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  • Censor Officer Letter To Government

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    Censor borad officer M Nagendra Swamy has written the letter to Government on 12/1/15 giving suggestions for the quality improvement of Kannada films. Will Kannada movie producers accept his suggestions.

    Following is the matter what Nagendra Swamy has written

    To The Principal


    Department of Information and Public Releations

    Government of Karnataka



    Sub : Suggestions to Subsidy scheme to promote Qualitative Kannada Films and new talent

    1. The SUBSIDY and AWARDS scheme of Karnataka government is very useful for overall development of the film industry based in Karnataka specially for promoting qualitative kannada films and also the scheme is serving as a boost to art and kannada culture. As you are kindly aware obtaining CBFC Certificate within 31st of December every year is the primary eligibility for any film to apply for subsidy and awards.

    2. In this regard to help all kannada films aspiring to get subsidy and awards this year the undersigned streamlined the procedure and removed delivery agencies like Qube and UFP from footagae certification and gave powers of footage certification to studios based in Karnataka. As a result each Kannada film producers are benefitted by minimum of Rs 1 lakh and also their time and related expenses as they need not camp in Chennai to get Qube letter hence forth. Further it is also a major boost to studios in Karnataka.

    3. Because of the above procedural change in last December, the film producers could screen their films immediately using Blu-ray or hard disk for Film certification. Though it put lot of pressure on CBFC, however the Bangalore office responded to the demand and successfully certified 202 films which is a record by examining 6 films daily in the mothe of December 2014.

    4. Almost all the films (except 6) are certified as they are fulfilling CBFC Rules and guidelines but quality and standard of majority of ilms examined in December were not Satisfactory and they were made keeping in ind subsidy offered by the Govt. There are reports that three films were made in just 7 days. These films are bringing down the overall quality of Kannada film industry and are defeating the efforts of the Karnataka Govt. and also CBFC in promoting aesthetic value and good cinematic standard films and qualitative Kannada cinema as envisaged in Subsidy and Award policy of Karnataka Govt.

    5. In view of the above it is humbly suggested to consider the following rules to the subsidy policy of the Karnataka Govt.

    i) The film claiming subsidy has to be released in at leat 10 theaters in 4 major centers including Bangalore.


    ii) The film claiming subsidy should have participated in one of the recognized film festivals in India (IFFI, BIFES, MAMI etc)


    iii) All producers and production houses are eligible for only 2 subsidies in their life time.


    6. if the above guidelines and rules are adopted I am sure it fits

    has the following benefits

    i) it improves the overall quality by eliminating non serious film productions.

    ii) it will be a biggest encouragement to New Talents and New experiments in Karnataka

    iii) every new producer and production House is assured of subsidy for his film

    iv) The present allocation is sufficient to increase the subsidy amount to minimum of Rs 25 lakhs from the present Rs 10 Lakhs

    v) For the Govt. the yearly allocation for subsidy remains same. No additional financial burden

    vi) The system of the same people getting subsidy every year is sliminated

    vii) it will helf CBFC to provide quality time to each film and certify all films timely.

    viii) Ultimately our people will get to see good cinema and it will promote Kannada art, culture, new talent and overall growth of Kannada film industry.


    7, It is therefore respectfully submitted for consideration by Karnataka Governement.

    Thanking You

    Yours Faithfully,

    (M Nagendra Swamy)

    RO, CBFC


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  • Kannada Film Subsidy Reduced? - Exclusive

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    Karnataka government gives subsidy to 100 Kannada film with a minimum of Rs 10 Lakh each year. But it can reduce to Rs 5 Lakh per year from next year. The new Kannada film policy which is being prepared has made drastic changes which will affect the film industry in many ways, sources said. According to reliable sources the 2012 Kannada Film Policy will be replaced by the new 2016 film policy. The new policy will give subsidy to100 films like the existing one, but it will be in four categories.


    In the last category 60 films will get only Rs 5 Lakh each instead of Rs 10 Lakh each. In the third category 20 films based on novels writings etc and with a good intention as found by the jury will get Rs 20 Lakh each. In the second category all films that have won the top awards in national, state and international awards will get between Rs 15 to Rs 25 Lakhs automatically without the jury deciding it. In the top category 4 best children's films will get Rs 25 Lakh each and 10 films which showcase cultural, historical and tourist attractions of Karnataka will get Rs 30 Lakhs each.

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