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u turn review

  • U Turn And The Helmet Girl

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    The two wheeler driving intern in u turns Kannada movie looks seductive, fashionable, smart, and sexy with the helmet on her head. Shraddha Srinath, playing the role of an attractive and seductive intern working at newspapers, never takes her helmet off, in all the road scenes of the Kannada movie” U-Turn”.

    A good civic sense and message by the Director Pawan Kumar even beating the act of Actor Aamir Khan’s civic sense in the movie Tare Zamen Pe, where he throws the  trash to dustbin in one of the  garden scenes.

    The latest rules and guide lines formed by RTO on road Safety has decided to impose a strict ban on scenes in films, commercials or television series, publicity material,  that show violation of road safety rules. The department said the order has been issued considering the large number of deaths and grievous injuries due to road accidents each year.

    Any violation of road safety found in any films, video, publicity material, TV show, or in any media form, they can be booked under the RTO Motor Vehicles act of road safety.

    A leading two wheeler manufacturer had once challenged the move, citing advertisement and films are expression of creative freedom and should be exempted from this rule, but the Court thought the right way saying, that any publicity material/movie tend to have an adverse impact on viewers, especially youth, and must be banned to the curb the tendency to flout road safety norms.

    Its high time, Kannada film directors /producers / actors take a leaf out of “U-Turn” and exhibit road safety norms in their creative expression in upcoming Kannada movies.

    Three cheers and kudos to Director Pawan Kumar on the success of his movie “U-Turn” and my  adoration and hugs  to the stunning helmet girl “Shraddha Srinath” for her simplistic and mature acting.

    Note: Even your Facebook, video, photo s, breaking road safety rules can invite you trouble with a Challan  to your inbox. Act smart. Post smart. Be responsible.

    Prashanth Sambargi

    Partner Mars Realty and Reliance p6 Media.

    All the above views are purely of the writer Prashanth Sambargi, Chitraloka or its associate members  is not responsible for views expressed above.


  • U Turn Movie Review

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    Pawan Kumar's new film after Lucia is a daring film that has suspense and horror tied up in a tight screenplay. For most of the film, it keeps you glued to the screen as you do not want to miss even a single frame. In the end, towards the climax, it is a little over stretched. But overall it is a film that will make all kinds of audience happy. 

    An engineering graduate wants to become a journalist and joins as an intern in a city newspaper. She has a crush on a crime reporter there. She wants to do a big story on people who are breaking traffic rules. She collects details of those particularly breaking a median on double road flyover. When she goes to meet one of them, he is dead. Police suspect her and take her for interrogation. But there seems to be a much bigger problem on hand for her and the police too.

    The story takes stranger and stranger turns after that. The last twist could however have been more natural as the rest of the film is thrilling as it is.

    Pawan Kumar has come up with a very good script. Newcomer Shradda is perfect in her role. Hollywood actor Roger Narayan is brilliant as a sub inspector. Dilip Raj, Radhika (of Rangitaranga fame) also make a mark. Sathya Hegde makes a superb effort in photography and Poornachandra Tejaswi gives an impressive background music that matches the intensity of the director's narrative. As Pawan Kumar shows the famous book Winners Stand Alone in one scene he should not have fallen to the same idea in the end. Otherwise U-Turn is an immensely enjoyable film.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5


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