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  • Allama, Harikatha Prasanga And U Turn For Panorama

    u turn, harikathe prasanga, allamma movie image

    T S Nagabharana's 'Allama', Ananya Kasaravalli's 'Harikatha Prasanga' and Pavan Kumar's 'U Turn' has been selected for the Panorama section of the 47th International Film Festival of India to be held in Goa.

    The 47th edition of the International Film Festival of India has been organised in Panaji from the 20th to 28th of this month and in the Indian section called Panorama, 22 films from various different languages will be screened in the festival. Of the 22 films, three Kannada films have been selected to be screened.

    Of the three films, 'U Turn' has already been released and has been declared a hit, while the other two films 'Allama' and 'Harikatha Prasanga' are yet to be released in Karnataka. The other two films will be premiered in the International Film Festival of India directly.

  • Bhoomika Theatre Troubles U Turn - Exclusive

    bhoomika theatre image

    Director Pawan Kumar movie U Turn is getting ready for the release on 20th May and had made all arrangements to release in Bhoomika as the main theater. Movie is distributed by Jack Manju under the banner Mysore Talkies. 


    On 11/5/2016 M/s Mysore Talkies had made an agreement with Bhoomika theater Gnaneshwar Aithal. Once the theater was confirmed Manju had placed a hoardings at Bhoomika and started giving paper publicity.

    All of a sudden on 13th evening Gnaneshwar Aithal sends message to Manju mobile. Following are the msgs exchanged between Aithal and Manju


    We r unable  to screen ur picture u turn  in our bhoomika theatre  on 20.05.2016. We  hereby cancel  our letter of arrangement with  you  regarding  u turn  picture. Please  screen it some  other theatre  in KG rd. We apologise  for inconvenience caused  to  you.


    Sir you have given an agreement of screening our film u turn in your theatre Boomika on 20th of May.....your sms of inconvenience for not screening is shocking.....Dayavittu ondu kannada cinimavannu kadeganisi kollabedi.....nimma agreement ge bele (value) kodi.....


    Sorry sir. We had given an agreement  one month back given 30 lacks advance amount for that pictures we have  to recover  our money.please make me way to collect  our advance amount. Navigation yavatthu kannada cinema vannu kadeganisi kolluvudilla. We will make arrangements for  ur picture in some other  theatre. Namma advace amount recovery  madikollodakke daari maadi kodi. Thanks.


    According the Manju `Aithal wants to run Mahesh Babu's Telugu movie Bramhotsavam in Bhoomika. Because of this they want to remove our U Turn movie and make way for Telugu movie. Bengaluru KG Road theaters are run by Kannada persons only. When Aithal had paid advance one month back then why did he make agreement with us. At any cost we wont leave this theater since we have already made enough of publicity. More over Aithal is not screening any other Kannada movie but making way for Telugu Movie which cannot be tolerated. 

    Bengaluru KG road theaters is known for Kannada Movies. Now the fate of a Kannada movie here is  fight for a theater in KG road with other language movies run by Kannadigas!


  • Screen U Turn At Bhoomika Says KFCC

    u turn, bramhotsavam image

    Kannada movie U turn which had faced problem getting Bhoomika theatre issue has been solved by KFCC. This morning, U Turn movie was refused to screen at Bhoomika theater making way for Mahesh Babu Telugu movie Bramahotsavam. Theater is managed by Gnaneshwar Ital.

    Producer and Distributor Manju, Popularly known as Jack Manju approached KFFC and they have a written letter to Ganeshwara Ital saying U Turn movie should be screened at Bhoomika only. Now it looks like the problem has been sorted.

    Bhoomika Theatre Troubles U Turn - Exclusive

    Sources close to chitraloka said, even though KFCC has said to screen the Kannada movie in Bhoomika, Ganeshwar Ital is not ready to screen and is going ahead with the Telugu movie release. Even they have released the Bramohatsavam movie paper advertisement for tomorrow announcing Bhoomika as main theater.

    Kannada movie fighting for Theater against other language movie is a sad affair.

    Now we have to see what KFFC action if U Turn does not get Bhoomika

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  • Shooting For Telugu 'U Turn' Starts

    u turn movie in teugu

    The shooting for 'Lucia' Pavan's Telugu 'U Turn' has started and while Shraddha Srinath is seen in Shraddha Srinath's role, Bhumika Chawla will be reprising the role of Radhika Chethan.

    Just after the release of 'U Turn' in Kannada, actress Samantha showed interest in remaking the film in Telugu and Tamil. Now the shooting for the film has started and Pavan Kumar himself is directing the two versions.

    'U Turn' was released in Kannada two years back and was considered a hit and now the film is being remade in other languages. 

  • U Turn And The Helmet Girl

    u turn movie image

    The two wheeler driving intern in u turns Kannada movie looks seductive, fashionable, smart, and sexy with the helmet on her head. Shraddha Srinath, playing the role of an attractive and seductive intern working at newspapers, never takes her helmet off, in all the road scenes of the Kannada movie” U-Turn”.

    A good civic sense and message by the Director Pawan Kumar even beating the act of Actor Aamir Khan’s civic sense in the movie Tare Zamen Pe, where he throws the  trash to dustbin in one of the  garden scenes.

    The latest rules and guide lines formed by RTO on road Safety has decided to impose a strict ban on scenes in films, commercials or television series, publicity material,  that show violation of road safety rules. The department said the order has been issued considering the large number of deaths and grievous injuries due to road accidents each year.

    Any violation of road safety found in any films, video, publicity material, TV show, or in any media form, they can be booked under the RTO Motor Vehicles act of road safety.

    A leading two wheeler manufacturer had once challenged the move, citing advertisement and films are expression of creative freedom and should be exempted from this rule, but the Court thought the right way saying, that any publicity material/movie tend to have an adverse impact on viewers, especially youth, and must be banned to the curb the tendency to flout road safety norms.

    Its high time, Kannada film directors /producers / actors take a leaf out of “U-Turn” and exhibit road safety norms in their creative expression in upcoming Kannada movies.

    Three cheers and kudos to Director Pawan Kumar on the success of his movie “U-Turn” and my  adoration and hugs  to the stunning helmet girl “Shraddha Srinath” for her simplistic and mature acting.

    Note: Even your Facebook, video, photo s, breaking road safety rules can invite you trouble with a Challan  to your inbox. Act smart. Post smart. Be responsible.

    Prashanth Sambargi

    Partner Mars Realty and Reliance p6 Media.

    All the above views are purely of the writer Prashanth Sambargi, Chitraloka or its associate members  is not responsible for views expressed above.


  • U Turn Collects 4.50 Crores In Two Weeks

    u turn movie image

    U Turn directed by Pavan Kumar of Lucia face has managed to garner 4.5 crores in the last two weeks. Distributor Manjunath Gowda who is fondly known as Jack Manju in the film circles disclosed that the film has managed to collect such a huge amount.

    'Earlier, we were apprehensive about how the audience will take the film. We had released the film in 82 theaters including the multiplexes. Atpresent the film is running in 32 theaters and we have managed to collect 4.5 crores in the last two weeks' said Manju.


    The film has not only been released in Karnataka, but also released in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and other places and Pavan Kumar says the response for the film from the other states is overwhelming.

  • U Turn for New York International Film Festival

    u turn movie imag

    Pavan Kumar's new film 'U Turn' starring Dilip Raj and Shraddha Srinath has been selected for the New York International Film Festival. Director Pavan Kumar has confirmed that the film has been selected to be shown in the film festival and he along with film's heroine Sharaddha Srinath will be attending the festival. 'U Turn' is scheduled to release in the month of May after Pavan and Shraddha returns back from New York.


    Meanwhile, Telugu actors Nagachaitanya and Samanth Ruth Prabhu has seen the film recently in a studio in Bangalore and has come forward to remake the film in Telugu and Tamil languages.

  • U Turn Girl In Ulidavaru Kandante Remake

    shraddha srinath image

    Shraddha Srinath, the actress who has made a big mark in Sandalwoodfirst with her film U-Turn directed by Pawan Kumar, will make her Tamil debut next month. It is the remake of the Kannada film Ulidavaru Kandante directed by Rakshit Shetty.

    The Tamil film will be directed by Gautham Ramachandran and Nivin Pauly plays the lead role. Shraddha's role in U-Turn was that of an intern at a newspaper. In Ulidavaru Kandante remake she will play a full-fledged journalist

  • U Turn To Release In Australia On June 18th

    u turn movie in australia

    U Turn directed by Pavan Kumar is all set to release in Sydney at Event Cinemas in Westfield Liverpool.The film's word premiere was held in America and now the film is all set to release in Australia. The film which was released three weeks back was not only been released in Karnataka, but also released in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and other places.The film had managed to garner 4.5 crores in the first two weeks and is considered to be a hit.

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