company and Sudeep has released the songs of the film on Monday night.

    Raghu Deekshith has packaged the songs of the film uniquely. The songs of the film are stored in a pen drive and along with the pen drive, Raghu Deekshith has also given a lyric book. Both these pen drive and lyric book are nicely packaged in a box.

    'Happy New Year' consists of six songs and out of the six there is one party anthem along with a theme song of B C Patil.

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  • Shruthi Haran In Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho

    sruthi in ambi ninge vaisaitho

    Ambarish's new film 'Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho' was launched recently in Bangalore. The shooting for the film is all set to start soon. Meanwhile, there is a news that Shruthi Hariharan has been roped in as the heroine opposite Sudeep in the film.

    'Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho' is the remake of Tamil hit 'Power Pandi' which was released earlier this year. The film is being directed by Gurudutt Ganiga and the screenplay is by Sudeep. Jack Manju is producing the film under the Kichcha Creations banner.

    The film stars Ambarish, Suhasini, Sudeep, Shruthi Hariharan and others in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music director, while Jabeen Jacob is the cameraman of the film.

  • Shruthi Hariharan Not To Act In Tarakasura

    sruthi hariharan not a part of tarakasure

    If everything had gone right, then actress was said to act in a new film called 'Tarakasura' starring newcomer Vybhav. Now Shruthi Hariharan is no longer acting in the film, as she is busy with her prior commitments. Now the team is busy in search of another heroine.

    'Tarakasura' is written and directed by Chandrashekhar Bandiappa who had earlier directed 'Rathavara'. Dharma Vish is the music director, while Kumar Gowda is the cinematographer of this film.

    After a long gap, Narasimhulu who is also the secretary of KFCC is back to producing films and this time, Narasimhulu is launching his son Vybhav as a hero in a new film called 'Tarakasura'.

  • Sruthi Hariharan As Darshan's Leading Lady? 

    sruthi hariharan as darshan's leading lady

    Sruthi Hariharan is likely to be the heroine of Darshan's next film after Chakravarthy. The film will be directed by Milana Prakash. Sources said that Sruthi has been offered the role and an official announcement would be made in a few days.

    This will be Sruthi's first film with Darshan. Meanwhile Darshan's Chakravarthy directed by Chintan is almost ready and the film is being scheduled for release in December.

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  • Sruthi Hariharan File Police Complaint

    sruthi hariharan

    Actress Sruthi Hariharan has filed a police complaint against unknown miscreants who have uploaded morphed images of her online. She filed the complaint at the cyber crime police on Friday morning.

    It has also come to light that a fake Facebook page has been created in her name and photos are uploaded there. The photos were being circulated by other means also it is learnt. In recent years impersonation of celebrities in online social media like Facebook and Twitter has become very common.

    In Sruthi's case apart from impersonation morphed images are also being circulated. The police have assured that they will nab the culprits soon.

  • Sruthi Hariharan For 'The Villain'

    actress sruthi hariharn image

    Actress Shruthi Hariharan has been roped into play a small yet prominent role in Shivarajakumar-Sudeep starrer 'The Villain'. The actress has tweeted that she has a small role opposite Shivarajakumar.

    'The Villain' is being directed by Prem after a six year gap. His last film as a director was Shivarajakumar's 100th film 'Jogaiah'. After that Prem took many projects, but could not direct a film due to various reasons. Now Prem is ready to shoot 'The Villain'.

    The film is being produced by C R Manohar and Arjun Janya is the music composer.

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  • Sudeep Releases The Songs Of Happy New Year

    happy new year audio rel image

    Sudeep on Monday night released the songs of 'Happy New Year' composed by Raghu Deekshith at the Karnataka State Cricket Association auditorium in Bangalore.

    'Happy New Year' is being directed by Pannaga Bharana and produced by B C Patil under his Soumya Films banner. The audio release event was attended by T S Nagabharana, Jayanth Kaikini, Hamsalekha and others. All the guests wished the whole team of 'Happy New Year' a huge success.

    'Happy New Year' stars B C Patil, Saikumar, Sudharani, Diganth, Shruthi Patil, Dhananjay, Vijay Raghavendra, Sonu Gowda, Shruthi Hariharan and others. Srisha Kudavalli is the cameraman for this film.

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  • Sudeep To Release The Songs Of Happy New Year

    sudeep image

    Actor Sudeep is all set to release the songs of 'Happy New Year' on Monday (February 20th) being composed by well known music composer and singer Raghu Deekshith.

    'Happy New Year' is a multi-starrer which stars Dhananjay, Shruthi Hariharan, Diganth, Sonu, Vijay Raghavendra, B C Patil, Saikumar, Srishti Patil and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Actor-producer B C Patil who was away from producing films in the last few years is pack is producing this film. Well known director T S Nagabharana's son Pannaga is making his debut as a director. Srishah Kudavalli is the cameraman.

    Happy New Year Gallery - View

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  • Tarak Movie Review

    tarak review

    Tarak is a special film for Darshan. Many of his fans want to see him in action films with lots of fights and punch dialogues. Tarak is however another kind of film. It is a family film which upholds family values and there are not many fights (there are some good ones but not many). There are good songs and romance too. There is different kinds of dialogues and a different kind of acting that is required for a film like this. Darshan has excelled in it. He shows us that he is not just a very good action, mass image actor but also a subtle actor who can express a wide variety of emotions. Apart from action and romance, the emphasis in this film is about emotions. In some scenes Darshan makes you cry with his acting. That is the power of his abilities as an actor. 

    Director Prakash has given Darshan an image that is very very different from the usual films Darshan is seen in. Tarak will rank among one of the most surprisngly different films of Darshan in his career.

    The film is about Tarak a NRI who lives in Europe. His grandfather lives in Bengaluru. Tarak who is named after his grandfather avoids meeting him for 22 years. In Europe a girl falls madly in love with him. Tarak finally falls for her love. The girl however changes track and wants to cut the relationship. She imposes a condition that he should live away from her for 60 days. Tarak has no option but to go to Bengaluru. He has to confront the past there and try to adjust to a joint family. Does he succeed? Why does the girl send him away? Tarak meets a new girl in Bengaluru and a complicated relationship begins. How does he manage to survive everything forms the family drama. 

    Darshan has given a commendable performance. Devaraj gets a superb role and he manages to fulfill that dream character as an old man to perfection. He is brilliant. Shanvi Srivatsa and Sruthi Hariharan play the love interests of Darshan in the film. They have contrasting characters to play. Shanvi shines in her character that goes from innocent to mature. Sruthi's character carries the weight of emotions on it. 

    The cinematography captures the beauty of Europe and the classy indoors. The dialogues and screenplay are good. Music by Arjun Janya captures the mood correctly. Tarak is a film for the family that you cannot miss. 

    chitraloka Rating - 4/5