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  • Jaggesh Opposes Other Languages In BBMP

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    Actor-politician Jaggesh has spoken against the use of non-Kannada languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi in the BBMP call centre. He gave support to an online campaign that questioned the BBMP providing call centre services in six languages in Bengaluru instead of in Kannada.

    The campaign wondered why when there is only Telugu in Hyderabad, Tamil in Chennai and Hindi in Delhi, these languages were being promoted by BBMP in Bengaluru instead of the local language. Though BBMP is ruled by BJP, the same party as Jaggesh, he has not desisted from voicing his protest. Jaggesh has called upon the youngsters to prevent this and save Kannada. Jaggesh's tweet has become the biggest motivator on Thursday and the topic #ParaBhasheBeda was trending almost all day long

  • Jaggesh Prevents Tree Chopping

    jaggesh prevents tree chopping

    Actor Jaggesh came to the rescue of trees in his locality that were being chopped down. After witnessing the tree chopping Jaggesh immediately called those who were at it to stop it.

    He prevented the contractor from chopping the trees. Some residents had complained that leaves from the trees was creating garbage. Jaggesh has said that that hundreds of types of birds and small animals were dependent on the trees. These were old silver oak trees which were otherwise also valuable and it may be an attempt to use them for commercial gains.

    Jaggesh's efforts has come in for praise from across. He warned the contractor not to chop trees and asked for the permission letter.

  • Jaggesh Releases The Songs Of Brihaspathi

    jaggesh releases brihaspathi audio

    The songs of Manoranjan's new film 'Brihaspathi' was released by actor-director Jaggesh. KFPA president Muniratna, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash and others were present during the audio release of the film released recently.

    Manoranjan's second film 'Brihaspathi' is a remake of Tamil hit 'VIP'. Earlier, the film was titled as 'VIP' itself. However, the title was changed to 'Son of Ravichandran'. Now the team has titled the film as 'Brihaspathi'.

    'Brihaspathi' stars Manoranjan Ravichandran, Mishty Chakraborty, Sithara, Avinash and others in prominent roles. Harikrishna is the music director, while Satya Hegade is the cinematographer. The film has been produced by Rockline Venkatesh and is directed by Nandakishore.

  • Jaggesh Sings for Danakayonu - Exclusive

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    Actor Jaggesh sung a folk song called Danakayonu. The music is composed by Sagar Gururaj, the son of veteran singers Manjula and Gururaj. The song is based on folk theme and the first line is "Surya badalagawne, Chandra badalagawane, manasaane badalagi parapancha kedasawne."

    The technical work on the song is still underway and will be ready in a couple of days. Jaggesh has sung songs in his films and this is his first for a music album.


  • Jaggesh Speaks On Melkote Manja

    jaggesh speaks on melkote manja

    Actor Jaggesh speaks to Chitraloka.com about his new movie Melkote Manja and his future plans. Jaggesh has played the lead role in the film apart from writing the script and directing the film. Here are excerpts from the interview.

    Why the sudden decision to direct a film? 

    It was not sudden. Direction is not new to me. Officially Guru is the first and only film I have directed till now and Melkote Manja is my second. But unofficially I have directed some of my own films in which I was seen by others only as an actor. I do not wish to tell which films. 

    Why did you make Melkote Manja your return vehicle as director? 

    jaggesh_melkote_audiorel.jpgThe producer R Krishna is the inspiration for this film. He is a fan of mine. Some people cheated him misusing my name. He is not a wealthy man and earns a living by preparing and selling chips and condiments. He lost the only property he had to the cheating. I felt very sorry for him and wrote the story with this cheating incident as the peg point. I decided to direct the film as well. It was my responsibility to help him, so I wrote the script, dialogues and even one lyrics for Melkote Manja. 

    How could you manage both acting and direction at the same time?

    I agree it is not easy. But direction is not new to me as I said. Even in my earlier films I would be at least part of the discussion on the scenes with the directors. I was involved in the film making process and did not stay on the sets only as an actor. If you see how I have made the shot compositions you will realise that I am not new to direction. Managing hundreds of people on the sets is not easy. It was like maintains a big joint family day after day. I tried to take as minimum takes and shots as possible through planning. I do not believe in 10-15 takes. Usually the first one is the best. That way I kept the actors in full energy including me. 

    What is Melkote Manja's story? 

    It is about a conman who cheats people. It is in his nature to cheat. Nobody taught him or inspired him to cheat but he cannot come out of his habit. It is narrated in a humorous way and I have not lost sight of entertainment. It is afterall a comedy film. The film is not about one man but human nature. A cheat cannot survive if all the other people are cunning. Innocent people always get cheated. 

    What are your future projects?

    Apart from my acting assignments I am also planning to direct two more films. I will announce them very soon.

  • Jaggesh To Act With Ganesh In P Vasu's New Film

    jaggesh, ganesh in p vasu's next

    Recently, actor Jaggesh had tweeted that he will be acting with his friend in a new film to be directed by well known director of South India. Jaggesh had not revealed any more details, but had said that the new film will be announced soon.

    Likewise, the details of Jaggesh's new film has finally been revealed and Jaggesh is acting with none other than Ganesh in the film. P Vasu will be directing the film, while K A Suresh is the producer.

    K A Suresh who had worked with P Vasu and Ganesh earlier separately is bringing the two in a new film along with Jaggesh. The new film will be a horror-comedy and is expected to be launched soon.

  • Jaggesh Turns Lyricist With 8 MM

    jaggesh image

    Actor Jaggesh who has tuned his hands in direction, production and singing has turned lyricist with his new film '8 MM'.

    '8 MM' was launched last month by Yash and the film is nearing completion. Recently, Jaggesh has written the climax song of the film. Judah Sandy has composed the music for the film.

    Jaggesh starrer '8 MM' is being directed by debutante Harikrishhna and Narayan Swamy, Infant Pradeep and Saleem Shah are the producers of the film. Vincent is the cinematographer. Apart from Jaggesh, Vasishta Simha and Atul Kulkarni are playing prominent roles in the film.

  • Jaggesh's New Film 8MM Launched

    8mm launched

    Jaggesh's new film was launched on Friday Kanteerava Studio in Bangalore. Yash came over as chief guest and sounded the clap for the first shot. Apart from Yash, Shivarajakumar, Rockline Venkatesh and others were present at the occasion.

    Actor Jaggesh has confirmed that the film is inspired from Japanese film 'Stray Dogs' directed by the master Akira Kurasowa. The motion poster of the film was released on Thursday evening.

    The film is being directed by debutante Harikrishhna and Narayan Swamy, Infant Pradeep and Saleem Shah are the producers of the film. Vincent is the cinematographer, while Judah-Sandy is the music directors.

  • Jaggesh's New Film Is 'Premier Padmini'

    jaggesh's new film premier padmini

    Jaggesh who is looking forward the release of his new film '8MM' has silently signed a new film and the film is all set to be launched on the 18th of April.

    The new film which is being titled as 'Premier Padmini' is being produced by actress-director Shruthi Naidu under her Shruthi Naidu Productions Limited and is being directed by Ramesh Indira. He himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film.

    The family drama which has a lot of commercial ingredients has Jaggesh, Madhoo, Sudharani, Sihikahi Geetha and others in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music director, while Advaitha Gurumurthy is the cameraman.

  • Jaggesh's New Film To Be Launched On September 22nd

    jaggesh's new movie launch on sep 22

    Jaggesh's new film is all set to be launched on the 22nd of September in Kanteerava Studio in Bangalore. Yash will be sounding the clap for the first shot, while Rockline Venkatesh will be switching on the camera.

    Though Jaggesh's new film is all set to be launched, Jaggesh has not divulged any details about the film. Recently, the photo shoot for the film was held at Jaggesh's residence and Jaggesh sports a new look for this film.

    Sources say, the film is a thriller and Jaggesh plays a different role in this film. More details are yet awaited.

  • Jaggesh's Twitter Account Hacked!

    jaggesh twitter account hacked

    Jaggesh who is a regular in tweeting circles is upset now. The reason is someone has hacked his twitter account and now Jaggesh is seeking support from techies tot get it right.

    Jaggesh himself has confirmed that his tweeter account has been hacked. Here's what the actor has to say.

    Hackers hacked my twitter A/c an stoped performance techi wrking to set it bk!!

  • K Manju Eyes Jaggesh's Former Seat

    k manju eyes jaggesh's former seat

    K Manju is said to be trying to bag a ticket to contest from the Turuvekere Assembly constituency in the State elections coming up in a few months. The elections are expected sometime in April.

    Sources said that the Kannada producer wants to contest on a Congress ticket from the constituency. This is the constituency actor Jaggesh contested and won on a Congress ticket before joining the BJP and becoming a MLC. It is not confirmed what the Congress party has decided to to with Manju's request.

    Currently MT Krishnappa of the JDS is the MLA from Turuvekere. Manju has not made his public his intentions yet.

  • Mata Movie Review

    mata image

    Guruprasad you have lived up to the expectations in the debut direction. You are abundant in your contents. The flow of narration is unique and full marks the pick of right artistes and technicians. It is not only Jaggesh who walks away with top honors the other artistes have also given very good performance.

    The irony, sarcastic element and dig at some of the developments the director has very intelligently covered in this bit lengthy film.

    For the already existing theory - you groom the street dog in any way and bring to a top position it will leave its habits - director Guruprasad handles the same theory in a far convincing style and at last he shows the mentality of human beings. He throws in a pertinent message 'you earn your food'.

    There are similarities to the present day developments in our society but the director takes a bail even before the star of the film.

    The head of the 'Mata' vacates his position for family relations in his life and the Parupathegara (Commander) of the 'Mata' puts an advertisement in the newspaper for the right candidate to head the position of 'Mata'. He picks the applications with no influence. They are Jaggesh, Mandya Ramesh, Asif, Sudheendra Thabala Naani and Shashidar Bhat. All of them from the scratch in the life and they have not seen two square of meals a day. The commander of 'Mata' gives them the proper shelter and asks them to acquaint with all the qualities to head the 'Mata'. Initially the Jaggesh and team - all with variety of habits finds it tough to cope up. Later on it becomes inevitable for them to stay in the 'Mata'. The aspirations, hunger and stage at which the gang of youths succumb is explained beautifully by the director.

    When the film reaches to the climax the director brings in the internal politics among the youths. Jaggesh as Venkatesha overshadow in his friends to occupy the pontiff position. But before the coronation he comes back to his friend gang.

    The earlier Swamy who left the position for worldly pleasures comes back to head the 'Mata'.

    The beauty of this film 'Mata' is the fantastic selection of artistes. All of them have given the perfect timing required for this hilarious film with undercurrents.

    The 100th of Jaggesh has come as a rewarding film for him. His dialogue delivery and expressions are in top gear. Each one of his company in the film evokes laughter. This gang of Jaggesh has given a laugh riot. Veteran Sudarshan is accurate in his role.

    The songs are rightly adjusted between the scenes. Ashwath song is the highpoint of the film. The camera work is splendid.

    What more you require to watch this film? It is worth your money for the ticket.

    Guruprasad you have given high hopes from this film. You are here to stay. You have the good command on the silver screen.

  • Melkote Manja Movie Review

    melkote manja poster

    Jaggesh is at his best in Melkote Manja. He is also the story writer, dialogue writer and director of this film. He has done all the jobs with aplomb. He should be appreciated for coming out with a decent entertainer managing all the tasks. The film has his trademark comedy as well as a story loaded with mild sentiments about wayward children and parents. It has some good music, also a bit of action and witty dialogues that Jaggesh excels in. It is a perfect entertainer.

    Jaggesh plays Manja, who is from Melukote. He tries his hand at many businesses and fails in all of them. He drives up a lot of debt from several people in the town. He is so deep in debt that he has to hide from the people who have loaned him is always in fear of being caught by him. His condition is pitied by his father very much. Manja falls into a bigger problem by trying to help a girl. She is being forcibly married to a relative who is also not in good terms with Manja. Half the film is about how Manja becomes successful in life and the other half is about how he helps the girl.

    Jaggesh had done an excellent job not only as an actor but also as director. He has deftly handled the narration and armed with a good script manages to deliver what he has promised. He has written dialogues for each of the characters in a different vein. He has shown his huge potential in that regard. It is not only the comedy dialogues but also dramatic, sentimental dialogues that he has brilliantly written. 

    On the technical front there is good music and photography which Jaggesh uses to the advantage of the narrative. Melkote Manja is a good film for the family audience as well as youngsters who want to have a good outing at the theatres. Do not miss the fun ride that shows the experience of its maker. 

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

  • Melukote Manja Ready For Release

    melukote manja ready for release

    Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh directed and acted movie Melukote Manja is all set for release. If everything was fine this movie would have released now. But due to demonetisation people are not turning towards the theatre. Movie team is planning the release in December.

    'Melukote Manja' is a comedy and is set in the temple town of Melukote. Aindrita Ray is paired opposite Jaggesh in the movie. Jaggesh himself has written two songs for the movie and also written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film.

  • Melukote Manja To Release On Feb 10th

    melkote manja to release on feb 10th

    Jaggesh and Aindrita Ray starrer 'Melukote Manja' which is in the making for the last two years is finally set to release on the 10th of February. 'Melukote Manja' is being directed by Jaggesh and this is his second film as director.

    Ealier, Jaggesh had directed 'Guru' starring his son Gururaj in lead role. Now Jaggesh is directing himself in 'Melukote Manja'. He himself has written the story and screenplay of the film.

    'Melukote Manja' is a comedy and is set in the temple town of Melukote. Apart from Jaggesh and Aindritha Ray, Rangayana Raghu play prominent role in the film. Giridhar Diwan has composed the music, while Ramesh Babu is the cameraman.

    Melukote Manja Gallery - View

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  • Neer Dose Likely To Collect 6 Crores In First Week: Jaggesh

    neerdose movie image

    Jaggesh starrer 'Neer Dose' which was released on the 02nd of this month has got an huge opening and the film is likely to collect nearly six crores in the first week of its release.

    Jaggesh himself confirmed during the first press meet of the film held on Monday night in Bangalore. 'The producer is hesitant to talk about the collections. But I don't mind talking about it. As for as I know, the film will be collecting a gross value of 10 crores in the first week and the after all deductions, the net collections is likely to be six crores' said Jaggesh.

    'Neer Dose' stars Jaggesh, Haripriya, Suman Ranganath, Dattanna and others in prominent roles. The film is written and directed by Vijayprasad. Anoop Seelin has composed the music for the film. Sugnan is the cameraman.

  • Neer Dose Movie Review

    neer dose movie image

    Neer Dose is a special film. It is unlike regular films. It is also a talkative film. It has so many things going for it. There are only a few main characters and the actors have performed brilliantly. The director has used cinema to say something profound about individuals in a society in a very humorous way. He uses plenty of double meaning but it is not in bad taste. Deeper inside the film has much more to offer. Neer Dose satisfies our thirst for entertainment and also gives audience food for thought.

    Jaggesh plays Jaggesh Kumar who drives a vehicle used to transport dead bodies. He befriends Dattanna who is a lonely person after his sister dies. They become good friends and spend all their free time together just because they complement each other. Jaggesh is also looking for a girl to marry. It is Suman Ranganath who is also trying it hard to find a husband for herself. But it is not so easy due to what may seen silly reasons. Inbetween there is Haripriya who plays a very bold role that of a callgirl. She also has a sad past but has no one to share it with. How all these people react and share their stories is the gist of Neer Dose. So it is four different stories blended into one.

    The film has some very good music by Anoop Seelin which blends into the film. The camera work is also impressive and the editing takes the cake. But last but not the least, it is a director's film. He has a vision and manages to get everyone to bring that to life with excellent handling of the resources on hand.

    Don't miss Neer Dose. Some of the dialogues may shock some people. But that comes with the package.
    Chitraloka Ratings - 3.5/5

    NeerDose Movie Gallery - View

  • Neer Dose Music Was Challenging Says Anoop Seelin

    neerdose movie image

    Music composer Anoop Seelin says that composing the music for Neer Dose was a very big challenge. Of the four songs, the most challenging was Hogi Baa Belake says Anoop. He had to use Gangubhai Hanagal's aalaap for the song which made it a challenge for him.


    But he is not surprised that this is the song that has become the favourite among the people. It is a pure Hindustani classical and I am getting lots of response for it, he says. Anoop has also scored the background score for the film and this too was very challenging as the screenplay was about a philosophical satire. Doing a music for a comedy with emotional touch took lots of time says the music director.

    NeerDose Movie Gallery - View

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  • Neer Dose To Release In America On 14th Oct

    neerdose movie image

    Jaggesh starrer 'Neer Dose' which is running successfully is all set to release in the United States of America on the 14th of October. The film will be releasing in many centres across the country.

    Meanwhile, 'Neer Dose' which was released last month will be completing 50 days in a couple of weeks.

    'Neer Dose' stars Jaggesh, Haripriya, Suman Ranganath, Dattanna and others in prominent roles. The film is written and directed by Vijayprasad. Anoop Seelin has composed the music for the film. Sugnan is the cameraman.

    NeerDose Movie Gallery - View

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