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super minute ganesh

  • Ganesh Returns to TV - Exclusive

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    Golden Star Ganesh whose new film is readying for release has another tryst with audience. It is on the small screen. Just like Sudeep and Ramesh Aravind he is all set to return to the small screen with his popular game show Super Minute.

    Ganesh is one of the very few film stars who was a star in television before the big screen. But he hosted Super Minute after his film stardom.

    Sources said that work on the second season of Super Minute has already begun and it is likely to hit tv screens very shortly. As of now Sudeep hosted Bigg Boss and Ramesh Aravind hosted Weekend With Ramesh are airing on two different Kannada entertainment channels. Super Minute is expected to be on air once Bigg Boss season 3 wraps up.


  • It's Public Season in Super Minute

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    The second season of 'Super Minute' is all set to be launched on the 13th of February. Unlike last season, this season won't completely feature celebrities, but public can also participate in this show.

    Yes, the highlight of the second season of 'Big Boss' is public can participate in the programme. Common people from all over Karnataka can participate in this season and the contestants who go for the final round in every episode will be accompanied by a celebrity. This time college students, politicians, journalists and others can also participate in the show.

    Ganesh says he has allotted four days for the shooting of the reality programme. Ganesh says his daughter was very much looking for the show and has asked him a couple of times about when would the programme starts again. Ganesh who has finished the promo shoot of the programme is looking forward for the shooting of the programme.

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