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  • 2014 State Awardees List

    2014 state award movie images

    Actor Sanchari Vijay and actress Lakshmi Gopalaswamy has bagged the best actor and actress award for the year 2014, while'Harivu', 'Abhimanyu' and 'Haggada Kone' have bagged the first, second and third best film awards.


    Meanwhile, Basanth Kumar Patil has been adjudged for the Dr Rajkumar Award, while Dr Baragur Ramachandrappa has been given the Puttanna Kanagal award and veteran editor Suresh Urs has been selected for the Dr Vishnuvardhan award respectively.

    List of other state award winners for 2013 are as follows:

    . Best Actor: Sanchari Vijay (Naanu Avanalla Avalu)

    . Best Actress: Lakshmi Gopalaswamy (Vidaya)


    . Best First Film: Harivu

    . Best Second Film: Abhimanyu

    . Best Third Film: Haggada Kone

    . Best Entertainer: Gajakesari

    . Best Childrens Film: Baanaadi


    Dr Rajkumar award: Basanth Kumar Patil

    Puttanna Kanagal award: Dr Baragur Ramachandrappa

    Dr Vishnuvardhan award: Suresh Urs


    · Best supporting actor: Arun Devasya (Nayakanahatti Sri Thipperudraswamy Mahatme)

    · Best supporting actress: Dr B Jayasri (Koudi)

    · Best Story: Living Smile Vidya (Naanu Avanalla Avalu)

    · Best screenplay: P Sheshadri (Vidaya)

    · Best Dialogues: B L Venu (Thippajji Circle)

    · Best Cameraman: Satya Hegade (Raate)

    · Best Music Director: Ajanish Lokanath (Ulidavaru Kandanthe)

    · Best Editing: Srikanth (Ugram)

    · Best child actor: Master Snehith (Sachin Tenudulkar Alla)

    · Best child actress: Baby Lahari (Aata Paata)

    · Best Art Director: Chandrakanth (143)

    · Best lyrics: Hulikunte Murthy (Koudi)

    · Best play back singer (Male): Chintan (Gajakesari)

    · Best Female playback singer (Female): Vidya Mohan (Sachin Tenudulkar Alla)

  • Arivu Book Released

    arivu book released

    A children film called 'Arivu' is all set to be released on the 20th of January. Meanwhile, the novel on which the film is based was released in Bangalore on Saturday. Acclaimed directed P Sheshadri and journalist and author Jogi released the book authored by Sosale Gangadhar.


    Normally, novels which are made into films are released much earlier than the films. But with just one week left for the release of 'Arivu' film, the novel is being released. When asked about this, the author says the book was written long back and is being published now.

    'The novel was written a few years ago. But it was not published. Meanwhile, the film was started and got delayed due to various reasons. Producer Mahendra Munoth himself has arranged for the release of the book' says Sosale Gangadhar.

    'Arivu' is being produced by Mahendra Munoth and directed by Ranganatha. The film is produced under Anand Cinemas.

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